High School Is Using AP History Book That Rewrites The 2nd Amendment

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2nd-amendment-changed-in-texas-history-school-bookAs more schools try to revise US history, it has been found that Guyer High School in Denton, Texas is using an AP History book that completely changes the 2nd amendment in an attempt to try to “simplify” what it says.  But with more educators trying to brainwash kids into thinking that gun owners are “evil” and guns are the real problem in the world, it’s clear that these changes to the 2nd amendment is not a mistake.

Did you catch how the textbook subtly changed the amendment?

Textbook version: “The people have a right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.”

Actual 2nd Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The text book is implying that we are only allowed to own guns if we are enrolled in a state militia, which is a clear misrepresentation of the constitution since  the 2nd Amendment says that a militia is necessary to protect a free State.   So in order to be able to have a militia, the citizens have a natural right to keep and bear arms and the government cannot infringe on that right.

The name of this text book is “United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination.”  And the page in the picture is page 102.  We encourage all parents to check their students history books for purposeful inaccuracies like this.

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  1. George Allegro says

    The light of liberty is each of us: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  2. Dick Bedard says


  3. Bryant says

    As has been pointed out many times, the first portion of the 2nd Amendment is simply a preamble. Take for example the statement “a well-maintained vessel being necessary to maintain his livelihood, Jack the Fisherman regularly inspects his boat.” The first part of the sentence is a preamble, explaining why the second portion—the “meat” of the statement—is important. This is the exact same structure of the 2nd Amendment. The “meat” of it, it’s core, is “the right of The People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. That is an absolute. The very intent of the Amendment is clear; the means to defend oneself against any threat, be it local, regional, national or international, is sacrosanct. It cannot be denied, folded, spindled, mutilated, or modified. It simply IS. To do otherwise makes one a domestic enemy of the Constitution.

  4. jimpeel says

    “The text book is implying that we are only allowed to own guns if we are enrolled in a state militia …”

    In the Heller decision the court specifically threw out the premise that possession of firearms was to be confined to those who are a part of the organized or unorganized militia.

  5. John says

    “The people have a right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.”
    That completely changes the meaning and makes it irrelavent in today’s world. That is unconcienable.

  6. John "gun rights" Public says

    The interesting part is that once indoctrinated to a certain way of thought is that it sticks. That’s how this :gun control, abortion, drug, medicine, alcohol, smoking etc…rules were able to be forced upon us. Those in power have and will always try to control our rights or lack of them. We started out with freedom. What that means to me is: I have the right to swing my arm (figuratively) until it comes in contact with another human(‘s’) person or property. How much of this freedom has been taken away from us by simply redefining (infringing) upon what rights are?

  7. bobnc57 says

    There’s a word for this. It’s called fraud!

  8. Kioga says

    Who but the Government could come up with this crap, convince people it’s simpler, and put it in the hands of dumber than dumb educators that think high school kids can’t read anything but parroted propaganda ? Where I grew up we didn’t have computers and ipods, but we damn sure knew the Constitution ! Government controlled schooling is making our kids dumber and it’s time to do away entirely with it, along with teachers who get terrified of a pop tart gun !

  9. Steve Caldwell says

    If liberal ideals are so righteous, why do the need to lie cheat and steal their way to power?

  10. $38572143 says

    Typical indoctrination that has been going on in schools for years, the way to make a fundamental change is to beat it in to the heads of the children almost from the day they learn to speak. Over a generation or so the wise people that know better die off and you are left with kids that have been taught the way to think from day one. This manipulation has gone on for decades and it is getting worse, toss in the mass media which fill these kids heads with lies and twisted facts and you get a subservient population that never questions big government. How do you think Liberals were created they target the weak minded in our society that will fall for anything they are told and in time you end up with a liberal lemming that will walk over a cliff right behind obammy if they are told to . Unless those of us still capable of thinking for ourselves do something about this the good old USA will end up being a population of puppets. Hey a lot these moron liberals would still think the earth is flat if obammy told them it was. This is where we are headed as long as you have a government that gives people free things and expects no work in return, those people become liberal dumbocrats and they will always vote liberal dumbocrat that is how Obammy got elected the second time around, well that and outright undisputed voter fraud which for some reason this time around was for the most part ignored.
    Liberals are less intelligent than the average person they are easy to manipulate and do not have the capability to think for themselves, these are the kind of citizens that big government loves because they can be controlled like cattle.

  11. Wallie says

    It is way past time for parents too really start investigating just what is being pushed on their kids in the name of education, and take action. Do not be surprised if you learn the Feds are pushing this agenda country wide.

  12. drikk says

    The state militia consists of every able-bodied adult who lives within the boundaries of the state, not just folks who happen to join a state-sponsered and identified, state-run organization titled by that name. So the book is quite correct. And quite misleading.

    1. LastNameFirst says

      I’m sorry, but the book is not correct since it is stating what the Constitution says. By not stating it word for word as written, it is incorrect, and as you said, misleading. But still incorrect.

  13. grassroot says

    Liberal Fascism

    1. Mark Caldwell says

      Is authoritarian collectivism at it’s worst.

  14. Idiocy Resides says

    You are idiots, this is a review. And this piece of literature is a fear-mongering drama piece. Is this The Real World of journalism? Better luck next time.

    1. grassroot says

      no, this is pointing out an obvious deletion of meaningful wording that
      will aid the leftists aim to ” deconstruct” this country.
      Words from Obmer’s ” science Czar” Holdren.

    2. Melody Warbington says

      2+2 = 4, although in the world of the Common Core, it’s okay to get 5 as long as you can show your work and feel good about your answer. That said, yes, the book in question is a review for the advanced placement test. So how will the student get the correct answer unless it’s been taught? It’s called teaching to the test.

