GOP delays Obamacare, funds government: Let Obama shut it down

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The GOP needs a government shutdown to re-establish GUT-bone fides with the American people.


Republicans should allow President Obama to shut down the government on behalf of his Big Business and government employee friends to whom he has granted exemptions, subsidies and delays.

Soon after his first inaugural in 2009, President Barack Obama demanded that health care reform be passed quickly to ensure a robust recovery and balanced budget, and that it must be done in comprehensive way. Then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) insisted the Affordable Care Act should only be read to discover its specifics, after it became law. Having received zero Republican votes, Obamacare became the Law of the Land.

Five years later, while still awaiting the promised robust recovery and balanced budgets, we have finally had time to read the ACA, including President Obama’s amendments via executive fiat granting exemptions to the White House staff, Congress members and their staffs and other federal employees; delaying the Big Business employer mandate; as well as his blanket invitation to file fraudulent income disclosure applications for “exchange” subsidies. However, given the ubiquitous use of the phrase “the Secretary of HHS shall decide” concerning so many of its disjointed moving parts, we wake up each day with War-and-Peace-length postscripts to Obamacare that even now-House Minority Leader Pelosi hasn’t yet perused.

To discover the reason for the demotion of the Secretary of Health Care Reading Assignments, read the returns of the 2010 mid-term elections when tea partier conservatives replaced Pelosi with John Boehner (R-OH) as Speaker of the House of Representatives with his primary mission to perform radical surgery on the cancer that is Obamacare. Finally, three years later, we detect a reconstructed spine in the House Republican majority, courtesy of minority Republican non-doctor Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Marco Rubio.

Many votes were cast over the years in non-government shutdown contexts that never implicated the notion that America remained a constitutional republic in which the legislative branch shared power with the Chief Executive. In the meantime, the readings of Obamacare were translated into facts on the ground across the Fruited Plain, including:

  • Higher premiums due to insurance coverage mandates, including the funding of abortions, morning-after abortion pills, and contraceptives for wealthy 30-year-old Georgetown Law School Students in violation of the Free Exercise of Religion Clause of the First Amendment;
  • Fines on hospitals for more non-emergency treatment of the indigent more than once per month;
  • Jobs not created, jobs lost and full-time jobs reduced to part-time due to the impending employer mandate;
  • The granting of a one-year delay of the employer mandate for Big Business by executive fiat;
  • Exemptions for federally employees favored by President Obama and the Democratic Party;
  • Loss of coverage for spouse and children;
  • Loss of the Obama-promised right to see one’s doctor and maintain current insurance;
  • Scores of new health care-related taxes, including on medical devices; and
  • Scores of other deleterious effects of Obamacare on the pre-Obamacare status quo, the reading of which of would be less voluminous than required to complete volumes A-L of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Finally, given the impending loss of insurance coverage by previously covered employees, Obamacare will not even deliver on its main promise to reduce the number of uninsured Americans; and most of the newly insured will be lower-income individuals and families with children with little or no discretionary income left over after paying for housing, higher Obama energy prices and food to pay the high deductibles under their “exchange” policies.

So, Nancy, Harry and Barack, we finally completed our duty and read your ever-changing Obamacare “law of the land”, lived part of it and then took a break and read the following portion of Article I, section 9, clause 7 of the Supreme Law of the Land, for pleasure:

No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.

Notice that it doesn’t say “unless Democrats hold the White House and the U.S. Senate.” Cruz, Lee and Rubio finally got Speaker Boehner some new spectacles that enabled him to clearly read the above and also discover that it also contained no, “unless Republicans only hold one-half of one-third of the government” clause.

We applauded last week’s House passage of a continuing budget resolution that de-funded Obamacare and the holding of the senate floor by Ted Cruz for 21 hours in of support it. De-funding alone would not have affected the imposition of mandates that President Obama hadn’t delayed, but would have saved taxpayer money. Bravo. We also support last night’s House passage of a CR that delays the entirety of the entirely-un-affordable ACA and eliminates the medical device tax as well as the alternative bill guaranteeing that members of armed forces would not be denied their salaries should the Democrats shut down the government.

