Has Congress Approved that Tramp Stamp?

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image25-300x194Washington is finally focusing their energy and manpower on tackling an important issue! They’ve now decided to manage a new area of our lives. Guns, religion, business, marriage – that’s old news. They’re finally focusing on what matters – tramp stamps.

I’m not making this up. See for yourself in this 66-page page draft regarding “body art” that the Health Department just released.

I guess after Bloomberg’s war on soda pop and ear buds, we shouldn’t be surprised. It just amazes me that while real issues like a military strike in Syria…and the truth about Benghazi…and the IRS and NSA scandals loom…some guy in Washington is wiping his brow as he types about…tattoos.

They’re wanting to institute a 24-hour waiting period that you have to complete before getting a tattoo or piercing.

DC’s Health Department Spokeswoman, Najma Roberts told the Washington Post, “We’re making sure when that decision is made that you’re in the right frame of mind, and you don’t wake up in the morning . . . saying, ‘Oh my God, what happened?’

What’s next…hair cuts? Nail Polish?

Dear Mr. President, My name is Carly Hill. You’ll remember me because in 2012, I requested to get that Bible verse tattoo on my wrist…and just last year, when I wanted to add a turquoise streak to my hair, you said no? Well, I’ve been thinking, and I’d really like to get my nose pierced. I promise I will want it in 6 months. I might even keep it in when I’m old and wrinkly. Please consider my request. I know you’re busy with other things, but this is really important to me. Thank you for your quick responses in the past.

Love, CH

All silliness aside, the fact that this is actually happening is so crazy, it’s laughable. But, it doesn’t induce ha-ha laughter in me. It’s more like that nervous-response-laughing-at-a-funeral-type of giggle. I’m still in my twenties, and just in the last few years, I’ve seen freedom after freedom be challenged in this country.

We’ve got the serious attacks – on religious business owners who want to run their shops according to their beliefs. We’ve got the gay marriage thing – which challenges the freedom of Christians to teach against it. Then we’ve got the ridiculous legislation -like New York’s soda ban and Bloomberg’s ear bud battle.

But, all these drafts of legislation are pointing to the same problem. The goverment is trying to take charge of our lives – in big, monumental ways – like challenging our 2nd amendment right to gun ownership, and our very religion…and then in smaller ways, like making us wait before we get that tat we’ve been saving up for.

Read more at Genfringe.com plus there is a video…

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  1. lucy088 says

    I personally am against tattoos, especially when it gets excessive; however, no one should have the government butting into our decision making, be it good or bad decisions that are in my opinion only. It’s just one part of the much bigger problem that Obama is SO touting for his own good. The “man” has got to go.

  2. Allen Runyon says

    I hope there are a few senators that say this is to much. There’s bigger matters to worry about than who’s getting a tattoo.

  3. Leigh Combs says

    This is just indicative of the much larger problem. GOVERNMENT wants to run our entire lives. I am not a fan of anyone tatting themselves up, however I do believe it is their decision to do it where and when they want to. No matter how ill advised.

  4. lbc says

    The federal government has gone to hell and trying to take everyone they can with them.

  5. mdj357 says

    What’s the government number in Washington DC that I need to call when I want to wipe my ass?

  6. CapNCraigAgain says

    Boy oh boy, that’s going to cut into the prison tattoo business.

  7. Guest says

    Generally speaking, tats look awful on people…opinion, of course. People can get them, just like they can get all sorts of ugly things. This is the beginning of the govt regulating ascetics. How asinine ARE the Leftists and their useful idiots? Here’s a good example.

  8. $13614178 says


  9. Chris Bridges says

    I honestly have to stop reading this stuff. I’m getting angry to the point of doing something stupid. Take a breath, step back, go eat a Klondike bar. Jesus, is there really nothing any more important that they can be working on? You know, I honestly don’t know why we have them up there in that big white building. It’s like a room full of middle management. Nothing important actually gets done in the meetings, because everyone is so scared of actually making a decision somebody can call them out on.. its a game of who can step back faster than the others to leave somebody at the high tide line to take the hit. So they don’t actually figure out anything important because it’s round and round and round and nobody wants the blame if its the wrong decision, so when some random, asinine thing like a freaking WAITING PERIOD FOR A TATTOO crosses the desk… they jump on it because it’s just some “SMALL” thing. Problem is, that it’s not a small thing. It’s one more example of idiots and power mongers encroaching on EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF MY LIFE. Watching congress is like watching a wildfire, and the results are just about the same. Death and destruction, lots of drama, no decernable pattern, goes where ever the wind blows, and half the country is busy trying to put out the fire before it destroys the world and eats us out of house and home. You just keep dumping water on it and hope when the flames subside, you can regrow in the ashes someday what you lost.

  10. gfsomsel says

    Personally, I dislike tattoos, but why must the government protect us from all of our not-so-smart acts? If someone chooses to look trashy, let them. Perhaps we should propose that they be required to show a photo ID before getting a tag—oh, that would be racist (as though I can’t simply look at a person an tell which race they are). Government insanity knows no limits.

  11. $14832922 says

    The “government” is not our “Mother” (Mutha – perhaps) and we need to FORCE them to stay with the Constitutional bounds set for them.

  12. Linda Kahler says

    They all want to butt their noses in where they do not belong. I want my government to take care of things that I cannot. Public safety, roads that do not have 4 foot potholes, fire safety, jailing criminals who kill and rob, national defense, schools, national institute of health issues. Get away from my sodas, hamburgers and fries.

  13. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

    My son was too damn busy on his R&R from the war in Iraq to get your permission, obama, about whether he could get his tattoos, so he just went and got them himself!!! He didn’t even ask MY permission!!! I figured since he was man enough to go fight for our country, something YOU’VE not done, he was man enough to get his tattoos, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR YOURS, SO GO F YOURSELF OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. fpbiv375 says

      AWESOME! Please let your son know that this fellow Vet appreciates his service!

      1. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

        Will do, sir!!! He, as many typical men who’ve served, feel he’s gotten much more thanks than he deserves, but I’ve waken his humble soul up to the facts of life, and he’ll accept your thanks like a man. I too, as his dad, thank you.

    2. Hoodoo H says

      …and your son also has my thanks for his service!

      1. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

        Will do, sir. He’ll appreciate it very much, even as humble as he is. He’s learned a bit, thanks to his dad (me), how to appreciate the thanks. And I, as his dad, thank you as well.

    3. 2egypt says

      Obummer feels he is god and can tell us what to do, but he doesn’t realize he’s the devil…look at his eyes when he’s mad…all devil. So he wants to tell our guys what to do when that a$$hole has never served in the service nor get his hands dirty, while our guys are out protecting his black a$$. If I had one wish granted to me I’d wish him back to hell. Our military are the finest and if needed, I would back them up with a shot gun. Screw Obummer.

  14. chickief says

    But still a 13 y/o can have an abortion without parental consent!

    Where is the logic?

  15. Frank Castle says

    Liberal Nanny state shows itself yet again

  16. Melissa BossyBoots Votano says

    I can understand a tattoo parlor being overseen by the health department to ensure they are clean and not spreading HIV and other blood borne pathogens but otherwise keep your nose out of my ink work.

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