Townhall with Sen. Mike Lee Agenda : Derail Obamacare

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Mike LeeIn 2009 Obamanistas could not be stopped or even slowed down, with 60% of both House and Senate, and of course the LeftMedia. They promptly passed Porkulus and Obamacare, then set the bureaucracy to Full Freedom Burn. America rose up and did the impossible, sending 63 (net) new members to the House and 6 to the Senate with a new agenda to secure America’s freedoms anew.

Boehner, McConnell, and the Republican Establishment promptly stomped down any Tea Party agenda. Business as usual. End of story. Right?

Wrong. Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Marc Rubio came for war. In 2012, Texas sent Ted Cruz to join them. Together they are going about the People’s Business. They’ve constantly defied the Establishment of both parties, and they’ve never forgotten what they were sent to do. McConnell undermines them behind the scenes. Harry Reid ridicules them. McCain calls them the Wacko Birds. They’ve made an impression, yes?

ObamaCare can’t be stopped. The Republicans won’t even put up a fight. The Supreme Court, under Chief Justice Benedict Roberts, gave it a free pass. Billions have been spent. Regulations are already being implemented. Insurance rates have gone through the roof. The LeftMedia will report nothing about Obamacare’s costs or troubles. They’ve painted a picture of inevitability that has much of America with a sick feeling in its stomach.

It can’t be stopped. Or can it?

This is America. 1776 was impossible. 1980 was impossible. 2010 was impossible. Mike Lee leads the charge. He needs us. He needs you. Come to the Facebook Townhall Wednesday night. Read more here.

Mike Lee

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  1. bull57 says

    Sorry people, I have serious doubts about Paul and Rubio! I will use them as they used us, but come their reelection I will support anyone against them in the primaries. They hung with the progressives and does not matter if it was once or twice they can’t be trusted. This is new conservatism today and break away once and you are done! It won’t take long once they are defeated for the word to spread, DON’T HANG WITH RINO’S OR PROGRESIVES WHEN IT COMES TIME TO VOTE or you will be out!!!

  2. lexgreen says

    Mike Lee, another Capitol Hill leader beating his head against a brick wall. Why am I not surprised. Better get yourself a helmet, Mike, the wall is very thick, and your concept of public policy adminstration seems to be paper thin . . .

  3. Brad Bryant says

    These guys are our salvation. Support them and in 2014 and in 2016 get rid of the RINO’s and liberal Dems!

  4. Johnny says

    Affordable Health Care in reality is a major nightmare in and of itself. It needs to be totally destroyed.

  5. Heylottylotty says

    “De-funding” makes all the sounds of doing something. Unfortunately it has little more affect than kicking a can down the street. You have something to do, it makes noise, and you get peoples’ attention. In this case, Obamacare simply waits while millions of dollars is spent by those who must (by law) meet the requirements Congress voted into law. Thousands of doctors are looking elsewhere for income that is ethical. Citizens will be halted midstream in a healthcare dilemma. Who will be blamed for this boondoggle? Oh, no, not the president nor his senate leaders. It will be the conservatives who fail to grow enough backbone to put the Constitution to work and STOP the madness. Once again, the American public is being duped. We are being fed placebos (sugar coating with no substance) while the clock ticks on to full socialistic medicine implementation. We stand in a dazed trance nodding that someone else is “handling OUR future.for us. I can hear the noises of millions sucking on pacifiers doled out by public programs waiting for yet another freebee. The only thing that will stop this malignant program is removal, and it can be done IF, and only IF the people of America say no, we don’t want government to dictate our lives. Get involved at a grassroots level group become a number in numbers who stand up for our national way of life. Restore statehood to the sovereign states and away from the federal “state”.

  6. John Cherish says

    In 2014 we will finish the Job. John Boehner and his liberal RINOS will be put to the curb for the trash they are in Colorado the Democrats suffered a blow to their illegitimate agenda 2 democrats were recalled for violating their constitutional oaths. In 2014 we will elect more t-party members to both houses. The current group of Democrats and RINOS have awakened the middle class as to their communist agenda’s and they will face the wrath of the electorate. Do not forget what these RINOS and Democrats have done. And remember that getting a house and senate that will do the will of the people is the first step in going after the perpetrators of Fast & Furious, The IRS scandals, The NSA scandals, The death of our Ambassador in Benghazi and the many other violations of our constitution by a sitting resident that has usurped the office of president. Remember the lies of Hilary Clinton, Susan Rice, Jay Carny, Obama as well as others. The lies about Obamacare, The lies about Syria, The illegal attack on Libya by the Obama administration, the gun running to Syrian rebels who are mostly Al-Qaeda and are enemies of the US. Pay back time is coming we will take back our government and punish those who have committed treason against the people of the United States. Their time is nearly over as they have defiled the offices they hold we will clean house in 2014

  7. Tuff Guy says

    OK fellow patriots. Lots of emotions and opinions posted everyday on this site. Some of you have agreed with me and said start putting some action behind your words. Let’s have a roll call in these comments on Thursday and shout out that you participated in this town hall. Let’s roll!!

