Barack shows Vladimir his meanie face!

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Oh heavens. The whole LeftMedia is experiencing a group leg-tingle. You probably read about it. Or perhaps you heard the love-crazed Fake Newsies howling their coyote love.

obama_putin_greetYou see, Barry put his man on at the G20 Summit. He showed his best meanie face when he greeted Russian President Vladimir Putin.

BAM!! Boo-ya!! He’s a real man!!! I want to have his baby!!!!

The handshake everyone was waiting for!

A significantly intense death stare!!! HISTORIC death stare!!!
(yes, they really said that)

Boy, he showed that Putie fellow who was boss! I’m telling ya, when the LeftMedia saw that Manly Display of Deimatic Domination they got all leg-tingly and started popping those Obagra pills like pez candy. The result is kinda scary, all those newsies feeling the love at one time. Trust me, don’t drop the soap anywhere near there.

Putie is not aboard the Let’s-Bomb-Syria Love Boat
stone_cold_putin3So much so that he’s sending Russian warships to the area, and has hinted at actually intervening if American forces go after Syria.

There’s nothing Barry hates like people who aren’t dazzled by the Awesomeness of Barry. People that say no. People that …aren’t the least bit intimidated when he gives them the meanie look.

Shockingly, the pet media miss the subtext
Many times animal behavior provides telling insights into human behavior. We see ourselves, in a multitude of ways, in the behavior of animals. Species who are not at the top of the food chain (i.e., can be eaten) often have defense mechanisms: camouflage; hard shell; blazing speed or maneuverability; ability to hide; tasting very bad; poisonous bite or sting; or our special flavor of the day, the aggressive display.

obama_kitty = deimatic_cat2a = deimatic_possum2 = deimatic_puffer2

The aggressive display is intended to ward off a predator, to startle him into backing off, mainly because you’re out-gunned, out-armored, or out-speeded. Or perhaps because internally you’re just a gutless coward who wants to put up some bluster and “win” by staring down your opponent.

Species at the top of the food chain don’t have to bother with such showy things.

putin_tiger = stone_cold_tiger_2a

When they look at you, there’s no need for an expression. They’re just sizing you up to see how you might taste for dinner.

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  1. jackel says

    Obama is in way over his head here. He set up his own stare, and, more than likely still doesn’t get it. Putin will now take charge of the foreign policy. Obama has given something else away. It is a wonder he didn’t stick his tongue out and take his lollipop away. But America will pay when one of it’s adversaries can take control of an issue that it absolutely should not have. Our leaders should take note; only way to deal with continual bluffs is to call it and/or the only way to put a bully down is stand up to them or him or her.

  2. 2EdgedSword says

    Putin looks like Jason Statham predatorily calculating the strike solution for his next kill. Probably thinking he should call child abuse and have a big mean girl take the contract.

  3. rockyvnvmc says

    Who called that peter puffing presidential Pretender a man, anyways?

  4. Charles K Johnson says

    Obama must think he left the Black Belt Martial Art Putin shaking in his shoes. He knows Obama is the meanest Community Organizer he ever went up against. Putin put himself in control, Because he does not want WW 111 .Putin tells Syria lets put your chemical weapons away. They don’t hesitate. Obama threatens to bomb them, Syria threatens retaliation.

  5. John H. Kohlenberg says

    Obama must have a diaper on, as I don’t see anything dripping down his leg. If I was Putin, I would have greeted him with a clown outfit and an Obama mask.

  6. calico_kitty says

    aw, gee, Joe! why’d ya have to go and put a picture of one of my kind next to THAT guy? seriously, though, great work and that handsome tiger is, of course, related to me…

  7. notalib says

    Clever article. Yea, Putin really looks intimated. Obama’s probably thinking—I really practiced this look! How am I doing America?

  8. TruePatriotInTX says

    Great piece Joe! The LSM is so enamored with their boy, they had to find something to cheer about. God knows the Jobs Report and the economy as a whole, are dismal.
    Putin would definitely be the tiger in this fight, if it were to happen.
    As for Syria, Russia has some serious energy concerns there and will not back down. He knows that a rebel-led government will not be so amenable to his plans.

