Democrat Senator Uses Gay Slur on MSNBC in Interview With Andrea Mitchell

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Democratic National Convention: Day 2Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski used an anti-gay slur to describe members of the Tea Party on MSNBC while being interviewed by Andrea Mitchell. Not only did the left-winger Mitchell not bother to confront Mikulski for the foul and homophobic remark, the mainstream media didn’t bother to mention a peep about it. People like Paula Deen lose their jobs, their careers and their ability to support their families for a word they used thirty years ago, but a liberal Senator can do what she wishes on the the leftist news wing of NBC and no one even winces.

By association, Andrea Mitchell is a bigot. If a conservative were to attack a group of Obama supporters with similarly derogatory sexual slurs, you’d be hearing the shrill cry of “racism” from Ms. Mitchell’s lips before the saliva was dry. The Examiner has the story:

(D-MD) called Tea Party members, “tea baggers” after the cloture vote the includes the full funding of ObamaCare, after Democrats stripped a Republican-backed provision to defund the health law. The final vote was 54-44.


Mikulski’s tea-bagger comments occurred as she was being interviewed by Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC on Andrea’s, “Andrea Mitchell Reports” program from the Senate chambers. During the interview, Mikulski said, “The reason Ted Cruz stood up and asked for a delay was so that he could have a vote during today where his — the tea baggers in his Tea Party were going to watch.”


After her comments were released to the public by the left-leaning news media, MSNBC, who are known for commentators who insult conservatives, Republicans and conservatives from her state of Maryland and around the country flooded her Facebook page with angry counter comments to her insult. A conservative responded by saying, “What did you call me? Why would you resort to calling names? Are you 5? Well obviously not, but apparently your mentality never left the kindergarten.”

Andrea Mitchell is a hack, MSNBC is nothing but propaganda and liberals are bigoted losers..

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  1. Jessica Grace says

    What a pig she is!!!!

  2. Betty Weaver Woods says

    But…. I always heard that she was GAY herself !!!!

  3. James A. Lonon says

    The gay slur escapes me. Don’t know what it means and don’t wish to. Apparently she travels in other social circles than myself.

  4. Thomas Cake says

    I don’t think it’s a gay slur. I mean, I’m sure the senator does it all the time. She just misspoke and mentioned her favorite hobby, usually performed on the set of a porn flick…she’s what they call a fluffer; a demented individual who does things to keep the male character aroused. This only works if they cannot, I repeat, CANNOT see her face!

  5. The Monger says

    I agree with you folks, but please don’t call Mitchell a “hack” and liberals “bigoted losers,” because then you’re resorting to the same ad hominem attacks of which you accuse them. Criticize them critically; rip their arguments to shreds, show empirically why and where they’re wrong, and you’ll come off as consistent and accurate. Name-call and you become one of them, and nobody wants that.

    1. Thomas Cake says


  6. Don Ulrich says

    This just goes to show you how naive, uneducated, and Down right dumb the majority of our population is that voted these people in. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion i Guess, But you sure as Hell better not condemn us that dont agree with the Communist/Liberals

  7. raptor45 says

    The prog libs just added another “if ugly were a crime” character to their bulging list of the World’s Ugliest Women.

    The more I hear of these pigterrds the more I absolutely believe that if America is to survive its sane and capable States are going to have to secede from the existing federal government and create a new union where libs and governmentally dependent types and their off spring CANNOT live.

    We can do this and be autonomous and I dare say that Washington has the power to do anything about it. Clamor, swearing and sword rattling are about all that would come of it.

    1. Anna Fabian says

      My mind has had just about it can take of these ignorant ppl and the “freeloaders” too.
      It gets worse by the minute.
      No wonder the rest of the world thinks we are all insane.

  8. DixieAngel_76 says

    Back to your log, you old hag troll! Everyone who despises this type of behaviour should contact this idiot and tell her that as a Senator we expect more professional behavior out of her. Whether or not she realizes it we all contribute to her over inflated salary, yes even ‘tea baggers’.

    1. Anna Fabian says

      I did!
      This is unacceptable on any level much less for a paid official.
      Some ppl need to think before they cast a vote!
      I just do not understand how these ppl get elected.

  9. 57Bootsy says

    She’s a pig. No offense to pigs.

    1. Ken Swan says

      Please don’t insult the pigs, they really don’t take it well

  10. Sandy Roberts Russell says

    This would be shocking that the main stream media didn’t pick up on this, but they never picked up when Obama called tea party folks – tea baggers, well before the election – around the time that the health care bill was being rammed down our throats.

    1. DixieAngel_76 says

      And he ought to know about tea bagging if anyone should.

  11. Jackson_Howard says

    They, themselves, have called themselves “tea baggers”. The liberals didn’t give them that name, they named themselves.

    When someone calls them “tea baggers”, we all know they are talking about the Tea Party supporters. You are all just looking for some reason to dislike liberals.

    This is a way of sidetracking the conversation from one of substance to one of childish bickering.

    1. David Kuhlmann says

      Conservatives don’t need anymore reasons to dislike Liberals. The Liberals do that all the time with their lack of cognitive thought or real common sense! Also LAH= Liberals Are Hypocrites.

    2. DixieAngel_76 says

      No we didn’t ‘give ourselves that name’. Idiot liberals started using it.

