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This is my pretend gun!
This is my pretend gun!

Yes, despite multiple reports from mainstream media outlets including CNN that Aaron Alexis blasted his way into the Washington Navy Yard with the poster-gun of leftist ecstasy – the dreaded AR-15 rifle – he in fact took advice directly from our own Uncle Joe Biden and got a shotgun, entered the facility with valid credentials and proceeded to kill and maim his innocent victims.

From the moment the first body hit the ground, the liberal media swelled with frenzied visions of angry-white, Tea Party, Republican, Right-wing, Obama-hating, racist, RedState, Limbaugh, TedCruz, Hannity, NRA, Halliburton, White-Hispanic, Texas, SarahPalinRonRandPaulCheneyPleaseLetItBeAConservativeForOncePleasePleasePlease…

Wrong again, Feinstein breath..

Aaron Alexis was a liberal, Obama-loving, Democrat. With a shotgun, Joe. Whoops.

We can only hope he's a registered Republican..
We can only hope he’s a registered Republican..

And he’s black, which I mention only because if he were white it would be reported along with every other part of the man’s description and everybody knows it. Not in a racist, white people are bad way, just as part of his height, weight, build, etc. I’m sitting there on the day in question and Eleanor Norton Holmes, the FBI agent in charge and a few other officials are holding the first press conference and they’re giving these strained descriptions of the guy – except for his race – which tells me the guy has to be black. If he was Hispanic, Asian, White, Purple – they’d say so. I’m not sure, but I believe they were still looking for him, or at least looking for a possible second shooter. What is wrong with reporting his full description? Are we all of a sudden going to go off the deep end and join the Klan if they report the guy’s race? What about when they get a photo of him? Will we know then or will they just have an outline?

Okay, here you go – this is how our mainstream media would report it on planet Bizarro:

Aaron Alexis, a black, Obama-supporting, liberal-Democrat who remarked on a number of occasions to his best friend that he agrees with the policies of Barack Obama, shot up the Washington Naval Shipyard and massacred at least twelve people because he’s completely off the rails. The fact that he played violent video games obsessively means nothing.


What’s important here is that there are a hell of a lot of people who knew for a fact he had no business being on that facility at all – much less after he was fired – because he was a psychopath who had violent thoughts and heard voices. He’s a disgruntled former Navy reserve who quit because he said he didn’t like to get out of bed in the morning, in typical liberal fashion.


Alexis had supposedly converted to Buddhism, because let’s face it, less commandments to follow – but even his attendance to that faith had fallen off. After all, Buddhism has a strong ban against alcohol and violence and Alexis regularly proclaimed a love for Heineken and always carried a gun.


In a nutshell – you’ll pardon the pun – just another in a recent string of serial murderers who identify with the Democrat Party and the Obama Administration. This is Blitz Wolfer, reporting from NCC, Planet Bizarro. Night-Good.

His mom and dad knew it. The Navy knew it. The company that fired him the Friday before and somehow “forgot” to disarm his pass into the facility (the Hilton manages to do that with your hotel key three seconds after you check out!) knew it. So why are we talking about these murders? Because everybody’s afraid to grab a mental case like this and say; “the guy’s nuts – grab ’em!”…

Okay, so that came out wrong, but you get the picture. Political correctness – not AR-15’s – are killing people en mass these days. In other words, it’s not a gun problem we have, it’s a nut-job problem. And they aren’t even the problem – it’s the people who are paid really well who are supposed to be dealing with the nut-jobs. The psycho at Fort Hood went in and laid it out for those PC mental health idiots and they let him kill anyway. Now this guy gets to do an end run when there were more red flags raised then a May Day parade in Volgograd.

Political Correctness is lying. Political Correctness is not being enlightened or smart or clever. It’s a fancy way of saying “I’m being dishonest.” And it does nothing but get society in trouble because it serves to make things worse because without honesty, the real problem never gets solved because it never gets discussed. It’s like being an alcoholic and never admitting that alcohol is the problem. Blaming these shootings on guns is like blaming drunk-driving deaths on GM and Ford. I’ll leave Honda out of it, they make a great car. Rides like a frickin’ magic carpet. I’m not kidding you, I traded in a Porsche for my Accord and the Honda is a superior vehicle in every way, except that thing about the women. But I digress..

Anyway, screw you mainstream press. Now that we know Aaron’s an Obama lib, it’s the last we’ll hear about him personally, trust me. Damn I miss my Porsche.


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  1. Roy Patterson says

    Having “Gun Free Zones” on military bases proves my point once again “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”. Doing the same thing over and over again is just plain crazy. This won’t be the last shooting at a military base if this “Gun Free Zone” crap continues.

  2. Eugene Fitzgerald says

    The way we detect and treat mental illness changed in the 80s when we saved a few $ shutting down mental health facilities. Unfortunately the results are showing today.

