Common Core causing huge rift between Jeb Bush and conservatives

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is seen as a likely Republican presidential candidate in 2016, but his unflinching commitment to the Common Core standards experiment is souring many GOP voters on his campaign even before it officially begins.
Jeb BushTurning off potential supporters is a risk Bush seems willing to take.

During his recent speech to the National Press Club, Bush berated Common Core critics – many of whom are conservative Republicans who will vote in the presidential primaries – for being “comfortable with mediocrity” in K-12 education.

“There are a lot of people that believe that somehow this is a national takeover of what is the domain of local and state governments … ,” Bush said, according to the Tampa Bay Times. “But in fact these are 45 states that have voluntarily come together to create fewer, higher, deeper standards that, when you benchmark them to the best of the world, they are world class.”

Bush went on to blast critics as behaving in a “purely political” manner.

“Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have huge swaths of the next generation of Americans that can’t calculate math. They can’t read. Their expectations in their own lives are way too low. And we’re not going to be able to sustain this extraordinarily exceptional country unless we challenge every basic assumption on how we do things,” Bush said.

None of his arguments impressed conservative author and columnist Michelle Malkin, who refutes many of Bush’s talking points in her latest column.

“If you question Jeb Bush and his Big Business/Big Government cronies, you stand foursquare against student achievement and intellectual rigor,” Malkin writes. “Pay attention, all you informed moms and dads who have raised pointed, carefully researched questions about the costs, quality, validity, constitutionality and intrusiveness of Common Core. Bush thinks you are ‘purely political’ beasts who are recklessly harming your own kids’ scholastic advancement.”

Malkin cites several highly respected scholars who have given the thumbs down to the new Common Core math and English standards, and debunks the notion that states adopted the standards without federal coercion.

She also explains that “Bush’s educational foundation, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, is tied at the hip to the federally funded testing consortium called PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers), which raked in $186 million through Race to the Top to develop nationalized tests ‘aligned’ to the top-down Common Core program.”

The former governor’s foundation is also linked to “Pearson, the multi-billion-dollar educational publishing and testing conglomerate” that “snagged $23 million in contracts to design the first wave of PARCC test items,” Malkin writes.

She concludes by urging readers to “follow the money” trail that exists between Bush and the companies who stand to profit from Common Core.

As blistering as Malkin’s criticism is, it’s only a foretaste of what Bush can expect, if and when  he formally announces his presidential aspirations.

By Ben Velderman at

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  1. Tom Dorman says


  2. Patricia says

    If Jeb Bush goes along with Common Core, he has lost my vote FOREVER! In fact, I think he has anyway, after giving a medal to Hillary Clinton!

  3. Lisa Anastasia says

    i want you to see the parts starting with part 1 on STOP COMMON CORE.

  4. Hard Boiled says

    Good grief, a RINO snuck into the Bush family. well, if he is the best the Republicans can do, im voting for Paul Rand or Ted Cruz, whoever runs for libertarian! the Common Core is trying to dumb down American children so Muslims and Illegals from Mexico can get an equal footing in the job market for that janitor’s position!
    BTW, Florida is already low enough for poor education standards, the kids cant read. might as well make them all idiots together, right?

  5. kathleen clark says

    common core indoctrination needs to go so does obama immeditaely if not sooner

  6. cvxxx says

    I have questions about common core intent is one thing results are another. We have had these ideas forced upon us before all failed. Why? Because we are not machines. We do not all learn sat the same rate. Nor on the same subjects. Some of the subjects that we would use are not taught. I do not thing it is a system that needs to be applied all over at once but a system that needs to start at kindergarten and move along with the student grades. Imposing this through all grades is a train wreck.

    Languages need to be introduced at very early ages (children learn fast). By moving he program along at this pace it will be better integrated. But practical skills like bookkeeping should be included. Not every body can or want to code.

    1. Lisa Anastasia says

      start by listening to part 1 and go from there to the next part 2. This woman gives you an excellent knowledge on how bad Common Core is.

      1. cvxxx says

        Thanks for the link.

        I am also reading the common core/

  7. mr frog says

    someone is finally getting this journalism thing down right, FOLLOW THE MONEY this is where the story begins.

    1. Chicago720 says

      The money is going to welfare which is where our kids are headed if we don’t change our education system. Common Core gives me hope that the next generation might not be the same wave of drooling leeches that are entering adulthood now.

  8. Chicago720 says

    As an educator who is in the midst of implementing Common Core for the first time, I have yet to really understand the outrage over the new standards. It seems to me that what we have is the mob here insisting that we’re somehow brainwashing our children to become democrats. Utter rubbish.

    Try to understand what common core really is before you trash it. I’ve heard people tell me that it’s going to teach us about how Islam is wonderful. No, it doesn’t. It teaches kids how to understand something they read and respond to it intelligently. I’ve had people tell me that it’s going to bash conservatism. No, it’s helping children understand how to calculate simple math in a variety of ways.

    I know this because I’m living it. I’m no liberal. I’m no big government union loving type. I teach because I love children and love to see them grow and learn.