    3. Thomas Cake says

      So, when I call you a “dicklicker”, it’s ok because that’s what I always call heads-up-the-ass libs?

      1. Jackson_Howard says

        As I said earlier, change the subject cause you don’t have anything intelligent to add.

    4. Santa Chuck says

      Many “Tea Partiers” mistakenly repeated this vulgar term without knowing the meaning. It was originally used by Bill Maher an attempted slap in the faces of those involved in the Tea Party movement. Most Tea Party members are not versed in vulgar homosexual slang or the idiotic slurs if Bill Maher. So it was an honest mistake when some Tea Party followers misused the term.

  12. TerKay says

    How is tea baggers an anti-gay slur??? homophobic remark? Will someone please explain?

    1. SanDiegoSteve says

      “To tea bag is a slang term for the act of a man placing his scrotum in
      the mouth of a sexual partner. The practice resembles dipping a tea bag
      into a cup of tea when it is done in a repeated in-and-out motion. As a
      form of non-penetrative sex, it can be done for its own enjoyment or as

      Maybe not an anti-gay slur, but a very pejorative remark to say the least. Why would any grown person refer to the good men and women in the Tea Party as such, who only care about saving the country from the horrible atrocities that the current administration is performing?

      1. TerKay says

        Thank You SanDiegoSteve…I had no idea it had such a meaning…thought it was just slang for tea party folks.

      2. DixieAngel_76 says

        To me, that only goes to show the mind set of the left.

      3. raptor45 says

        These Godless f’ers refer to anyone that disagrees with their agenda, in the worst possible way. There is only one cure for it…..

        1. Anna Fabian says

          You said it right but they need to understand one thing…we are not shutting up and not giving in to their temper tantrums!
          i have seen better behavior in a first grade classroom.
          Nothing negative is ever reported on with this admin.
          somebody has been bought and paid for their silence but with other sources we still can find out what’s going on.
          it’s a shame we get better news from the bbc!

    2. Baron Von Kowenhoven
      Rodney Lee Conover says

      let me google that for you

      1. TerKay says

        Yes…I should have thought of that since I use it a lot.

  13. Aaron Young says

    Tea bagging is not a “gay slur” I have been lucky enough to know a few women that “tea bag”.

  14. Spikehb says

    This classless ass is a good representative for the urban socialists of Maryland.

  15. M.J. Nellett says

    Milkuski, you socialist sow,who the hell are you to call myself, or others that hold to the conservative philosophy of the Tea Party, tea baggers? You, my dear, are nothing more than a mentally challenged progressive bigot. The Tea Party at least stands up for the rights of the majority of Americans unlike you elitists.

    1. Anna Fabian says

      my thoughts exactly.
      They just cannot deal with the fact that consertatives are the majority.
      Anybody with a lick of sense would not stay with a party that is so corrupt that you cannot believe a word they say and when caught and confronted…lie about that!
      The reason they were all mad, both sides, at ted cruz and mike lee, was because the people listemed and agreed with them.
      all the men standing @ that podium were honest men, keep the people’s best intrest in mind with strong christian morals!
      had the consertatives not been harassed by the irs….2012 elections would have been a different out come.
      even strong republicans are switching parties because of backroom deals,spineless representation, not adhearing to the constitution, and not prosecuting ppl that break the laws of the land right before our very eyes having a double standard for them and holding the ppl responsible for their action, doing the very
      same thing!
      Just like their deals w/ big business, friends and family, and themselves getting a free pass from obamacare!
      Do either side think we are stupid enough to go along with that?
      no we will not!
      we are still waiting on answers on benghazi, fast and furious, irs scandal,shipments of arms to terrorist,and now 68 million dollars missing from the irs, the same “thugs” that we are supposed to hand over all our personal info to.
      Surely nsa already has this info anyway.

      Both parties are going to take a beating in 2014, they can count on that!
      So all the ones that made fun of ted cruz and had a big field day are invited to the big party” we the people are going to have, it called house cleaning in wdc.
      in case they all from the wh on down did not hear us screaming, they need to know we are not going to go away w/o answers.
      we pretty much know they all are chest deep in a vast amount of illegal activities.
      just waiting to see who they are going to throw under the bus first, to save their own sorry self.

      the american ppl derserves better than what most of them have done and that goes all the way up to the white house.
      We want answers to bengahzi, fast and furious, irs, shilling weapons

  16. SSBohio says

    Umm, where’s the homophobia? One needn’t be homosexual to “tea bag…”

    1. Santa Chuck says

      Since that term was originally coined by homosexual males to describe performing this act on other males, it will always have vulgar homosexual conotations, even if a female can perform the act on a male. Just as the term “fag” was coined by homosexuals themselves because of a style of cigarette that gay males used to smoke as an outward signal to other homosexual males. Only when straight people started using the term did it become offensive to them.

  17. SunwolfNC says

    Par for the course from these people. They’re one short step away from admitting they’re all full fledged socialists willing to outlaw and openly persecute anyone with a differing opinion.
    Too bad no one on ‘our’ side has the spine enough to react to this (and other invectives) the way the left reacts when someone so much as questions their potions…

    1. SSBohio says

      And here I didn’t even know the Left were making potions… 😉

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