Are Blacks Tired of Killing Each Other?

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imagesAt my son’s football game Friday night, I took notice of something special that no doubt happens all across this nation every day: Little kids – four, five, ten years old playing with each other on the sidelines, in the stands, on the playground, in the parking lot – and having a ball. What’s so special about that? The kids were of all races and no one got shot, stabbed or killed.

They don’t know they’re supposed to hate and despise each other. They haven’t been taught their skin color makes them different to the point where they are at war. They’re equal in their innocence. Sadly, they’ll soon be exposed to leaders and a media who make it their mission to divide them and end the fun. You’re not born with racism – it’s something you learn.


Which brings me to just the latest in a recent string of stories: This past week in Florida, police arrested 16-year-old Mychal King for the alleged murder of Jason Taylor Paul. Police say King admitted to killing Paul because he “had a hard day” and “just wanted to kill the first person he saw.” The first person he saw was white.

 The number of blacks killed by other blacks is a much discussed phenomenon, unless you’re talking about black or civil rights “leaders” who never seem to get around to it. Over 70 Blacks were shot by other Blacks over the 4th of July weekend in Chicago alone. I don’t recall Al Sharpton marching there or President Obama picking out a few that may have been him growing up. But that is their schtick. They want you to believe that it’s only non-blacks killing blacks and preferably, the killer should be at least part caucasian or the skin should be light enough to tag them with a hyphenated “white-something-something.”

So did Mychal King kill Jason Taylor Paul because he was white or he was “the first person he saw;” as the media is buying into? After all, when two blacks and a white kid killed the Australian baseball player in Oklahoma there was a mad media rush to point out that in no way was it racially motivated. Only later did some simple investigation reveal a history of hatred toward the white race on the part of one of the black kids. Gang-life, rap-music, drug-use – all the stereotype behavior and hate language was right there online in the tweets and websites. Yet the guilty white liberal media couldn’t wait to proclaim the crime hate and race-free. Just like whenever there is a shooting they jump to the immediate conclusion that it must be someone from the Tea Party.

George Zimmerman was not motivated by race, nor is he white. Try saying that in a room full of blacks or media types though. Good luck with that because they’re not children any longer – they’ve learned to hate based on skin color. What is going on… are blacks tired of killing each other and so now they want to kill whites? Perhaps because of the rhetoric of so-called black leaders, the race-baiters, the mainstream media and President Obama – open season has been declared on whites.

The Al Sharpton’s and Jesse Jackson’s of the world will tell you it’s all about poverty, but they are dead wrong. Poverty does not cause the decay of morals and values, the leadership in their communities has. You didn’t see racial violence and murder like this during the Depression and things were much worse in terms of poverty. When kids are exposed to nothing but decrepit and hate-filled, misogynistic music day in and day out, what do you expect the effect would be? The purveyors and distributors of this poison will say it’s art and only reflective of the horrific and hopeless life kids in the inner-cities lead, but that’s a lie. They know it. If it doesn’t influence young minds, then walk over to Madison Avenue and tell the advertising industry that people are spending $500 billion per year on something that doesn’t work.

Government enables the young, poor, black female to have babies out of wedlock. People are quick to condemn, but where else are these desperate and powerless girls going to receive any unconditional love other than to have a child themselves? It’s the single most thing they crave – we all do – but most young girls get it from parents, grandparents, siblings, a spouse, neighbors, fellowship and friends. The babies can wait until a marriage and future is firmly in place, but Uncle Sam is all anyone needs in the ghetto. I’m not judging the poor girl, but all Al Sharpton and the rest of them want is for her to stay poor, keep the numbers up and perpetuate the hate and voting behavior. Contemporary race-pimps are truly evil to their own kind and are anathema to the message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

So back to the murder: Listen to the mainstream media and you’d swear it’s whitey killing and oppressing blacks in record numbers that would make slavery blush. Facts are pesky though – crime statistics show that whenever black and white violence occurs, around 90% of the time the perp is black and the victim is white. Random acts of violence by whites against blacks went out of style 50 years ago and it is very rare these days. But I listen to people like Jay-Z and others who warn of a coming race war and I think, why would black people want to encourage such a thing? The deal they have right now is they can murder each other, they can murder whites and white people in turn do nothing and in fact, report on television that it really isn’t happening. It’s strange at best, but the guilty white syndrome has taken us to a whole new level where whites are in denial about what would happen if they walk down the wrong street.