    1. lilmuse says

      Lots of corruption in community mental health, group homes and dayhab. Big bucks being made there!

  3. Franklin Crittenden says

    We do NOT have a Gun Problem in America, we have a Mental Health Problem and a Criminal Problem in American…

    I might give up my gun when the Liberal Democrats can completely assure me that they have confiscated ALL of the Lunatics and Criminals guns.

    Until then I will be keeping my legally registered gun to protect my family, my home and myself…

  4. Benjamin Fox says

    Every one that shoots up a place is a lib, has anyone noticed that? I’m working a gun show tomorrow and Sunday and welcome all in Colorado to make it, always a good show with much self defense gear, libs not welcome as we know what they will use the guns for.

  5. lilmuse says

    You’re right. I traded in my loaded Lincoln MKS, went back to another loaded Accord.
    You’re also right that political incorrectness is fatal.

    1. bahndon says

      your honda has probably more USA parts than the lincoln too.

      1. lilmuse says

        It wouldn’t surprise me bahndon! That’s almost impossible to keep track of these days. Just one more sad casualty of our economy.
        The other day we looked up 5 local grocery stores. Wal-Mart was the only one that was U.S. owned. And I call them China-Mart.

  6. genesis123 says

    Did Obama say something like, ‘if I had a cousin, he would look like Aaron Alexis’? Unfortunately the president probably reflects the general population, more or less.

  7. Jim Bash says

    WAIT i have just come up with the perfect gun control solution to stop these mass killings. they have to show a voeter registration card and if they are dems they dont get to buy a gun. all these sob’s have been liberal dems so there is the solution.

  8. Paul says

    Wow, this is the most outrageous hyperbolic tripe I have read in ages….are you all THAT afraid of the world that you have to rant and rave about anyone with any differing views at all? This much vitriolic hate should come with a warning label.

    1. BIGOTIST says

      Paul, you should have a label on your forehead when you get it
      out of your ass that states “idiot”

      1. bahndon says

        maybe we should install a clear plexiglass window in paul’s belly button until he gets head out of his ass.

    2. Noreen Phelps says

      Hmmm, ironic when you think about all the hate shown to the tea party folks when they discuss their “differing views”, liberals should come with a warning label.

    3. Baron Von Kowenhoven
      Rodney Lee Conover says

      Paul pick up a history book. Anything on wwII. It’s full of folks who stood by like you. I’m not ranting I’m pointing out truths and you haven’t addressed a single one.

    4. Baron Von Kowenhoven
      Rodney Lee Conover says

      please list the sentence with the hate Paul. Now call upstairs to your mom and tell her I said hi. Liberals know how to do two things: Call people racists and haters. They have no clue how to debate an issue. none. You’re included Paul. Now tell me one sentence that is not truth.. Yeah, that’s what I thought Paul. You got nothing but ad hominem . Google it.

  9. bb333 says

    agree…love Hondas too……even though driving a Merc now that is pretty solid…..

  10. Shorty Stuff says

    That just proves that if there is any gun law to be passed, it should be that all liberals should be disallowed to own or possess a gun.

    1. $4119491 says

      THAT makes sense. They CLEARLY as a group are INCAPABLE OF OWNING A FIREARM. They ALSO are CLEARLY incapable of RUNNING THE NATION. They are only good at RUINING the nation.

    2. SniperToo says

      Amen. Lets ban guns from the criminals, gang drug cartels (their choice of guns is AKs), neg’s (not intelligent gorillas), Mexicans, and all leftist @ss holes, and the Muslim Dictator in D.C. And lets not forget Homeland Security. They brought in 16, 000 Russians and Sadi Jihadist; who now are wearing homeland security uniforms and are armed.

      Lock and load my fellow patriots, it is going to get wild. Time to play cowboys, Muslims and leftist. Obama had a racist agitator approach this animal and talked him into killing these military people. He wants to destroy our military as fast as he can. It is easy to brain wash uneducated animals.

  11. denoferth says

    Go to this site and read all you never wanted to know about the WWI era Marxist plot to destroy capitalism with political correctness.

  12. Poorfoke says

    Al Sharpton and Jackson should take some responsible for playing the race card on Trayvon Martin case. Who is to say that the shooter could have gone off the deep end because he only had killed non blacks. What we need is Leaders that can unite this country not divide it. Thanks again Mr. President.

    1. David says

      He’s NOT the President he’s NOT even An American !!! He Should Have NEVER Had his Name Placed On a Ballot !!!
      One Republic Nation Under God !!!

  13. Phaenius says

    One of the main reasons why we should NOT submit to having our guns taken away is to protect us against Obama style Democrats with guns ALSO trying to do an Al Quaeda number on us.

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