    Common Core is, in fact, a major government program. That much is true, but that in and of itself shouldn’t be reason to reject it out of hand. Our education system has been churning out zombies for a long time. Our kids cannot think critically, they cannot read, or write, or balance a checkbook.

    Educate yourselves on what common core does before you let fear mongers like Malkin tell you what you want to hear and just believe it. It’s not to be feared, it just might be a piece of the puzzle to returning our people to be less dependent on the gov’t teat, and more capable of being productive, entrepreneurial, and independent human beings.

    1. Chicago720 says

      I will add that those of you in fear of how it somehow tramples the constitution – try adding some of your own education at home as a balance to anything with which you disagree. I know I’ve disagreed with a LOT of things being taught in schools and done my part to balance it with education at home for my children. You, too, can be part of your child’s education.

  9. Dayal Krsna Das says

    Is the RNC going to tell us to vote for Jeb Bush because only he can win? Didn’t work the last two elections.

  10. gregzotta says

    “Jeb Bush is seen as a likely Republican presidential candidate in 2016,” By whom??? The manipulative liberal media? Surely,not Conservatives or Patriotic Americans. Jeb is an Establishment RINO Republican. Jeb says, “… that can’t calculate math. They can’t read…” Is he aware that under Common Core 4×3 is not necessarily 12, it can be whatever the student wants it to be as long as the student can explain how they arrived at their number. The history books are inaccurate and nothing more than indoctrination. Common Core needs to go. Then Bush is also pro amnesty, which will not only destroy the Republican party, but the country. NO to RINO Jeb Bush

  11. Allan Craig says

    I can’t wait to help laugh Jeb off the Presidential Candidate stage.

    1. Chicago720 says

      At your own risk. Keep in mind, the last 2 presidential candidates that the GOP has put up were the guys who couldn’t beat the worst candidate and worst president any of us can imagine. I don’t think Jeb is the guy, but we should all be ready to try and embrace someone who isn’t just a pure conservative. That’s a guaranteed way to introduce President Clinton which is the worst possible outcome.

  12. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

    “Common Core” won’t get you a vote from me, Jeb, and I voted for both your dad and your brother all 4 times!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. fliteking says

    Jeb is a RINO, not a conservative.

  14. Agent76 says

    This Bush is like his dads and are Regressive CIA RINO’S! End this clans rule!

    Children Of The State

    The destruction of the family unit is an essential step to take towards achieving totalitarian rule. Radical feminism and global collectivism are slowly but surely eradicating individuals and families alike paving the way for a one world government controlled by the state.

    1. Chicago720 says

      Yeah, those kids who know how to read and write are all zombies. Educate yourself instead of living in eternal fear of the boogey man. You clearly don’t understand Common Core or its intent or tactics.

        1. Chicago720 says

          Thanks for the video, Washington76. Do you have something that isn’t so utterly and obviously over the top biased and one sided? This video is a propaganda piece that spends more time trying to scare you than inform you.

        2. Lisa Anastasia says

          many parts to this start with Part 1 on Stop common core, watch this lady speak. I leave no comments just this link follow this and go to part 2 etc.

  15. PUMABydesign001 says

    First of all, If America wanted a royal family, we could’ve stuck with Britain..

    Back to education- Bush (or his foundations) have been well paid for his efforts to sell Common Core to the States- So well he’s pretended not to notice the subversive and anti American content in most of the Common Core aligned textbooks and curriculum. He’s ignored the fact David Coleman, the so called architect of Common Core, was funded by Bill Ayers and the Anneberg Foundation.. Yeah, that Bill Ayers,

    He seems to love the way Common Core tramples the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. (There’s heep big money in data mining) and he’s totally forgotten the 10th Amendment- Setting up a couple government funded consortium to more or less legally circumvent the Constitution, still amounts to trashing the Constitution.

    The GOP’s “reliable’ voter base has had it with the party elite as it is.. Millions of them are ready to create a 3rd party as it is- If it continues, Jeb and the GOP may need to amnesty 20,000,000 illegals to help offset the loss of American voters

    1. Chicago720 says

      Your insane rant has a few holes.

      1. The Common Core has NOTHING to do with amnesty for 20 million illegal immigrants.
      2. The common core doesn’t trample on the 10th amendment unless you think that sharing standards between states is somehow mind control. Can you tell me why kids in one of the many “I” states should be learning different things about how to read effectively than kids in one of the many “N” states? The whole fear of federal government doing something is unfounded in this case. Common means “same” and in this case it’s not a communism thing. It’s a way to know that some kid from Seattle understand how to balance his checkbook as well as the kid from Jackson, MS.
      3. Bill Ayers didn’t write common core. Lighten up, Francis.
      4. You cited “common core textbooks” of which there are NONE. They don’t yet exist so stop with the nonsense. You have nothing but talking points with nothing to back them up.

      How do I know this? I’m a conservative educator who initially was suspect of it all. Now I’m living it and it’s not this massive propaganda program to brainwash our children. Unless making them more productive, critical thinkers and able to fend for themselves is something which you fear.