As just a little proof of the media’s willingness to not just play along, but to craft and drive the narrative; the other day the LA Times did a report on how Democrats pushed through Civil Rights legislation. This is a blatant and intentional historical lie, meant to perpetuate the fallacy that Democrats are the Party of the minority, when in fact the opposite is the truth: Republicans made Civil Rights legislation happen and the LA Times knows it. Next they’ll report that the Klan, Jim Crow and the Trail of Tears were not Democrat ideas. Then it’s on to the Japanese internment camps of World War II – how are they going to fool people into thinking it wasn’t their welfare hero FDR? They’ll think of something.

And what if the tables were turned? If white people were in the minority in this country, what would reparations look like? I think we’d all have a bad day.

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  1. shama12 says

    why are they killing in Africa, what is the reason and who is behind it remember Africa is the richest continent in the world and it supplies the western world of the resources, so from here, you figure that one out….

  2. Churchillis1 says

    I do not blame the black population that has been hand fed this nonsense. I blame the liberal white-guilt crowd that perpetuate this ignorance. While these bleeding hearts whine about how everyone should be treated equally, FEW to NONE of them live in black ghettos, or send their kids to inner city schools. These problems do NOT need more hand outs thrown at them. They need harsh medicine, and the sooner the better.

  3. IHateLibs says

    GAWD, I HOPE they aint. We should Help out by playin COWBOYS and BOOS

  4. MoBetter2 says

    Black-on-white attacks, many resulting in murder, will continue until whites wake up from their self-imposed blindness, and begin to realize the full extent of the hatred blacks have for them across the nation. Does anyone believe blacks target whites because they fear an immediate response that might result in their own injury or death? Of course not. Blacks see whites as docile, weak and incapable and unwilling to defend themselves, especially against the ‘pack mentality’. Until whites realize this they will continue to be targets of black violence.

  5. Poptoy1949 says

    They must be because they are killing white people in droves.

  6. Debra Mcdaniel says

    I honestly think they just kill to kill,no rhyme or reason.Just like white men mostly prey on children for sex,like a drug addict needs drugs,people prey upon the weak and we see this in everyday life.I don’t think blacks are anymore or any less evil than white men.Evil is evil it comes in all races.

  7. Johnny Geetar says

    None of this is going to matter soon anyway. Economic collapse is coming and when it does, the tribal blacks will band together and become a nuisance like you’ve never imagined in your worst nightmare. And collapse AIN’T that far off, either. The feds are running out of options to shore up a collapsing dollar. The media is NOT reporting that foreign holders of our debt bonds are DUMPING them FASTER than the fed can print money to buy them BACK. The sand in the hourglass is running out, and QUICKLY. We are no longer YEARS away from collapse; we are only MONTHS away…
    If you are not arming yourself and training yourself to defend your families, then you’re just plain dumb. The cops will NOT be able to protect you. neither will the national guard, DHS, FEMA or ANY other government entity. YOU and the friends SURROUNDING YOU will have to defend against these animals when the cities run out of food and resources. Estimates run from 7 to 10 days, and then, GUESS where they will be heading to to forage for food, water and shelter? You guessed it; the suburbs and rural areas. And yes, they’ve ALREADY demonstrated that they will take things by force.
    My advice to white people? Quit pissing your money away on Disney vacations, updating your cars every 2 years, eating out 4 nights a week, updating your wardrobe every season, and sending Fifi to the dog groomer every week, and begin spending your resources on things that will carry you and your families through the coming crisis. Like firearms, bullets, spare parts, food, water, USEFUL clothing and accessories, and medical supplies. When the dollar goes bye-bye, our societty’s medium of exchange will be GONE. That means closed grocery stores, closed gas stations, closed hospitals, NO EMS, Fire departments and NO police (No medium of exchange to PAY them with) electric shut off, water shut off for long periods of time (No fuel to run the pumps and no valid money to BUY any with) NO MORE opportunities to find firearms and ammo, nothing.

    Blacks know that white people have more money, resources, better homes and autos, MEDICATIONS AND DRUGS, and stuff stashed away. Guess who’s doors they will come knocking on first? Don’t be THAT douchebag caught flatfooted when the bottom falls out, and you’ve NO resources to protect your wives and daughters, and nothing to feed them with. For those of you that consider this to be nothing but hype and conspiracy theory, i would submit, that YOU’D BETTER BE RIGHT. There will be NO absolution for your failure if you misjudged the severity of what is coming…..

