High school class has a sleeping teacher or no teacher at all

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PHILADELPHIA – Students in a high school health class have spent the first few weeks of class roaming the halls, going home early and hanging out in the auditorium.
sleeping teacherIn fact, they are doing just about everything except learning about health.

After all, it’s hard for students to learn when they don’t have a qualified instructor and when the “fill in” teacher reportedly spends the class period sleeping.

Alyssa Bey, a junior at the school, claims that her 6th period health class has not had a permanent teacher since the first day of school, reports NBC 10.

“We don’t have a teacher in my class, so students just roam the halls or sit in the auditorium and do nothing all day,” Bey said in the report. “It’s frustrating because I really want to learn.”

Bey’s frustration eventually led her to take a picture of the teacher sleeping on the job in order to document what was happening.

Ricarda Burrell, Bey’s mother, is obviously disappointed in the events at the school.

“My daughter has been coming home every day saying she’s not learning anything. It’s disappointing because if you’re fortunate enough to have a job, you shouldn’t be sleeping on these kids,” Burrell said.

And if a sleeping teacher isn’t enough, there are even times when nobody shows up to oversee the class, according to the news report. When this happens, the students just go home.

“It’s supposed to be like a two-hour class, but we didn’t have a teacher today, so we just walked out in the hallways. The security guards told us to find a classroom to go to, but when we told them we had nowhere to go because there was no teacher in our class, they told us to just go home,” Bey said.

When Burrell attempted to reach out to the school for an explanation, she was directed to the school district office and was placed on hold for 45 minutes and eventually hung up.


Philadelphia School District spokesman Fernando Gallard confirmed that the  picture does show a teacher sleeping and said the district is looking into whether disciplinary action is necessary.

He also said that the teaching position for the Health Related Technologies class requires a registered nursing degree and that it is difficult to find candidates for the job.

As a result of the picture, the health class has been canceled for the remainder of the semester and the students have been reassigned to other classes – presumably with awake and alert teachers.

By Trevor TenBrink at EAGnews.org

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