Texas didn’t elect Ted Cruz so John McCain would like him

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Today we hear from one of his staffers that John McCain really, really hates Ted Cruz. I’m sure John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, Reince Priebus, Lamar Alexander, and Lindsey Graham are all nodding their hearty agreement.

ted cruzPerhaps we were supposed to be intimidated. Down here in Texas, we call it the feel-good story of the day. If our guy has John McCain and the rest of the GOP Establishment good and pissed off, then he’s doing what we sent him to do.

Earth to Planet Stupid: if Texas wanted to send somebody John McCain would like, we would have sent David Dewhurst.

You didn’t listen to America in 2010
In 2009-2010, America saw what the Democrats meant by “fundamental change” with a radical Leftist in the White House and 60-40% majorities in House and Senate. America wanted no part of any of that, and in November 2010 all of America went Republican, in local, state, and national elections. Not just Republican, but Tea Party Conservative. Just one problem. Washington didn’t listen, didn’t change, didn’t veer from its flight path to American Doom. Even more disheartening, both House and Senate Republicans told the 70-or-so newcomers to either joint Team Surrender, or go pound sand.

Most of them joined Team Surrender. The Establishment GOP, with a firm majority in the House and a slim 47-53 minority in the Senate, was in a position to impose severe restrictions on the Obama agenda, to slow down the tremendous carnage being done to America by a socialist and nanny-state agenda. Instead, they did the normal Republican thing, doing nothing but surrender to and compromise with the Democrats, give away our freedoms and our economy, and in general give America the middle finger.

Texas didn’t like that very much.


Tap, tap, tap: can you hear us now?
You didn’t listen to 2010. So we sent Ted Cruz. You’re listening now, aren’t you.

Relatively unknown Cruz faced long-time Lt Governor, Establishment-backed, and well-funded Dewhurst. Cruz demolished him, 56-41. As elections go, that’s a blowout, and that’s a statement by Texas. Those of you in the GOP Establishment, you might want to write this down.

  • We didn’t send Ted Cruz to make deals with the Democrats.
  • We didn’t send Ted Cruz to join Team Surrender.
  • We didn’t send Ted Cruz to fund the Atrocious Care Act, as if Congress had no ability to make a difference.
  • We didn’t send Ted Cruz to rubber-stamp all of Obama’s radical and/or stupid nominees.
  • We didn’t send Ted Cruz to be John McCain’s friend.

So, Texas, what did you send Ted Cruz to do?

You’re looking at it, baby.

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  1. MARYANN33 says

    McCain must have suffered brainwashing or was born a POS…He has to go along with Rove and all the GOP establishment…They will never win another election…they are the enemy. The constituents won’t vote for their candidate anymore…If they try to put one over on us again, more will stay home…Put a real candidate up and get the dems where they belong….nowhere.

    1. ThomPaineJr12 says

      That’s what I like to hear: McCain, Rove, & the GOP establishment are the enemy… a full-fledged GOP civil war

  2. spartacus says

    can’t johnny just die !!!!!!!

  3. John Julian says

    Yes, McCain is the new Jane Fonda…traitor. We elected Ted so he would do EXACTLY what he’s doing: shake-up and expose the entrenched “old guard,” the RINO’s who are milking this cow for every cent and every ounce of power they can get.

    Term limits. Clean house. These guys should be OUR SERVANTS, not rulers!

    I am 110% pissed-off at Republicans. I expect dems to lie, cheat, steal…they are marxists and are following their role models Stalin and Mao. I now know that reps are NO DIFFERENT.

  4. daveveselenak says

    Man, he’s gone over to the other side as he can’t hide the evil inside him any longer – as most NWO-ists on both sides – as is evidenced by his demented, diabolical looking face of his! Folks, we are dealing with demons that have sold their soul to the devil! These demons are out to make your life a living hell for those whose lives will be only be spared to serve them. Good against Evil, that is where we now stand and if you want to survive than you have to acknowledge this truth. Hey “Uncle” what’s his name from the Adam’s Family, go back to Viet Nam!

    1. ThomPaineJr12 says

      REPEL THE DEMONS! We pray in the name of Ronnie Raygun and Joe McCarthy.

  5. simpletony1 says

    Thanks, Texas. Truly. I was beginning to think Allen West was the only man with balls in the real run. I like Carson too but I understand he’s soft on gun control. No bueno.

  6. simpletony1 says

    And to think I actually voted for the idiot, having moved here about a year ago from an almost entire state that should be in an institution…California. I admired McCain until I got here and learned what an absolute moron he is. I even voted for his presidency but wouldn’t have voted for obama anyway and the alternative was not to vote. I voted for Romney because he was the answer for our sick country but the dregs of our society won out when republicans stayed home in droves; they should be horsewhipped.