  8. ligersaurus says

    In my travels as a contractor and on vacation, there seems to be one glaring difference between the European blacks, the South American blacks, the Central American blacks, the Caribbean blacks, the African blacks, and most blacks in the US. Black people outside of the US see themselves FIRST as people, and rarely if ever, refer to themselves as “African(hyphen)whatever”. Races outside of the US who I’ve dealt with view race as a non-issue. (As a very white man) I’ve made many Aruban, Peruvian, Mexican, British, French, Dominican, and Puerto Rican black friends over the years – none of them wear their pants down below the butt, speak “ebonics”, shuck and jive, or are just too cool.

  9. Johnny Geetar says

    The reason white folks are reported to be a little lean on self defense response? Most of these assaults and murders against whites are in LIBERAL states where the white inhabitants are too LIBERAL and too STUPID to be armed. So, leave em to their fate. They created this monster, let THEM learn to grow a set of stones to fight back. I’m merely content to sit back and watch the show…..

  10. grannylake says

    Are blacks tired of killing each other, whites, or anyone else? Nope. Not yet, at least not in my birthplace.

  11. LibertysSon says

    Joe, Even baby tigers are friendly and unagressive until they go through puberty. Hormones and growth change everything. Years of personal experience and insult also alter perceptions. It’s a nice fantasy that we should all love like when we were little children, but the truth is, we live most of our lives as adults in competition with each other. That’s the real world.

  12. $13614178 says

    As long as their crimes can be used to trash America and capitalism , the mainstream media and the political elite of BOTH parties will will continue to antagonize the racial divide . They have NO better tool than ignorant uneducated blacks .

  13. Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum says

    They are getting tired of killing their own kind. The only point is that they are buying votes. And the Al’s and Jesse’s and the rest of them are encouraging them to stay pregnant, stay on welfare and entitlements, and low and behold they encourage the pregnant young females to vote the way that Al and Jesse suggest them to and the democrats end up in the victors chair. And AL and Jesse are getting rich while degrading and decimating the youth of America into a welfare state and no freedoms. And the rest of their own race is getting poorer and less likely to ever get out of the degrading inner city cesspool of their neighborhoods. And without jobs, Obama and the rest of them will maintain their control over them until we the people decide that their ideology is wrong and needs to be changed. The race baiting ideology is one of hatred and disdain towards whites with no reason for it at all. Al, Jesse, Obama, Holder, Clinton and the rest have an agenda to keep them down and not let any of us at all get ahead. If they allowed us the freedoms and rights that we are SUPPOSED to enjoy without their interference, we wouldn’t be listening to their poison. They would be the oppressed, not their ethnic group. We need to stand together and get rid of these race baiters and ethnic dividers. If they can’t have the power to control us, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. The race baiters are quick to the gun when these thugs go out and kill a white person because they are bored or had a bad day or beat and rape white women because they can’t get a girlfriend. They and LSM are fast to tell everyone that these crimes weren’t race related but in reality, they are. To just go out and kill someone just for the hell of it is nothing but race related. The president is supposed to unite a country, not divide it. And definitely not go on television and announce that a murder victim could have been him or vice versa. Obama has done all he could to divide this country until there is no country left. And once the war starts, the bloodshed will be something that hasn’t been seen in this country since the Civil War. Molon Labe, Semper Fi and God Bless.

  14. mort_f says

    Rogers and Hammerstein, South Pacific: ‘You have to be taught to hate, very carefully taught’.
    We have a class of highly paid ‘educators’ today who are doing just that. In fact, they form highly organized groups to assist them in their teachings.
    Need I name names?

  15. Wapitiman says

    Do you remember the musical South Pacific? If I remember correctly there was a song in it called “You have to be carefully taught’ which spoke about hatred.

  16. Phillipe Violette says

    There needs to be a law the against hate speech that is found in Jay-z’s and other rapper’s music. The founding fathers in no way met that the first amendment should protect against that which is rapped about in “music” today.

    1. jma says

      You are so right. Words have power, especially if you repeat them over and over again as one tends to do with music. These lyrics demean and disrespect our American culture, its people and those who have sacrificed to retain the freedom of speech these jerks rely on to make their millions.

    2. Leon Pollock says

      Who in their right frame of mind would listen to that rap crap in the first place,Christ it is not entertaining to begin with and the scum that spew it are druggies and mainly minorities ..

    3. chamuiel says

      rap is not music. It is the jungle apes call to the females.

  17. bdcorvette says

    If they are finally getting tired of killing each other, it is only because you can see white people better in the dark. I certainly would not presume to speak for all whites (since 1/2 of them are liberal gun control freaks,) but I am personally prepared to defend myself, my family, my friends, and anyone whose hide, black or white, is being threatened by these ghetto thugs.