      Idiocy does indeed reside. If the avatar fits…

    3. LastNameFirst says

      That is exactly the kind of response expected from you liberal types to play down the communist take over. You continue to deny, deny, deny. When the truth finally hits smack in the face, you’ll plead and beg for some else to fight to set it right again, because you’re to chicken to pick up a gun and fight against the communist take over that our government is already partaking on us. As usual, the conservatives will come to the rescue and save this country again.

  15. TruthorConsequences says

    We need some Texans who will see this textbook issue as their great life’s work. Something they eat and sleep with. The vigilance must be continuous. Others could assist, but there needs to be one or a couple that see themselves as protectors of truth in America. God knows there are quite a few out there trying to destroy the truth or distort it.

    God does not change history, but historians do.

  16. Melody Warbington says

    If you think that’s bad, check out some of the topics at the Common Core 2013 Annual Conference for Social Studies. Like globalization, climate change, social justice, and my personal favorites, “Gettin’ Crunk with the Common Core” and “Missing Muslim Heroes: Inspiring Stories You Haven’t Heard.” I have to admit “Stories You Haven’t Heard” is accurate. I haven’t heard any.


  17. Ranchman says

    Several years ago, Eric Holder was video taped giving a speech in which he stated that we need to brainwash kids into not liking guns, into thinking they’re evil. This is nothing new. The U.S. Govt has been involved in a Russian style disinformation and brainwashing agenda for many years. Our own govt is hellbent on destroying the Constitution they swear to uphold. Pathetic.

  18. mike14706 says

    And people wonder why I dislike teachers and think they are way over paid. These people are incompetent, dangerous and should be fired.

    1. WhiteFalcon says

      In many cases you are totally correct.

  19. maddog2008 says

    Being a lot older than you Joe, I hate to be the one to tell you, but the liberal teachers and the liberal system has been doing things like this for over 40 years. Every red blooded American better wake up and get these anti-American progressive democrat loons in check and hold their feet to the fire ASAP.

    1. grassroot says

      Sen. Joe McCarthy was right, and the left marginalized him and
      demeaned him with the tag, McCarthy-ism. Now we should shout back,
      Communism. As this is what it is. And the main stream media is Pravda
      for this administration.

  20. MN_in_CA says

    this would have been called out as inaccurate plagiarism in any reputable school system. Along with Common Core and the laziness of people to actually stand up for correcting these problems, the last step in the decline to tyranny is apathy of the population. Or in the case of Nazi Germany, they voted Hitler in overwhelmingly because he promised jobs for everyone – sound familiar?
    People need to speak up and call BS when they see it. THEN make sure that it gets corrected.
    What ever happened to the mantra of the ’60’s to “Question Authority”?

  21. Guest says

    Good grief. How vicious is the Left? The govt doesn’t bestow this right, so the govt cannot take it away.

  22. bahndon says

    If Guns kill people then my spoon made me fat, and cars cause drunk driving.

  23. irish7_1sg says

    This a deliberate, blatant lie and attempt to mold the mind of children to believe in liberal ideals.

  24. Paladin67 says

    What the HELL is wrong with Texas? It seems 2 days don’t go by without a story regarding Texas about the school system using inappropriate teachings, books that have been changed, pledging allegiance to muslims or out of control cops/troopers violating people’s rights or some idiot in government fighting to kill children that are just about ready to be born….
    I see stories regarding other States doing similar things, but Texas seems to have more..

    1. Freedom? says

      Why aren’t these people being arrested?

      1. Skepticles says

        There aren’t arrests that can be argued as ‘innocent mistakes’ or grey areas. However, the public school system as a consumer ought to be able to demand a recall/replacement/refund for erroneous texts, just like with cars. If the publisher balks, its legal time.
        For business (as a rule), money talks. Choose to cost the business management real money for jacking around with future voters’ minds. Its a real discourager.

  25. James Maxwell says

    I hope the citizens of Denton Texas take the School Board to task over this abomination of facts. There is a major problem in
    our nation today, we have leftist liberals who are trying to rewrite our history to suit their socialist dreams of the destruction of
    our nation and our rights as Free Americans. It is time to take these cowards and malcontents to task and either they pay
    attention and keep their communist hands off our documents, teach history as it happened both the good and bad or else
    they can be replaced by trained monkeys who will do a much better job than many of these educrates liberals cowards.

  26. EMIRCITNA says

    SO WHAT is the local School Board going to DO about this most SERIOUS ERROR?!!!

  27. Craig Schwarzbek says

    Funny thing about history. No matter what you write you still haven’t changed the history at all. And with very little effort you can always find the true history. This book as wrong as it is does not change the Constitution. And as much as the left would like to indoctrinate all our children we have free minds. There will always be at least one who questions what we are told.

  28. lather says

    Gun Monkeys! Sick of it!

    1. grassroot says

      Actually, freedom monkeys, as this is just another inroad of many into
      our Constitutional rights, which dictators must destroy before can

      take over top-down control of this land and it’s people.

  29. oldgoatee says

    That’s amazing here in Texas. Of course one of their star football players recently died at 17 in a shooting accident/incident…

    1. lbc says

      “Of course”? What’s your point?

      1. oldgoatee says

        Guys, I live here…maybe 50 miles south of Denton. What happened to the UK offensive lineman (and almost to Tim Couch) was tragic but had nothing to do with firearms even though they had been hunting. I just thought that we in Texas were above such liberal nonsense and it was just coincidental that the football player went to Denton Guyer. I figured North Texas was safe but Denton is the home of two state universities which is dangerous!

    2. TruthorConsequences says

      A couple of year’s ago several football players died in an auto accident in the foothills of Appalachia. They had been drinking. They were under age. What does that have to do with textbook errors and battle in Texas to deliver historically and factually accurate textbooks?

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