Cheerleaders: Who Knew?!

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CheerleadersI was shocked by the angry readers I encountered after posting my previous article here at Joe for America. It seems there is some sort of deep-seated hatred of cheerleaders that I was unaware of.

After the Miley Cyrus (not a cheerleader) twerking incident, we used the above picture a couple times… with no backlash.

cheerleadersThen just last week we had an article up about teachers being required to wear undergarments starting in 2014 in Arkansas and we used this picture.

As I was writing this, BLAM!  Guess what pops up on the TV?  This Sandals commercial on Fox. Since there is no organized boycott of FNC, I have to assume none of them were cheerleaders.

I am going to try to break this down in an attempt to figure out what all the outrage is about?

First, I want to get all the facts out on the table. I like women, I am married to one and have been for just over 22 years now. I also probably need to let you know that for some odd reason, I find myself attracted to… I know this is going to be hard for some of you to believe… attractive women. While I understand that may not be the “norm,” it is who I am, and I hope that you can accept me, even with my flaws.

I asked my wife about this whole cheerleader issue, and she said, “Teenage girls have been wearing ‘cute’ uniforms since the beginning of cheer leading. The haters outrage just goes back to being crabby about being fat or ugly which is often their own fault for being too lazy to care about what they look like.”  For the record, my wife is awesome!

The main objection it seems was by a Facebook friend [sic] “why must evey point need to be made using pics half naked women.” Being a healthy male, my answer would be, “cuz public nudity is against the law?” I’m kidding for God’s sake! Is it safe to come out from behind my laptop yet?

But in all seriousness, I have to ask, “what is half naked?” Is there such a thing? As I type this, I am sitting here in a pair of camp shorts and no shirt (sorry for the visual to those who know me) and the married mom living next door is out in the front yard in a bikini. She is playing with her 2 year old who has obviously already been ruined by her bad parenting. I can tell because the poor little thing doesn’t even have a top on! I’d post a pic, but I don’t know if she’s a cheerleader and I surely don’t want to make anyone mad.

If this backlash is about “half naked” people, then I really have to ask if all these individuals are offended seeing gymnastics, Olympic swimming (men or women), wrestling, women’s volleyball, the Miss America Pageant, or God forbid, saw a Sandals, or for that matter, just about ANY other commercial…



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  1. flippy says

    Sad to say but that draws people to watch them.The less clothing the more you get people to watch & the people that put on the commercials lv the draw.Look at even TV programs how they are even starting to show more & move .It’s going to get even more too.

  2. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

    I seem to always return to the paraphrase: What would Jesus think (about the various situations you named in your report and that we find in advertising, etc.)?? What I imagine Jesus would think is my answer to the question here.

  3. Biscuitom says

    Why, oh why do we give these hate mongers our time of day? Never, ever explain yourself unless you are Obama trying to get us in a war!

  4. R.A. Roy says

    My hubby has a picture or two of him with NFL cheerleaders. One thing you cannot say about those girls is lazy. They work hard and do charities and help others out. So yea they may not wear much out there on the field but these girls do care and work hard to stay on the field. Besides they made my husbands day and made sure I was okay with taking the pic and all, so I have nothing against NFL cheerleaders at all. Miley Cyrus on the other hand…

  5. chellethesouthernbelle says

    Rottdawg there is no hatred towards cheerleaders, the hatred is towards the moral depravity we see happening in this nation…slowly but surely we see more and more skin everywhere we look, soon I’ll not be surprised to see cheerleaders in a thong…I must admit I’m not a sports fan and was quite shocked to see the attire of the particular post in question…I had no idea that they are now wearing as provocative uniforms as those in that photo had on…the thing is many a young girls may watch the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders or others and aspire to be like that one day and we mothers and grandmothers who value morality and decency have an issue with role models not being what we call decent….You see a female form of beauty, as do I, but I just happen to think it should not be so exposed! After all they are cheerleaders…not strippers!

  6. Clifton B. Sommer says

    Good thing you DIDN’T attach a photo of your neighbor and her kid… that would be kiddy porn!

  7. Paulette Taylor says

    I think maybe the uniforms a little skimpy, but they look 100 percent better than miley Cyrus. That wasn’t tasteful and vulgar. But being a woman I like to look at a nice but. ( The male gender.) That is.

  8. Jmorrison says

    Thank you for getting rid of the John Bonehead pic for this post. I am now very happy, happy, happy!

  9. MontieR says

    The liberal mind is a diseased mind.

  10. $13614178 says

    All men ( normal ones ) are predisposed to watching and even involuntarily staring at beautiful women , I t isn’t our fault , mother nature , or God , made us that way to continue the species ( how many humans would there be if women were revolting to look at ) , and pick out the best we can get to improve our gene pool , and there are few that doesn’t feel we need to do that . After saying all this , the Cyrus slut was all wrong because to act like that out of bed is purely disgusting not to mention IMMORAL , though few people REALLY give a damn about morality today or all the faggots would still be in their closets and not out prancing for public view , and for those that object to cheerleaders , they need to spend some time watching beautiful Olympic ice skaters and understand the difference between gross immoral dress and beautiful artful dress , if they don’t understand then they actually NEED to watch one of these faggot parades .

  11. hitthedeck says

    A casual comment on a subject that can only be described in the beholder of the eye of the viewer. The naked human as always been used by artists as a beautiful vision of art especially the female body fully naked or half naked but the gestures that Miley Cyrus displayed on the world wide media was an abuse of a body that once beautiful and made very ugly and disgusting to all eyes. Her abuse was so intense that even the sex appeal was destroyed in the process.

  12. John Esch says

    Guys run around topless all the time. Heck I am right now, cause I wore no shirt while working outside and burned the %*&^%$$ out of my back. I guess the point I am making, BIG DEAL get over it the cheerleaders thing. What? People have nothing better to do except turn other people’s life upside down? Wait, liberals do that all the time. Wood screw the liberals minus the wood. Heck, I think I will get naked now. I need a shower. Can I do that still?

    1. Kent2012 says

      only if you have received permission from moochele’s new agency “ho squad”, otherwise you might be in violation……

  13. jmnpjn says

    You are guilty of using sex to snag readers, you can hide behind your red blooded American boy all you want, but you offend me and I have less interest in what your opinions are than when I viewed you as an American who cared. You are as sleazy as Obama.

  14. MUTHABLASTA says

    Sounds just like the Richard Bastion show. “OK Bastions Buddies, it’s time for the ‘Bastion’s Buddy’s Pledge’ .

  15. jag1182 says

    I guess I share all of the character flaws you’ve listed. I just add to it that I truly do hate all liberals (that’s not necessarily a political statement, but I don’t know a liberal who isn’t busily committing armed robbery upon me.)

  16. DominariNolo says

    “I am sitting here in a pair of camp shorts and no shirt (sorry for the visual to those who know me)”

    My EYES, RottDawg, my eyes!!!!!

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