    1. Gunner says

      ….as for me, I’ll defend myself and my family ONLY! If someone else is in such trouble, they had better be ready to take care of themselves! Too much liability these days if you DO try to help other victims out…..

      1. tyronew4 says

        it is just as much or more white on white crime as there is black on black. look at all the school mass murders, serial killers and theater shooting. employees coming back killing co workers and bosses. Do you ever watch mystery murders on tv? These are whte on crimes done by family members or friends. You never see or hear about this in the media until months or years have passed before it is exposed to the public. The media has always protected the white race dirty laundry but exposes every minute crime that blacks commit to paint the picture that blacks are violent pepple with no values and morals which is a complete LIE!!!. There is more white folk with out of wedlock babies and on welfare/food stamps than black folk. I know the facts because I used to work for the government. Getting married after the baby is born does not make the baby already born out of wedlock legimate. ;

        1. RJohnston says

          The fact is, blacks are only 13% of the population, but make up 40% of the prison population. The fact is, blacks attack whites at a much higher rate then whites attack blacks. The fact is that over 78% of black births are out of wedlock births…those are the facts Jack. You used to work for the gubbermit, I can tell by your post.

        2. Leon Pollock says

          BS ! Perhaps the reason being is thatBlacks make up about 12.9 % of the American population and whites about 80%. The ratio breaks down to about 1 black for every 6.15 whites.So much for your calculated theory and working for the government with fabricated quotas ….

        3. WerewolfVm says

          Your facts are wrong and misguided. Much of the plight of the younger white generations was due to the integration of black culture into white society thru movies, rap, clothing and sports. Many whites try to emulate the blacks and are today just as bad. I know I have three sons, two who think the are bangers and the other is normal per say, wants a career, going to college etc. The other two are majorly influenced by today’s mindless culture of destruction and violence. I have 4 children total, 1 son, 1 daughter without tattoos and the other 2 sons with too many tattoos. I am old school and I see a moral decline in society as well as in my on family. It is everywhere. But, here in Philly, there is more blacks killing blacks everyday, more in jail, more in prison and more than normal in the graveyard! You figure out the math and the reasons why! Other countries look at us as a violent society and it is true for the most part. Gee, I wonder why?

          1. rockyvnvmc says

            The murder rate, in the USA has Dropped by Half, over the last 20 yrs., despite ever increasing numbers of guns in Law AbidingCitizens hands. It’s the Criminals who are giving honest folks a bad rap.

        4. moco25 says

          Your post is a complete lie, and with the name Tyrone, I think we can all presume you’re black and racist!

          1. cardnut says

            Tyrone Power wasn’t black. (Uh, oh . . . I’m dating myself!)

        5. mort_f says

          It is goes to motive, as they are fond of saying in courts. And I seriously doubt if there are any instances of whites singling out blacks as the objects of random mayhem. At least in the past decade. Wish the opposite were true.

        6. chamuiel says

          Blacks which make up 14% of the population commit over 50% of all crimes and over 60% of gun related deaths.

          Whites, which make up over 73% of the population over all commit way fewer crime than do the 14% blacks.

          Your tired worn out liberal lies don’t mean much any more. Also check out how many of our Prison population are Blacks.

          Until you Blacks can accept the reality of what you race is doing, there will be no equality of the races. And you Blacks are causing the inequality your selves.

          Let us look at one thing only. 27 people were killed in Connecticut by one deranged white.

          That many blacks are killed by other blacks on almost any Wednesday night in Detroit.

        7. Taquoshi says

          Tyrone –

          The following list happened in Chicago this past week….

          Aug. 28 – Dwan Long, a 35 year old black male, caused by a gunshot
          in Avalon Park.

          Aug. 28 – Elvis Canfield, a 51 year old black male, caused by a stabbing
          in Humboldt Park.

          Aug. 27 – Pierce Curry, a 17 year old black male, caused by a gunshot in Greater Grand Crossing.

          Aug. 27 – Andre Bradford, a 26 year old black male,
          caused by a gunshot in West Englewood.

          Aug. 27 – James Haarman, a 53 year old white male, caused by a stabbing
          in Portage Park.

          Aug. 26 – Lakeisha Tate, a 28 year old black female, caused by a gunshot
          in East Garfield Park.

          Aug. 26 – Ernest Pritchett III, a 51 year old black male,
          caused by a assault in Englewood.

          Aug. 25 – Tayshaun Dyson, a 3 month old black male,
          caused by a child abuse in Washington Heights.

          Aug. 25 – Telkia Burns, a 33 year old black male,
          caused by a gunshot in South Chicago.

