The Iran Setup

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Iran SetupJohn F. Kennedy said:

Domestic policy can only defeat us; foreign policy can kill us.

I don’t think their is anyway to describe this Administration’s foreign policy as anything other than an abject failure.  The failure to support the uprising in Iran in the early days of the Obama presidency, coupled with Secretary of State Clinton’s reset button with Russia, the debacle in Egypt, Benghazi in Libya, and the utter disaster in Syria… the list goes on and on… But hey, it Barack and he’s super smart so don’t worry about it. There is no way he will fall for the Iran setup.

Today in the New York Times, it seems that one of our strongest allies wants to head off Iran’s diplomatic efforts regarding their nuclear program.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, stepping up his effort to blunt a diplomatic offensive by Iran, plans to warn the United Nations next week that a nuclear deal with the Iranian government could be a trap similar to one set by North Korea eight years ago…

According to an Israeli official,

A bad agreement is worse than no agreement at all…

Iran must not be allowed to repeat North Korea’s ploy to get nuclear weapons…

Iran professes to seemingly peaceful intentions; it talks the talk of nonproliferation while seeking to ease sanctions and buy more time for its nuclear program.

Now that Obama has a pen pal in Iran’s new Prime Minister, hopes are high with many that a diplomatic solution is forthcoming. Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser, said

We certainly recognize and appreciate Israel’s significant concerns about Iran, given the threats that have been made against Israel and the outrageous comments that have come out of Iran for many years about Israel…

But never mind all that,


Israeli officials fear, the highest drama may be Mr. Obama greeting Mr. Rouhani on the sidelines of the General Assembly, something that has not happened for decades and which they worry would leave Israel more isolated in dealing with Iran.

Using the last five years of Obama’s failures in the foreign policy realm, one has to wonder what could possibly go wrong?

It’s days like these that leave me longing for a JFK… and that’s saying something!


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