We trust that eventually the House will ensure the equal protection of the laws should Obamacare only be delayed and require that All Americans, including elected representatives, White House employees and all federal employees must feel the full brunt of socialized medicine with We the People. And we hope that enough red state-Democrat senators will be so scared of returning to the private sector after the 2014 mid-term Obamacare Election II that they insist on a vote in the senate and send the bill to President Obama.

But honestly, we expect (and actually hope) that President Obama initially vetoes the CR and that Obamacare is only delayed or otherwise ameliorated AFTER a government shutdown because we think that President Obama and the Democrats will only compromise with Republicans within the framework of the Constitution’s separation of powers AFTER the GOP shows them they have the GUTS to get past their 1995-6-based unjustified fears.

The American people need to see that not just the Democratic Party has the courage of their convictions. The Republican House has now twice passed bills funding all of the government, except for the Obamacare parts they elected a GOP House to tame. They have also provided for military salaries to be paid should Obama love Big Business more than individual non-Big Business Americans.

Mr. Speaker, you may now go home and re-study your eponymous Boehner debt limit-spending cuts Rule and come back next week. Seriously, go home and don’t come back at least until the Atlanta Braves have qualified for the NLCS.

Mike DeVine‘s

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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  1. cvxxx says

    Both parties are living up to the congress of five year olds. GOP/TP is responsible. ACA is the law they do not respect their own government so why should we respect them. All they care about is obeying the big donors anyway. The rest of us are to suffer.

  2. hangman57 says

    This is just another slush fund for the Government to steal from the American people .Look what the Government did to the Social Security accounts ,they went in our retirement account and drain them dry. They stole from the American people . This will give them 2.4 Trillion dollars ,just sitting there for the taking . Think about . Once a thief steals once ,they will steal again.

  3. cdansreau says

    Obamacare has implementation problems so the democrats should be agreeable to postpone it for a year. I may be forced, kicking and screaming to accept the travesty of obamacare but feel the house should do one of two things.
    a. return the bill back to the senate without any finance for obamacare AND set a resolution for no funding with congressional salaries and benefits to be the first cut if the government does not provide funding. second cut would be removal of foreign aid, support for social non profit organizations, use of governmental private airplanes for congressional use, military procurement of new devices. R&D. last to be cut if at all would be social security, medicare, and other social dependency programs, the military.
    B. Delay implementation of obamacare for a year AND remove the congressional exemption for congressmen and their staff. require all federal employees to use this. require unions to use obamacare.

    1. Dick says

      NO Exemptions for anyone-including Obama and his family.

  4. raccman says

    All “Window Dressing” ! Talk is Cheap ! IMPEACHMENT would separate the men from the boys – and from the looks of things – all we have are Boys and Bad Actors in Washington

  5. Shorty Stuff says

    This is really not good enough. Delaying it until after the 2014 elections only gives the Demonrats an advantage because people won’t feel the pain until after the elections. They should either totally repeal Obamacare completely, or not allow any exemptions, including all government and union employees.

    1. George Thomas says

      No delay. Put the sign around the dem’s neck, and make them wear it.

      1. cvxxx says

        No delay. There could be a referendum next year.

  6. Ricarrdo estavans says

    When the masses realize how great it would be when the Government shuts down, maybe they will demand a smaller unobtrusive one.

  7. Hotnike says

    Everyday more lies and more games from Obama and Reid. Republicans, you finally grew some balls to stick it to Obama and Reid, Now don’t gave like you always have done before otherwise you can pack your bags and go home because the little support you have left will be totally eroded.

  8. Lowell says

    Founders of our country and the Constitution gave House members the responsibility of funding responsible legislation and not funding something that is so screwed up no one understands anything about it other than it is a health care destroyer. Will bankrupt our country and working class citizens. We do need to make changes to our health care system but this is not it.

