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Townhall with Sen. Mike Lee Agenda : Derail Obamacare


Mike LeeIn 2009 Obamanistas could not be stopped or even slowed down, with 60% of both House and Senate, and of course the LeftMedia. They promptly passed Porkulus and Obamacare, then set the bureaucracy to Full Freedom Burn. America rose up and did the impossible, sending 63 (net) new members to the House and 6 to the Senate with a new agenda to secure America’s freedoms anew.

Boehner, McConnell, and the Republican Establishment promptly stomped down any Tea Party agenda. Business as usual. End of story. Right?

Wrong. Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Marc Rubio came for war. In 2012, Texas sent Ted Cruz to join them. Together they are going about the People’s Business. They’ve constantly defied the Establishment of both parties, and they’ve never forgotten what they were sent to do. McConnell undermines them behind the scenes. Harry Reid ridicules them. McCain calls them the Wacko Birds. They’ve made an impression, yes?

ObamaCare can’t be stopped. The Republicans won’t even put up a fight. The Supreme Court, under Chief Justice Benedict Roberts, gave it a free pass. Billions have been spent. Regulations are already being implemented. Insurance rates have gone through the roof. The LeftMedia will report nothing about Obamacare’s costs or troubles. They’ve painted a picture of inevitability that has much of America with a sick feeling in its stomach.

It can’t be stopped. Or can it?

This is America. 1776 was impossible. 1980 was impossible. 2010 was impossible. Mike Lee leads the charge. He needs us. He needs you. Come to the Facebook Townhall Wednesday night. Read more here.

Mike Lee


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