    McCain MUST go, along with Flake, our 2nd idiot I also voted for because he couldn’t possibly live down to his name; same mistake I made once with a man named Crook. I’ll never support anyone with a telling last name again like Stupid, Idiot, Fool, Crook or Flake.

    McCain is no damned good…for nothing but I salute his service and POW time. But that ended when he arrived back on American soil to go on to do a major disservice to his country.

    Now listen to this: I WANT HIS OFFICE, HIS CHAIR. What are YOU doing about all this?

  7. Kakarot says

    Hear! Hear!

    If McCain really needs a friend, maybe someone can send McCain’s Veep candidate to the Senate. Might keep him happy.

  8. DJ says

    I have been saying that for 4 years.

  9. 1baronrichsnot1 says

    These wrinkled up demented old dudes have polluted the GOP long enough. They are most appeasing, go along with the crowd of communists, ditch america, suck up to marxist, rape the treasury, bunch of azzholes I have ever seen. Who cares what these pukes think. I only dream of the day we can elect some more Ted Cruzes’ and build an army to retake the liberties of america for the people.What’s amazing is they think the people love them! Just goes to show, how wrong they are about everything, and I mean everything!

    1. ThomPaineJr12 says

      You’re right.. you can only dream of more like Ted Cruz because it is never going to happen. Cruz is close to getting a bipartisan agreement in Congress.. a joint resolution recognizing him as the most arrogant, obnoxious, grandstanding prima donna jacka$s ever elected to Congress.

      1. Chris Johnson says

        That would probably mean he’s the only one who is smart enough to see things for what they really are. Unlike someone who would make this comment above he’s got the intelligence to see the truth.

  10. CBRI11 says

    What McCain did to someone in his own party is disgusting… makes me wonder what kind of dirt Obama has on him – must be pretty good stuff!

  11. Gaines Bruce says

    I received an email from Reince Priebus telling me the RNC supported the efforts of Ted Cruz during his discussion on ObamaCare and emphasizing how much we need to defund ObamaCare. Then I was asked to contiribute money to the RNC. sorry, but I have had enough of the lies of the RINOs and I did not send any money.

    1. 1baronrichsnot1 says

      There you go! Send the money to your candidates campaigne. The rhino repubs will just waste it on some “neer shoulda run” cause it’s their turn to lose. A sure fire way to lose. Some one ran the numbers on Karl Rove, and he has a 1 1/2% success rate.. meaning a 981/2% loss rate, yet they still listen to him on campaignes. Some times I wonder if these losses aren’t intentional.

    2. ginger says

      Same here…I keep telling them that I support individual candidates who are True Conservatives and no more Rinos.

  12. SofiesVoice says

    McCain, the “has-been if he ever were” sure shows his jealousy of Ted Cruz. McCain needs to retire or decide which side he is on…his constituents or Obama and his progressives. Nah, just retire, RINO.

    1. MARYANN33 says

      We must get Karl Rove out too…No more TV spots for the liar.

      1. ThomPaineJr12 says

        Boycott FOX News until they get rid of Rove.

        1. MARYANN33 says

          Good idea…But how will we let them know we are not watching????

  13. Kimberly Elliott says


  14. La Lummus says

    I hate mccain with a passion pos turncoat he should be recalled it wouldn’t make a difference he is worst than the democrats it is likr having a democrat in place.

  15. Wallie says

    Right about now I wish I was a Texan. Sir I could not be MORE PROUD of you. I say screw all the naysayers.

  16. CommiMarko says

    G D right on … through the bum rino’s out. I real sick of McCain. He’ll through any one under the bus for a doggy biscuit from the Main Stream Media … Good Boy McCain now roll over on your fellow conservatives Good Boy

  17. Lowell says

    Great article. I wish we had more Conservatives and fewer Rino’s.

  18. hitthedeck says

    Just watched McCain on the floor bitching about Ted Cruz again. After his speech Dick Durbin got up and praised and brown nosed McCain. Schumer has the floor now and is lying through his teeth about Cruz’s intentions. The only thing the democrats are good at is bad mouthing republicans and marching in lockstep with socialism. Every vote for a democrat is a donation of your yearly income without your permission.

  19. yumadlh says

    RINO McCain has lost all respect I had for him. As an Arizonan he should retire and take his hatred with him. Hubris.

  20. anarchyst says

    Both John McCain (R-Tel Aviv) and John Kerry (D-Tel Aviv) should be put out to pasture. . . It is no secret that only HALF of our verified Vietnam War POW’s were released to us. The North Vietnamese “held back” some of our POWs in anticipation of receiving “war reparations” (which never materialized).

