The Hippies Have Taken Over

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I’m against war… unless we get in the DeLorean and fly to the year 2013. Then, I’m for it..

I’m listening to John Kerry speak in that condescending know-it-all elitist voice and thinking how the hippies have taken over this country. You gotta hand it to them – the President is a former admitted coke-snorting, dope-smoking, socialist-worshiping radical who rose through the ranks of college and politics by virtue of affirmative-action; the Secretary of State is a multi-multi-millionaire slacker, left-wing, hippie, anti-war liberal who gained his campaign fuel fortune by charming the widows of dead, white, Republicans; the presumptive 2016 Democrat nominee for President and media-crowned winner is a far-left, truth-challenged, power-hungry feminist, bereft of any accomplishments, serial-failure – yet is described as the smartest woman in American history.. Amazing. They are anathema to everything this country was founded on – and they’re calling the shots?

Barack Dude
I was gonna balance the budget and decrease unemployment, but I got high.. but I got high.

They dominate academia. They control and produce most of the prevailing cultural products distributed in television, film and print. Traditional newspaper editorial pages wreak with the rantings of the lunatic left and the major media doesn’t even try to hide their far-left bias in the age of water-carrying for the enlightened One that is Barack Obama. Without their zealous commitment, repetitious lies and hateful indictment of the opposition – a man so incompetent, so clueless, so inept, so unsuccessful, so expressly unqualified for high office could not have risen to the level of even White House consideration – much less successful election and re-election. This was the tipping point for the hippies. They have won. Make no mistake, friendo – they have won.

It’s simple: I’ll marry a man, he’ll become president, I’ll watch him do it, then I’ll be president. Blam – everyone gets a taste of the bitch-juice..

It takes a big man to admit total defeat and I’m that man. For twenty-five years I’ve been beating the conservative drum, traveling the world entertaining troops, writing speeches, talk radio, conservative books, a few conservative TV shows (very few), organizing Tea Party rally’s, helping conservatives get elected, supporting causes, blogging, screaming, punching people out, pointing at the TV, going to parties at CPAC where there are twelve guys for every girl – although conservative women are hot – hot – hot – so it’s totally worth it, you get the picture I’ve done it all but guess what? It not only didn’t work but things got progressively worse, pun intended. Don’t tell me the tipping point is near. It tipped. There are going to be 15-30 million new Democrat voters legalized over the next 10 years thanks to Republicans in the House and Senate and ObamaCare is going to allow St. Hillary to control everyone who ever thought of running for Dog Catcher to State Rep to Governor to President. Don’t think she will? Did you forget those confidential Republican FBI files in her sitting room? Did you forget that Craig Livingstone dude? Did you forget who hired him? Did you forget what happened to Hillary even though her fingerprints were on those files? NOTHING happened to her except Senator Hillary, Democrat Nominee Hillary, Secretary of State Hillary and next – President Hillary.

“Oh, Rodney Lee that happened so long ago…”

Let me ask you something: How do you do a recount with an electronic voting machine? It’s electronic. The recount would come out the same, wouldn’t it? Do you think she will lose a single state that doesn’t have a Voter ID law? She won’t. There’s no paper ballot to recount. There’s 120% turnout in some of these places. My god, these people will do anything to retain or gain power. Anything. It’s over. The fat lady is singing and she’s wearing a frickin’ pantsuit. You think the media was in the tank for a black president? Holy mac, can you imagine this time around after the guilt of abandoning their girl for Barack in 2008? Now it’s time women got theirs – and there is nothing you can do about it.

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I’m so happy I could.. well, you know..

I’m sorry, but you can’t even get your dumbass Republican House majority to defund ObamaCare – a no-brainer with the lion’s share of the American people behind the idea. These jamokes are so  empowered by the sheer arrogance of Obama’s ignoring of the separation of powers that they’ve become brazen in their own ignoring of their constituencies. The ruling Republican class wants ObamaCare. They want Amnesty. They want more “Stimulus.” They want more borrowing, quantitative easing, increase in debt limit, nationalized industries, bailouts and everything else on Obama’s agenda. They fantasize about what it’s going to be like when they’re in power and this President has lowered the integrity bar so low that they can literally do whatever they want and stay in power and keep building their personal wealth and taxpayer subsidies.

Tell me I’m wrong and I’ll go back to fighting. Or give me an alternative. I’m game.


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Who's a poopie-head??
Who’s a poopie-head??

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