  9. CombatVet says

    I wonder if Bozo is going to shut down his golf games and vacation for lack of money, Obungo and Reid, Pelosi, Holder and the rest of the crooks belong in ORANGE suits, what we need is 100 million people march on Washington……..

  10. ItalianScallion says

    Shut it down, they spend to much of our money on deadbeats and foriegn countries any way.

    1. CombatVet says

      Hey Italian buddy right on the money, I’m tired of supporting all these parasites.

    2. Ricarrdo estavans says

      I agree pisan

  11. DouglasDauntless says

    The real problem with our Government they collect to much money. In one day they collect at lest a billion a day in all taxes every day. Cut the tax and we can cut the Government and everyone else. Right now the Government uses our tax dollars to destroy our Country, not their Country, they are all traitors and should be put away. To have a winning Civil War we need all the Armed Forces to on the side of we the people and our Constitution. Other then that no one pay their taxes, but that will take at least 200 million working people to work together. Maybe?

  12. bobby says

    Obamacare was passed by Congress, signed by the President, Romney ran on repealing Obamacare, you saw how far that got him, Obama won by 51.5% of the vote, the Supreme Court upheld the law. If the Government shuts down it won’t be the President doing it, that would be the Republicans. Should we go back and repeal all the laws ever signed by Presidents, like Social Security and Medicare, that will only effect 50 million Seniors. Once a bill is signed into law you don’t repeal it but you can always work to make it better, nothing is perfect and there will be some bumps in healthcare reform but it is a start after a hundred years of failed attempts starting with a Republican, Teddy Roosevelt.

    1. Guest says

      Stupid democrats. Always saying it is the law , so deal with it. They said that about slaves too.

      1. bobby says

        I am not sure what your point is, are you saying we should bring back slavery, over turn the Emancipation Proclamation by Lincoln. That kind of thinking is why you are a minority, thank God for that.

        1. gvette says

          LOL…don’t confuse them with facts. You know how they hate that. Most demonrats can’t see the forest, for the Obama!!

          1. bobby says

            You guys really have an intelligent way of expressing yourself.

    2. Suzi Sumerau says

      It might be a law but it is a law that was foisted upon us by a man who is not even qualified to sit in the office of The President Of The United States. When he is gone and they prove he was never even legal to run for the office EVERY law that was passed during his farce of a time in office will become null and void. What then DEMOCRAT PARTY??????

      1. bobby says

        Why is he not qualified to be President, why is he not legal to be President? I hope you are not one of those nut cases that believe he was not born in this Country. The only law that was pass is healthcare, all of the other bills are sitting in Congress blocked by a brain dead Republican majority, like the jobs bill, there since 2011, that would put a million people to work. What then Democrat Party, the answer is very simple, Hillary.

        1. DPMP says

          Keep drinking your Kool-Aid and maybe someday you will be as transparent
          as that fraud in OUR White House, you know the one who sealed all of his records and has fake IDs, like his social security #, his selective service # and on and on.

          1. bobby says

            I think you are drinking something much stronger than kool-aid, if you were smart and not stupid you would do some research and stop listening to these right wing nut jobs like Fox News, Rush, Donald Trump and Palin. The President’s selective service number is 61-1125539-1, registered on 09/04/1980. He has sealed nothing, no other President ever was as transparent as this one. You can Google the official documents, you do know how to Google. We Progressives feel sorry for your side, thank God you are a very small segment of this Country so your whackco opinons will never take hold, even Trump is not shooting off his mouth these days.

          2. gvette says

            LOL…like hi SS card, from a state he’s never been in.

          3. bobby says

            Why don’t you guys check facts, the first three digits of your SS# normally will determine the state it is issued from but it was not a policy and in 1977 when Obama got his SS# because he would be working the summer at a Baskin Robins in Hawaii, everything was manually entered into the system. His zip code in Hawaii was 96814, the zip code for CT was 06814. It was a typing error but publications like WMD, like you, don’t deal in facts and they don’t care about truth, check these things out before you shoot off your mouth and look like a fool.

