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RepublicanThe libs have got to love the ramped up ranting from the “old line Republicans” directed at their new-found political competitors, AKA the Tea Party. Unfortunately, these old liners are also referred to as “mainstream Republican leadership”. The only good thing that has happened to the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan was the conservative element of the party willingness and ability to send “a few good men and women” to Washington to stand up against the progressives that are now in the final stages of putting in place the mechanisms that will lead to the destruction of this great Republic.

The reward these few stalwarts are receiving is disdain and ridicule, not just from the libs, but the so-called “moderate” element of their own party as well! Shameful!! These “moderates” need to stand back and analyze and critique their own political positions. Moderation is good and proper, but what these old line folks are either not cognizant of or unwilling to acknowledge is that they are, in reality, no longer moderate. In the century since WW1 this nation’s political posture has veered further and further to the left dragging with it the “center”. In this Progressive orchestrated redirection of our political ideals, the Republican Party has also veered further to the left to the point that the “main-streamers” as they prefer to be referred to are now way left of the old center. Thankfully, there is still a true conservative and constitutional based element in America which is now referred to as the “Tea Party Anarchists”. Sadly, the old guard Republicans do not even attempt to counter this “Anarchist” insult but rather are joining in the chorus of criticism.

Let’s take a quick look at where our nation has come to under the “old line” Republican philosophy, strategy and leadership:

  • Unemployment: 7.3%, actually at least 11% counting those that have simply quit looking for a job.
  • Percent of work force employed: A ridiculous 63%.
  • Poverty rate: UP to 15%.
  • Median household income: Down to $51,000.00.
  • National debt: $17,000,000,000.00!
  • Unfunded liabilities: $123,000,000,000.00!!
  • Family structure disintegration (single parents): Blacks 72%, overall 26% which is almost DOUBLE that of other industrialized nations
  • Education: Abysmal. World rankings: science 22nd, math 27th, reading 33rd.
  • Number on welfare, food stamps, SSDI and unemployment: Over 76,000,000, almost 25% of the U. S. population. Add to this the number receiving Military and Federal, State and Local Public Service Retirement (a number my research could not determine) and the number and annual cost is staggering!
  • Major UNCONSTITUTIONAL programs in place: Medicare, Social Security and ObamaCare.
  • Illegal Aliens: 22,000,000.

O.K. Leadership, you can follow Obama’s logic and blame it on the opposition, in this case the Democrats. Such a position only adds to the proof that YOUR leadership has been and remains ineffective in countering the Progressive’s strategy. So here’s the question: HOW’S IT WORKING FOR YOU??? It damn sure ain’t working for me!

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