      1. PUMABydesign001 says

        Chicago 720 – named for the radio station, or the Hilton on Michigan Ave-

        The data mining aspect of Common Core is an absolute violation of a persons right to be free from government intrusion into their lives- as provided for in the 4th Amendment-

        I cited Common Core “Aligned” Get the wording straight teach – EAG has dozens of examples..So does the Missouri Education Watchdog, Glen Beck and a 100 other sites–

        Regardless of how you look at it, the content of the Nationalized tests will drive the Curriculum, when teacher pay and school funding are involved, it’s delusional to think otherwise

        Never suggested Bill Ayers wrote The Common Core Standard now did I? I merely pointed out that Ayer’s through the Annenberg Foundation had funneled money to David Coleman the so called Architect of Common Core – We could get into Ayres’ relationship with a few of the folks getting to spend the 320,000,000 in Stimulus Money Obama used to fund the consortium.. .

        The 10th Amendment grants all powers not delegated to the Federal Government are reserved to the States and the People respectively – Schools and Education are not mentioned in the Constitution, therefore Federal involvement in Education is a violation of the Constitution.. In 1798, during the Sailors Hospital debate James Madison actually cited schools as something the Federal Government had no right to get involved with … Anyone with a pet concept can always find a reason why their idea should trump the Constitution, as you did. Every time we let it happen we regret it later.

        The Amnesty part of statement had nothing to do with education- More to do with the need for the GOP establishment to find a new source of voters because they’re losing more and more of the Conservative vote by the day.. If you recall this article is about the “Rift’ in the GOP..

        1. Chicago720 says

          Grumpy – I’m not named after either of those things. But solid guess! 🙂 Anyway, I want to apologize for using the word “insane” in my comment. That was not necessary to my point nor dignified in a discussion. I apologize.

          That being said, I seem to have misinterpreted some of your statements and again apologize for that misdeed. The GOP actually does need to find a new source of voters because the demons on the left have done a good job at using the media to convince the mailable rabble to believing that Mr. Obama is a good leader and that the GOP is evil at their core.

          The 10th amendment does not, in fact mention education, but that might have something to do with the fact that there was no such thing as public education in the time of its drafting. However, our current circumstances suggest that our educational system is shattered beyond belief and churning out drooling fools who can’t take a step with their right foot without someone telling them what to do with the left. The standards themselves are NOT a political agenda. Data mining of educational information doesn’t bother me in the least. Any large system must understand it’s results in order to improve itself. Right now, trying to understand the success rates in American schools is nearly impossible. When Illinois has one set of standards and Wisconsin has another, how am I to know which student is best prepared to hire on to my sales force or lead a project? I don’t. With common standards, we can have a basic understanding that across the board, standards to which students are being taught are the same. That’s not a political agenda.

          Based on this argument, you would not allow the federal government to do anything. But as a republic, its not always bad to have the states align on certain programs for the benefit of all. D.C. must be kept in check, but not eradicated. In this case, I see this as an improvement to what we have now. Perfect? Not by a long shot. But what we have now is demonstrated and proven failure. The only thing crazier than implementing common core is to do nothing.

          I say this from the perspective of being in the trenches with it and knowing what we are putting in front of our children. It’s not propaganda, it’s skill development.

          I think we disagree on this one and I hope that you’ll try to better understand exactly what is being put in front of our children. We’re not turning them into communists any more or less than before. People have to decide with their feet if they trust the schools. If not, there are a LOT of options from private schools to homeschooling that seems to work for people. In the meantime, everyone should try to really understand what this is without the blinding light of political bias. Thanks for the feedback!

          1. PUMABydesign001 says

            Insane? Just a word, if you can’t ignore stuff like that, you probably shouldn’t be posting on a political website – I was more interested in the points you wanted to make..

            Rabble, in some cases, that tends to more of a Trailer Park/Big City Issue. If you’re working 50- 60 hours a week to support a family, talking points on network news is about all you have time for…Not the best way to stay informed..

            The data mining may not bother you, but I’m probably a bit older.. It is a computerized version of systems used by Joe Stalin and Adolph Hitler.. Bill Gates has stated publicly that the information gleaned would be used to guide people through life’s decisions.. Arne Duncan has said that the data would be turned over the Department of Labor when a student left school. Some of the data sets include information about the parents religion, political affiliation and voting record..

            Back when I was in school we were taught that only dictatorships needed or wanted to track there citizens that way. It couldn’t happen here, not just because our Constitution wouldn’t allow it, but Americans wouldn’t stand for it..

            I go back to the days when engineers with pencils and slide rules put men into orbit.. and most of the teachers were WWII Veterans or married to one. At the time the United States had the best education system in the world- Then we decided to let the experts fix it, they’ve been fixing it ever since and every fix makes it worse..

            David Coleman has never taught, he was turned down for the only teaching job he ever applied for- but we’re relying on his expertise —

            Speaking of David Coleman, who is now President of the College Boards.. He’s made it clear that College entrance requirements will be Aligned to Common Core, putting home-schoolers and non compliant private schools at a disadvantage

            BTW be sure and stock the pantry before the middle of next month, America’s truckers have decided to deliver a Message to DC about returning to the Constitution.. Up your way the effect on store shelves will be about the same as a 3 day blizzard with a two day warning..

      2. Lisa Anastasia says

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