The Chosen One: False Messiah/False Hope

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Once upon a time a clever (and unidentified) writeBO chosen oner wrote and graphically illustrated a six-minute video about the ascension of the “Chosen One.”

She reasoned that many Americans (some suffering from limited-attention-span syndrome), might watch a brief video but would not read an essay that chronicled the rise of a false leader who hypnotized the masses into believing they needed saving and that he was the “one” for the job.

Your conservative friends will agree with this video, but will want a revision to change the not-so-happily ever after.

Your less-aware friends may feel confused and frightened.

If you have any progressive friends, for sure, they’ll disagree.

False Hope

Former publisher, author, and Time-Life editor, Molli Nickell writes Politically Incorrect Fables to help patriots begin conversations and share information with the politically unaware people within their circles of influence.

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