FDA Use Taxpayer Money To Boost “Likes” On FaceBook

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205560-facebook_thumb_down_180_originalThe FDA is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through regulation and supervision of food safety, tobacco, dietary supplements, and over the counter or prescription drugs. 

I fail to see where they are suppose to get you to “like” them on Facebook, or follow them on twitter. But, $182,814 dollars later…(your tax money) Yes, that is right, the FDA is using your money to get you to “like” them.

In fact they have hired Barack Obama’s team to make this happen.

“The well-oiled Obama campaign set fundraising records during the 2008 cycle, and a large majority of that money came in through our website,” the company said.

The company now offers new media strategies, and its current clients include Microsoft, Johnson and Johnson, and Kraft.

The FDA will use IB5k to “monitor overall conversations to see what the public is discussing about our work, answer questions for them, and develop consumer content for FDA.GOV and our social media channels.”

They also will provide “comprehensive scanning” of the FDA’s blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia entry. Online mainstream news sites and discussion boards will also be monitored.

Personally I have a real problem with any government agency playing on facebook and twitter or any other social outlet. There is no real value to the American people.

We, the American people need more oversight and control over these “run amok” departments. EPA, Dept. of Education and so on….

But hey, it’s only “taxpayer” money so who really cares…

source freebeacon.com


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  1. Hotnike says

    More fraud and more corruption. That is what we can expect from this administration and congress sits on their butts and does nothing.

  2. Sandra Hite says

    There are times FB won’t post what I have to say. So I keep resending until they do.

  3. fliteking says

    FDA buying likes on face.book? What are they . . . on drugs?

    And face.book is rapidly and constantly banning conservative posts.

    I smell a rat!

    Dishonesty rules the day for liberals!

    1. lbc says

      Prayer is the only thing that will stop this atrocity now. Dear God, please deliver us from obama and please punish him for all he has done to ruin this country and please reverse all his damage…..

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