          Aug. 25 – Lavender Hearnes, a 14 year old black male, caused by a gunshot in West Garfield Park.

          Aug. 23 – Omar Castel, a 17 year old white male, caused by a gunshot
          in Mckinley Park.

          Aug. 21 – Ronald Henry, a 22 year old unknown male, caused by a gunshot
          in Englewood.

          The link has a listing and each entry tracks back to the original news story. The 3 month old baby was murdered by his father.

        8. DilloTank says

          Dude, you need to wake the f up. Blacks are committing murder at nearly ten times the rate of whites. In some areas it’s even worse than that.

          I’m not a racist, I just don’t like murderers. Or thieves, or drug dealers, or bullies or liars. And frankly, I don’t like stupid people. If you really think there is just as much white on white crime as there is black on black. Your just plain stupid. Yeah, Blacks commit about half the murders in the U.S., but they are only 13% of the population.

          If you black folks really want to be judged by the content or your character, and not the color of your skin, you need to man up.

        9. Oldmonkey says

          When I was young in many areas Blacks were treated improperly and had least opportunity, but still were still the most likely to live with both parents. Yes there are easily more Whites on welfare and food stamps because they are still the majority; still as a percent of population per number #1 are Black, # 2 are White, and Hispanics will quickly take #2. When I growing up Hispanics were second to Blacks in percentage of homes with 2 parents.
          I have seen 1st hand how welfare dissolves family bonds and morality with the family next door in the mid 1960s. With LBJ’s “Great Society” things got worse quickly, with those getting the most suffering the worse. Appalachia and the inner city neighborhoods were ground zero. Today we see the result, and it makes me hurl such abuse happens to any American.
          When a society makes excuses for bad behavior by the most vulnerable, soon their affliction infects the rest of society. Sure enough we are there Bud, and have no one to blame but ourselves. Today there are Illegitimate Chinese born to single women with sufficient income to financially support them. Growing up without a father regardless of race is still produces a worse outcome than growing up without a mother. The proof comes from Taiwan which until 20 years ago used to give the father the child since he had better resources. When claimed by the father there was no social stigma. (Today there are similar problems in Taiwan to the US)
          You know as well as I, everyone screws their own the best, and knows the right buttons to push. Most Whites are killed by Whites, Blacks by Blacks …. Still the percentage of Blacks killing Whites is increasing. Though most can be explained by economics or a family dispute due to Inner- Racial Marriage, the increasing random Black on White murders is troubling.

        10. Guest says

          There are like 5 times more whites than blacks….. duh

        11. lbc says

          tyrone, I hate to burst your bubble but you do know that mystery murders on TV are fictional, don’t you? You government workers are a strange bunch that know absolutely nothing about reality. I hope the day comes when everyone can just forget about color.

        12. Berzrkr50 says

          But at least the white guy has the decency to stick around. Think about that one…

        13. Johnny Geetar says

          More out of wedlock WHITE babies than black babies and more whites on food stamps and government subsistence than blacks? HA! Guess why……. Because BLACKS ARE ONLY 12% OF THE POPULATION you moron, and yet proportionally, GROSSLY outnumber whites on ALL the societal negatives, like prison population. Don’t tell me, let me guess; THAT’S a white man conspiracy TOO, right? Please…… Yeah; you SOUND like a government worker…..

        14. shama12 says

          You most certainly got that right, as for someone said no killing of blacks in 50 years, that is only with the civil rights, and end to lynchings, but not killings also of blacks ..when he said 73% of black women have babies out of wedlock, who says the father is not around( if they didn’t lock him up) about 30% I would say is common law, some may get married later….in England 54% of white women have babies out of wedlock, nobody is making a song and dance out of that, in fact may all over the world women have babies out of wedlock,…is that the only moral thing they have left in this country……

      2. IHateLibs says

        >>> Will NEVER Defend a LIB/DEM

    2. bull57 says

      I had an encounter with a black man today that could have ended in violence, but didn’t. I attribute that to a few things. 1) I was not intimidated and he knew it as we were nose to nose. 2) He was alone and didn’t have his crew with him. 3) I assume he was unarmed, but it didn’t matter to me. Mind you I’m 55 white man and usually walk with a cane, but not today. He figured out regardless what he tried I wasn’t moving unless he thought he could do it. He made a wise move today because he got me to a place today that I thought was gone years ago. I’ve decided no one is going to push me without being pushed backed anymore! Color no matter, I’ve had enough of always being the nice guy!!!

  18. Judy Harl says

    Obama his racebaiters are causing these murders.they should be put in jail.god knows who is at the root.god please help americans.

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