    Most people are unaware that both of these two cretins cut off the search for POWs in Southeast Asia at a time when there were STILL verified sightings of Americans held in captivity. These sightings took place by satellite imaging (“circle-K”) as well as being verified by various “boots on the ground”. McCain and Kerry consigned these brave men to their suffering deaths. . . So much for “leaving no one behind”. . .

    1. Wallie says

      I have heard some of these claims before and would like to find more information on this. Would like to know where can it be found. If any of this can be proven it should make some scandal.

      1. DJ says

        It is all been cover up now.

      2. MARYANN33 says

        More phony scandal that no one does anything about???? Phony only to the president not the citizens.

  21. Ricarrdo estavans says

    Screw that idiot McCain. He almost sunk the USS Forestall, He destroyed American Jets, and got his dumb pampered azz shot down in Vietnam. All protected by his daddy. He still is an idiot cashing in on his should be court marshaled service.

  22. VictorLandry says

    I had a friend who flew with McCain on the Forrestal and he said McCain was the worst naval officer he new. The only reason he got into the naval academy was because his father was an admiral. He finished next to last in his class. He was shot down be cause he was where he wasn’t supposed to be. While he was a POW, his wife worked tirelessly to get him released. When she was put in a wheelchair after a car accident, he dumped her and married someone else. A real stand up guy.

    1. a real american says

      on his wall in his office, is his silver star from his time in nam, its been said that he gave aid and comfort there to the enemy and got info for the NVA regulars so he wouldnt be tortured and ive hear 1 man say he was treated like royalty because of who his daddy was, yep a real piece of scum……

    2. MARYANN33 says

      He was a daddy’s boy and a great disappointment to his father…

  23. Passionate American says

    Way to go Senator Cruz!!! I wush we had a senator like you in Florida to bad we are stuck with Bill Nelson and the Liar Rubio!

    1. Audra says

      Rubio is on the floor backing him up right now, maybe he just needs some encouragement and proper inspiration from Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

      1. tenndoug911 says

        People who speak out of both sides of their mouth need more than encouragement.

      2. DominariNolo says

        LIke everybody else, I am disappointed in Rubio. And what he’s lost is that conservative America will never truly trust him for his part in the Amnesty thing. But I believe down in his core that he’s one of us (when the issue is not Amnesty), and a fighter. I’ll welcome him to fight on our side. But to Passionate American i see your point. If I was a FL citizen and voted him in, I’d have a large storehouse of anger.

    2. MARYANN33 says

      God forbid, I am stuck with McCain and Flake and Flake is just another Rino…God help us.

  24. Live Free or Die says

    God bless Ted Cruz! and Mike Lee. and Rand Paul. They are actually trying! … Especially Ted. I would love to see Ted run for White House in 2016; you know get someone in there that actually LIKES the country and not only believes in the Constitution, but knows it for the magnificent marvel that it is.

    1. MARYANN33 says

      God bless our true heroes…

  25. John Barone says

    Good Move Joe The Plumber

  26. chamuiel says

    That is exactly why we Texans sent Ted Cruz to Washington. It was not to make McCain like him or us.

    1. Richard Erwin says

      chamuiel since when did we Texans give a damn if anybody liked us? not I

  27. Susan Fletcher says

    THIS TEXAS WOMAN IS 100% with Ted!!!! Screw Mc Cain! !!!

    1. chamuiel says

      You got that right, Susan.

    2. Cindi Evans says

      I agree with you Susan. The one we in Texas have to watch out for is Cornyn. He is up for re-election next year. We need to replace him with another Ted Cruz.

      1. Live Free or Die says

        Draft Louie Gohmert. What an awesome pair of senators THAT would be! I’d be jealous.

    3. SuperDave2 says

      I’m with you, Susan. Keep the faith!!!

    4. 1baronrichsnot1 says

      Ok you win susan, you have won a one night stand with Mctraitor. Aren’t you happy?
      a little biligerant humor, forgive me.

      1. MARYANN33 says

        I hear a razor cuts well in that area.

  28. Bob Gschwind says

    Bastard Eyes McCain is a person I once looked up to for what he endured in service to his country. I spent 43 months in Vietnam and could never imagine enduring a portion of what he did. But over the years he changed for the worse. Now I wonder if he isn’t a sleeper for the other side. Like Pappy Boyington (Medal of Honor) said, “Show me a hero and I will show you a bum.” When I retired from the Marine Corps I put all of my medals and awards in the attic. I knew that all of that stuff wouldn’t get me a good cup of coffee. Its what you do today that counts. How you use your fame. Without honesty and integrity you are nothing. Now McCain has gone so far as to stab the country in the back, failed both his oaths of office, and is now a traitor for providing aide and comfort to the enemies of the United States.