          4. gvette says
          5. bobby says

            Now I understand why your thinking is really messed up. You are using American Thinker as your source of information. I read Thomas Lifson publications all the time, there are many of them, for a few laughs. Everything this man writes is fabricated to the 100th degree. If you believe this stuff you are not very smart. Even Thomas Lifson can’t believe your group is buying into it, he is also laughing, all the way to the bank.

          6. gvette says

            LOL…excuse me. I forgot. you get your news from Bill Maher!

          7. bobby says

            I get my news from both sides, not Bill Mayer, I don’t have HBO. That is why I can come to a reasonable conclusion, once you listen to both arguments, if you are a smart person and don’t have a comprehension problem, I know which side you would choose and it won’t be the side of the right wing nut jobs.

          8. gvette says

            Well, I’m a conservative. That’s why I want to see Barrycare, gone. You on the left, like big government. Goes along with the democrat creed. spending other peples money, till it runs out. The bureaucracy that comes with that, will destroy our economy. Oh, not to mention killing jobs, and poor healthcare.

          9. George Thomas says

            Don’t you mean; 09/04/80?

          10. bobby says

            If you are refering to the SS#, it was assigned to Obama in1977 when he was 15.

        2. Hotnike says

          bobby, Just go away.

          1. bobby says

            I am one of the 51.5%, that would be the majority, you are one of the 48.5% that would be the minority, why don’t you go away. That was the results of the last election or maybe you don’t believe in a democracy.

          2. Hotnike says

            I believe in a repubic and honest elections. Apparently you don’t.

          3. gvette says

            Remember Hotnike. They don’t know we live in a republic. As a matter of fact, neither does Barry.

          4. Hotnike says

            THANKS gvete.

          5. bobby says

            This was an honest election, there were not any close election in any of the states he won, if there were any fraud commited it would have been massive, I would like to know where your side comes up with these crazy ideas, maybe Rush/Fox and Company.

          6. lbc says

            We’re actually a republic, fool, and it’s not supposed to involve voter fraud, ignoring illegals or violating the Constitution.

          7. bobby says

            You are the fool, Democrats never did any of these things, you are not very smart if you believe that crap. There was no voter fraud, saying something over and over does not make it true.

    3. Bonnie Somer says


      1. I'mBaaaatmaaaan! says

        Yes ! Please keep that info going

      2. bobby says

        Technically you are right, however, you need to get the circumstances correct. Both the House and Senate had their own version of healthcare reform. The House version went to the Senate but in the meantime Ted Kennedy passed away and was replace by a Republican, Scott Brown. Brown did not like the House version, he thought it was too Progressive, he would not vote for the House version, the Senate version was passed and sent to the House which was then passed and sent to the President to sign into law. As long as both chambers sign on it is legal. The Supreme Court reviewed the law and determine it was legal, per our Constitution they have the final say.

    4. Hotnike says

      Obama didn’t ‘win’ the votes. As far as I can determine he stole them. ASK GEORGE SOROS AND COMPANY!!

      1. bobby says

        You should stop spreading that crap from Fox news, that is your A– speaking your head knows better. Do you know how stupid you sound, excuse me, I forgot, you are posting on this web site, to others like you I guess those comments would sound like it is coming from a genius.

        1. Hotnike says


          1. bobby says

            I know you guys don’t like the voice of reason, good bye to you.
            Don’t use all caps it is against posting policy.

  13. Estee Godbout-Bailey says

    Its Democrat party, not Democratic. Democratic is a process.

    1. Ricarrdo estavans says

      I cant wait for our math lessons.

      1. Estee Godbout-Bailey says

        I would think that we’d want to to be accurate as the Democrats are constantly innacurate or all out wrong and many people say the Democratic Party instead of Democrats. Its sort of like magazine vs clip, I like accuracy in what I read-Details matter.

        1. Ricarrdo estavans says

          Maguaw understands the English very well. Sorry for my sarcasm. Lets not be so picky. The idea was good.

  14. Cessaly Denise Hutchinson says

    Excellent. Obamacare crooks. I say KILL IT!

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