The Iran Setup

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Iran SetupJohn F. Kennedy said:

Domestic policy can only defeat us; foreign policy can kill us.

I don’t think their is anyway to describe this Administration’s foreign policy as anything other than an abject failure.  The failure to support the uprising in Iran in the early days of the Obama presidency, coupled with Secretary of State Clinton’s reset button with Russia, the debacle in Egypt, Benghazi in Libya, and the utter disaster in Syria… the list goes on and on… But hey, it Barack and he’s super smart so don’t worry about it. There is no way he will fall for the Iran setup.

Today in the New York Times, it seems that one of our strongest allies wants to head off Iran’s diplomatic efforts regarding their nuclear program.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, stepping up his effort to blunt a diplomatic offensive by Iran, plans to warn the United Nations next week that a nuclear deal with the Iranian government could be a trap similar to one set by North Korea eight years ago…

According to an Israeli official,

A bad agreement is worse than no agreement at all…

Iran must not be allowed to repeat North Korea’s ploy to get nuclear weapons…

Iran professes to seemingly peaceful intentions; it talks the talk of nonproliferation while seeking to ease sanctions and buy more time for its nuclear program.

Now that Obama has a pen pal in Iran’s new Prime Minister, hopes are high with many that a diplomatic solution is forthcoming. Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser, said

We certainly recognize and appreciate Israel’s significant concerns about Iran, given the threats that have been made against Israel and the outrageous comments that have come out of Iran for many years about Israel…

But never mind all that,

Israeli officials fear, the highest drama may be Mr. Obama greeting Mr. Rouhani on the sidelines of the General Assembly, something that has not happened for decades and which they worry would leave Israel more isolated in dealing with Iran.

Using the last five years of Obama’s failures in the foreign policy realm, one has to wonder what could possibly go wrong?

It’s days like these that leave me longing for a JFK… and that’s saying something!


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  1. Ranchman says

    I judge Obama by his actions, and his actions show he is no friend of Israel. He despises them as much as he despises the country which took him in as a foreigner; America. I care less than nothing for what you believe or say, “fliteking,” you don’t represent the American way of life or its people. You and those like you are either stupid, naive, or complicit in America’s demise. Obama is out to not only isolate Israel but ensure their subjugation under islam which is a disease of the human race. As he himself promised , he will stand with muslims when the political winds shift against them. He also told the muslims that they should watch what he does to Israel in his second term. What the hell does that mean?!? It should be absolutely clear to all who and what Obama is. He is no friend of freedom and liberty, he is no friend of our allies and those who stand by us. We need to fight him and his globalist backers with everything we have. We need to face the reality of what we’re up against. These people consider us sheep and cattle and will do everything in their power to realize their goals, right down to ensuring our demise. They want the world and its resources under their total control. Wake up America.

  2. fliteking says

    Ob*ma will take every effort to settle the Muslim Rage that Iran exhibits . . . he is trying hard to put together a Muslim Coalition . . . . and most Americans are to stupid to recognize the same.

    1. 44Grim says

      No, I think the one ‘too stupid’, is you. No ‘coalition’ needs to be built. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan; none of these countries support Iran’s goal of anything nuclear, with Saudi Arabia and Iraq being at great risk if Iran were to get nukes.
      Also, care to explain how Iran’s ‘Muslim rage’ is different from Iraq’s or Saudi Arabia’s? Care to consider why they’re the only country with ‘Muslim rage’ trying to build a nuke? Or should we forget that Iran stood by the Nazi’s in WW2, and are supported by communists today in their quest for nukes?

      1. Country Girl says

        Wake up and smell the coffee the American people are being had they will have all of us under the government control before long. We are headed for a one world government and very , very , soon!

        1. 44Grim says

          No, the people aren’t being ‘had’ the government is ignoring the wishes of the people. Or have you been asleep the past 10 years?

        2. fliteking says

          Excellent Linda.

      2. fliteking says

        You OK girl? Nothing you say makes sense. I could poke holes all day long in your weakly stated “position” but with your anger out there on your sleeve there is no need.

        Off your meds again? (rhetorical) . It’s funny, I saw another post where YOU called someone else a progressive, demonstrating you are amazingly stunted in the “self recognition” category.

        Relax, life is short and you are wrong. Said another way, you are one of the Americans to stupid to recognize what is going on.

        1. 44Grim says

          Why don’t you study the region and get back to me. None of the surrounding countries want a nuclear Iran. You’re too much of an ass to look around you and realize there’s a world outside of your mom’s basement.

          I forgot, the ‘intelligent’ among us call people stupid, then expect them to laud praises on what they’ve said. No coalition needs to be built by the US, that’s what I was stating.

        2. Ranchman says

          You have no idea of the measure of our resolve. We will fight for America and our way of life. We see the middle-east for what it is, as we see your messiah Obama for what he is. You do nothing but insult and demean those who don’t see things your way. That’s typical liberalism. Liberals can never debate on the issues,
          they name-call and insult people.

          As I write this, muslims are threatening to attack the Miss World pageant, they consider it porno. Why can’t you see what their intentions for the world are, they’re not afraid to let everyone know what those goals are. Obama will do nothing to stop the Iranian nuclear program, his actions prove it. The man is absolutely clueless and totally inept. Carter was more effective.

      3. fliteking says

        44grim – – – here’s your sign

        1. 44Grim says

          Not a liberal, but nice try. Keep calling people stupid and see how they rally.

          1. fliteking says

            I wasn’t calling people stupid, I was calling you an idiot. It’s fine that you are a lunatic progressive who wants to attack good conservatives . . . but try to make sense i when you do the same.

            Your anger is on your sleeve and it makes you look like a tool.

            So girl, if you cannot see the attempts of Ob*ma to spawn a gathering of the Muslim nations via the Muslim Brotherhood . . . one question . . . do you have help finding your way home at the end of the day?

          2. 44Grim says

            Obama does not have a record of supporting anything BUT Islamic rage. In Libya, he supported AQ backed rebels. In Syria, he waited until AQ backed rebels were the majority of the force before clammoring about attacking Syrian government troops. In Egypt, he supported the Muslim Brotherhood (also tied to AQ for all you who are fact-challenged).
            Where in Barack Obama’s 5 years of the Presidency backed moderates against Islamic extremists? The only ‘coalition’ that Barack Obama is building is the next caliphate, and he’s backing terrorists to get there.

            I’m not a female, not a progressive, and not angry. All you have done is called people stupid or called me names or demeaned me. You have provided no facts, assumed much, and generally been the one responding as if you are angry. I don’t agree with someone on the internet, we must act hateful towards each other!!!!! No offense, but you’ve used every liberal tactic in the book so far except deny deny deny.

            You have provided no proof or explanation of what ‘coalition’ is being built or why. If it were truly the case, it would be as simple as ‘we will give you lots of money to back us against Iran’. Unfortunately, the same country is supporting both Iran AND Syria, and we don’t know how to handle Russia

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