    1. antilib says

      Very well said, Sir. He’s getting closer to being like that Bogus Bum John Kerry. I served 8 yrs Army and like you used to respect McCain. He’s used all that up many times over. When he ran against Obama it seemed like he purposely thru that election, talking Obama up at every opportunity.

      1. roadmantx71 says

        John McCain was selected by the World Government leaders to lose the election to Barry and he was a loyal team player who did his best to lose.

        Oscuma said he would transform America. “He said he would stand with the Muslims against us”. That is the only promise he has ever kept!!!!!!

      2. MARYANN33 says

        He did throw that election and they muzzled Sarah Palin…Repubs have not fought for a long time until now…Go Cruz

    2. ThomPaineJr12 says

      McCain is a TRAITOR? You rightwing nuts are CRAZY! HAHAHA!

      1. Kent2012 says

        and communists pu$$ies are idiot twits

      2. ginger says

        Won;t say what you are…not in polite society…but again in today’s “culture” not much is polite.

      3. spartacus says

        hey thom please die along and painful death with your family watching !

        1. ThomPaineJr12 says

          I’m very healthy and expect to live another 25+ years.. It will be 1,211 days until Obama leaves office, which will seem like 10 years to you reactionary rightwing nuts afflicted with Obama Derangement Syndrome

      4. MARYANN33 says

        McCain is a traitor along with his close buddy Obama…

        1. ThomPaineJr12 says

          So it will be a verrrrrrrrry long 1,211 days until Obama leaves office for you reactionary rightwing nuts afflicted with Obama Derangement Syndrome.. HAHAHA

          1. MARYANN33 says

            He won’t make it that long…his ?phony scandals, not, will take him out before then…Wish you could grow a brain that can think…

          2. ThomPaineJr12 says

            Dream on..do you know how many in Senate must vote to convict in impeachment trial??

          3. MARYANN33 says

            God has many ways to remove him….so does Congress. Wake up.

          4. ThomPaineJr12 says

            Congress has many ways? cite one other than impeachment by the House and conviction by the Senate. What is God waiting for? HAHA

          5. MARYANN33 says

            Remove him and jail him for his high crimes and misdemeanors.

          6. DominariNolo says

            Nice of you to come in and piss on the carpet. Left-wing commie America-haters never build, only mooch off the work of others.

          7. ThomPaineJr12 says

            Most of the people receiving extended unemployment comp, food stamps or other aid EARNED those “entitlements” by working and paying taxes for many years before losing their job to automation or some greedy business owner/ CEO sending their job offshore for $1/hr labor, or because of Dumbya Bush’s economic collapse.

    3. Kent2012 says

      We know what we did and why we did what we did. This is the greatest place ever, but the scum that invaded us secretly in the late 20s have successfully retarded our continued path upward. These communist clowns have infected our schools and our government. Now in addition to the communists we are dealing, once again, with the sheet heads and their worthless ideas….I often think about those who gave their lives in Nam only to have the scum in DC vote to turn off the lights, just when the Arvins were showing that they could handle the job with just a little air support help from the allies, you know the ones that the democRATS said to “stand down”……..now it looks as though we will have to finish the fight in the streets of the best country in the world…..what a shame that our education system was compromised by the vermin from europe……

      1. MARYANN33 says

        One cure….Quit sending our kids to college to be brainwashed with garbage….

    4. GrammiSami says

      It is so strange to hear you say that about McCain being a sleeper. I have been saying that for several years. I’m 74 and a great grandma, and McCain just hasn’t acted like I was taught a loyal citizen of the United States should act. I admire him for his service and I am positive that he underwent horrible situations and I don’t denigrate him for that. I just think something can not help but happen to a mans soul under those circumstances. I really don’t think he should be in office and if he was smart he would get out before it is too late fir his reputation.

      1. MARYANN33 says

        We need to cut his daughter off at the pass and let her have no voice…The apple will not fall far from the tree.

      2. Wild Biker Bill says

        It’s to late for his reputation.

  29. Robert Wheatley says

    If I lived in Arizona, being retired as I am, I would spend all the time I could carrying signs all over the heavy population centers trying to convince Arizonans of the truth about the Obama-loving socialist McCain. I would man phone banks to get him voted out of office. My wife has relatives there who have never voted for him due to their own common sense and through no coaching from me.

    1. MARYANN33 says

      The illegals vote for McCain he is big for total amnesty.

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