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Written by Rodney Lee Conover – 2013

THUMB_WhyNotSyriaBarack Obama hinted Friday that now he might not bomb Syria if Congress doesn’t approve his authorization request to use military force. Listen: If President Obama really wants to destroy Syria, he should move there and run for office.


John McCain was caught playing “Angry Whacko-Birds” on his iPhone today. And during the Senate hearings on Syria last week he said he changed his motto from “Straight-Talk” to “Straight-flush Talk.”mccain-vip-poker

Anthony Weiner got into a loud confrontation with a man who brought up his sexting scandal while in the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Boro Park, Brooklyn. It began when the man called Weiner a “scumbag” as he exited a bakery. “Takes one to know one, jackass,” Weiner responded. Then the guy said, “I’m rubber – you’re glue..” And Weiner yelled, “My dad could beat up your dad!” So the guy gets in Weiner’s face and says; “Don’t have a cow, man…” And Weiner says; “I just had one named Sydney – so there, buttface!” And the guy had no comeback. So if Weiner gets rubbed the wrong way, he can beat at least one guy, I guess. Weiner.

Alec Baldwin has a new MSNBC show called; “Up Late w/Alec Baldwin.” He will host the weekly current events show and with any luck, beat up the cameramen at the end of each show. It’s supposed to be at 10 p.m. EST on Fridays beginning in October. It’s scheduled to be canceled later that month.

Media AmnesiaBill Clinton is traveling the country giving speeches, holding town hall meetings explaining and selling the concept of Obamacare to Americans. No one is really sure how what ObamaCare totally is, but apparently, it has something to do with grabbing women’s butts and chuckling like a drunken redneck.

Rush Limbaugh has written a Children’s book.. Sadly, it’s a cookbook. Get in his belly.

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  1. anarchyst says

    There is but one good thing to come out of the o’bama administration. It is kind of perverse, but it helped preserve one of our Constitutional rights.
    The o’bama administration’s attempts to foist unconstitutional “gun control” laws failed miserably.
    You can bet that if Romney had been elected president, there would have been some “compromise” on a gun control scheme with democrats. We would have seen a further erosion of our Constitutional rights.
    The o’bama’s attempts at gun control galvanized gun owners and Second Amendment supporters like no other. This “grassroots” action derailed any of the democrat’s hope for gun control.

  2. Sagebrush6 says

    Yep, the best thing Obama could do for the U.S.A. is run for office in another country. He probably has papers for that country anyway. Or at least sealed papers of some kind. Maybe.

  3. monacall says

    why are these people still here……..

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