Democrat Senator Uses Gay Slur on MSNBC in Interview With Andrea Mitchell

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Democratic National Convention: Day 2Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski used an anti-gay slur to describe members of the Tea Party on MSNBC while being interviewed by Andrea Mitchell. Not only did the left-winger Mitchell not bother to confront Mikulski for the foul and homophobic remark, the mainstream media didn’t bother to mention a peep about it. People like Paula Deen lose their jobs, their careers and their ability to support their families for a word they used thirty years ago, but a liberal Senator can do what she wishes on the the leftist news wing of NBC and no one even winces.

By association, Andrea Mitchell is a bigot. If a conservative were to attack a group of Obama supporters with similarly derogatory sexual slurs, you’d be hearing the shrill cry of “racism” from Ms. Mitchell’s lips before the saliva was dry. The Examiner has the story:

(D-MD) called Tea Party members, “tea baggers” after the cloture vote the includes the full funding of ObamaCare, after Democrats stripped a Republican-backed provision to defund the health law. The final vote was 54-44.


Mikulski’s tea-bagger comments occurred as she was being interviewed by Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC on Andrea’s, “Andrea Mitchell Reports” program from the Senate chambers. During the interview, Mikulski said, “The reason Ted Cruz stood up and asked for a delay was so that he could have a vote during today where his — the tea baggers in his Tea Party were going to watch.”


After her comments were released to the public by the left-leaning news media, MSNBC, who are known for commentators who insult conservatives, Republicans and conservatives from her state of Maryland and around the country flooded her Facebook page with angry counter comments to her insult. A conservative responded by saying, “What did you call me? Why would you resort to calling names? Are you 5? Well obviously not, but apparently your mentality never left the kindergarten.”

Andrea Mitchell is a hack, MSNBC is nothing but propaganda and liberals are bigoted losers..

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