  8. Vincent DiPentima says

    Voters of America:: As a [email protected] Veteran who helped defeat Socialism,Fascism Nazism and any one else who tried to destroy our Constitutional blessed country I , for love of my Country,the United States of America, ask that you put aside your political preference, and VOTE AGAINST ANY PRESENT POLITICIAN WHO FAILS TO VOTE TO DEFUND OBAMA CARE

    1. Roy Carey says

      Mr. DiPentima…Thank You for your service to our country…God Bless you Sir.

  9. MortarMan107 says

    More rhetoric. More high sounding bluff and bluster. In the end the Republicans will cave and race across the aisle to join the Dhimmicrats in lining up for their reward.

    The only purpose this blah-blah from the Republicans serves is to give We the People false hope and that is all it has ever accomplished. They know that even if they show phony toughness and vote something down that The Hussein will merely write up an EO and THAT is something the yellow-bellies in Congress have never done ANYTHING about.

    Obama ignores them and RULES dictatorially. Witness gun control, it was voted down but EOs are forthcoming and Congress will merely whimper in protest then lift their tails and back up.

    We have NO representation in Washington they represent nothing but themselves They all just play “the game” and continue working toward or allowing the destruction of the United States.

    Ask yourselves this: What good has the “opposition” done? What have they accomplished? Has common sense prevailed? Sure, cite events like the Million Al-Qaeda March and the biker reaction. Cite the recall in Colorado. Then take a good hard look at what has really changed. And what change is that?

    Absolutely NOTHING of consequence beyond some feel-good victories.

    Unless Congress wholeheartedly and WILLINGLY comes aboard nothing will change and short of a massive uprising that is that.

    1. John Cherish says

      It is time for individual and stronger action refuse to sign up, unless you are just another voice on here that complains and doesn’t take a stand

      1. MortarMan107 says

        Take your useless Keyboard Commando tough-guy barbs and shove ’em. You do nothing adult for the cause. So, tough guy, kindly list all of YOUR deeds of derring-do or shut the yappin’ trap.

    2. JUSTME says

      the few who are against this in congress and senate are outnumbered MortarMan. Remember to vote in 2014 for those who are with us and oust those who are against us. that is the only way we will keep our freedoms intact. It is not high sounding bluff and bluster, it is just too few against. Not all Republicans are RINO’s. It’s not fair to talk against those who are trying to help us.


      1. MortarMan107 says

        Sorry, but I’m tired of hearing from those few you mention that they are fighting for us. So what? The Libtards and RINOs merely outvote them when crunch time comes and we go gurgling further down the drain. Rhetoric from any source including OURS is useless in the end. If these guys in the Republican Party are for America as they claim then let them act, talk and VOTE that way. They don’t and feather their own nests at our expense time after time.

        Frankly I’m tired of backing LIARS who smile and slap you on the back like a good old boy when what they’re actually doing is looking for the best place to stick the knife.

        It’s the same pattern year after year now, they’re going to “save” America from 3 months before election day to 5 minutes after the polls close then it’s business as usual again. Business being emptying the treasury and selling us all down the drain.

        John “Caddy Man” Boehner is a prime example. He looks and sounds more like Obama every day now that they handed him the Big Gavel.

        I’ll change my attitude when they change their conduct. Not before. In my area we went for out of our way to finally get a supposed conservative into Congress after decades of Liberal Democrats. They guy went to DC and the first thing he did was race across the aisle and start selling his votes. He lasted one term and the Dems easily put a real Democrat back in. He was ALL TALK.

  10. pysco says

    Obama care is an Abortion, nobody will attempt to stop it. It only goes to prove that parties will not stand behind the citizens that elected them, and arbitrarily vote for anything without even reading it. Its the worst example of the congress not investing time for the citizens of the country. Even Obama himself knows its a lousy bill, and he may delay it, but will never do remove it for the people.

  11. EvaStClair, deplorable redneck says

    If no one cooperates and won’t sign up at the state exchanges, what are they going to do? Put us all in jail? I don’t think so. Just REFUSE! Nyet, nada, no, NEVER!

    1. John Cherish says

      I am not signing up they can put that where the sun doesn’t shine. Let this be a grass roots protest of non-compliance and send a message we will not comply. I urge anyone that has the guts to do this protest this way when 50 or 75 million refuse it they will get the message. We will not be bullied by this unconstitutional law

      1. Mary says

        I will not take it. Obama Care is a death warrant for a lot of people___young to elderly. People are not seeing the real danger in this plan. It is not what Obama has people believing.


      Obama is THE MAN !!! Obama have a prick, d**** , and on top of that titt !! OBEY REPENT(kiss the boots) OBEY REPENT(pray for Obama) OBEY !!! OR YOU WILL PAY(you will pay anyways, but you not suppose to know that… not yet) !!!

      Obama sees your every step(just look through your window – behind the tree), he hears everything you say(knows every letter/stroke you type online – obviously – just look at his big ears if you don’t believe me), and can read your mind(everything – even when you have to go on the toilet). Now you know… don’t eat or drink, don’t shhitt, and don’t even think about think;)))) you are all set now America(what America !!! The whole world !!).



      1. EvaStClair, deplorable redneck says

        Go take your meds, you sick jerk.

  12. Southern Xposure says

    In 1776 those who fought tyranny were called anarchists also.

  13. Brad Bryant says

    Yay! Go For it NOW!

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