  9. Paladin67 says

    Good Lord how I miss Ronald Reagan….I don’t think we’ve had a President who truly supports the United States, its Military and its people since him..
    Just my opinion…

  10. pennsyltuckian says

    Looked to me like the look a 2 year old gets when he puts a load in his pants. Putin must have scared the crap out of der Fuhrer

  11. USMC 69-75 says

    Putin looks like he’s ready to bust a gut laughing, at barry boy! Good thing he’s former KGB, or he’d lose it for sure!

  12. Bacon Lover says

    Even my 9 year old laughed and said, “Dad, it looks like he has to poop.”

  13. river says

    Bronco Bomma.. don’t look now, but the Russians drink Vodka….. not Koolaide.

  14. John R.Pyles 111 says

    Putin ,in his mind saying I really want too slam this piece of s–t on the ground and jump on his throat, Reality, shakes his hand ever so politely.

  15. DominariNolo says

    Guys and gals, this comment is unrelated. I’m just testing out a concept. Actually, tomorrow (Monday) you’ll see where I’m headed with this in my next article.

    1. 2EdgedSword says

      The Effeminate Basketball Ballet???

  16. MARYANN33 says

    Go Putin!!!

  17. notislam says

    Barry the bomber needs humiliation! Islamists only want to kill and torture and waste others
    that are non-muslim! “Islam , where freedom ends and slavery begins.” JW 7-7-12

  18. CDiane Gowdy says

    Putin may be a tad bit shorter than gutless wonder, but there is a tiny bit of a smile on Putin face. He is actually happy he got the spoiled child angry and it shows. Our worthless prez will be squashed by Putin and will be trying for YEARS to have Putin’s foot surgically removed from his big ass.

  19. Joseph r carreiro sr says

    I don’t know if it is a true story but in print lately I have read the words:Jackass,Dick,”Do I have to be afraid of this skinny man when I go out and fight bears”.These words sound crazy but I keep wondering whose mouths they came out of? Where is this World going when top leaders are acting like boy scouts. In my opinion why? Think hard.

  20. Craig Grantz says

    Barrys gonna go ghetto on you face! I wonder if he would wear his bicycle helmet in the ring with old Valdi.

  21. Guest says

    Barry’s going to go ghetto on you face! Wonder if he will wear hid bicycle helmet to the match. Putin is enjoying this one whole heartedly. I hate to say this but if we could settle these conflicts by having world leaders duke it out, my $ would be on Putin.

  22. pig slaughter the butcher says

    obama face it against putin 1 on 1 you are dog food you don’t scare anyone except the liberal media and the far leftists under your direct control….

  23. Kevin says

    I’m sure the Russians know where Barry aka Obama was born. I wish they would fill us Americans in on the secret.

  24. Wanda Stills says

    looks to me like his confused face lol .

  25. lcuvillier says

    Putin’s face was, “I am going to eat you for lunch”.

  26. $2398599 says

    I don’t like Putin, but I admire his strength , and integrity.

  27. Harvey Melton says

    all bluster and no substance.

  28. geneww1938 says

    Other reports cite Obama calling Putin vulgar names [like a grade school kid] to which Putin replied “I should be afraid of that skinny kid when I fight bears?”

    Putin fights bears and plays chess … POTUS fights Judea-Christians and plays golf.

    1. calico_kitty says

      and don’t forget those mom jeans of his when he goes riding on his little bicycle…

  29. shamu9 says

    Obama’s a KGB Plant. Educated in the Patrice LaMumbaFriendship Academy, Moscow. Searc Retired KGB officer, Obama, Patrice LaMumba Academy!

  30. Cougar Smith says

    LMAO!!!!! ‘Erkel’ intimidating the man who plays with tigers? LMAO!!!!!

  31. kathyd says

    Putin looks like he is about to bust out laughing at OBUMMER’s bluster. Now THAT would be worth seeing!

  32. dragonfFIRE01 says

    Putin won the staredown. he is as cool as a cucumber.being ex KGB PUTIN is a master at this

  33. JenniferP says

    So childish…and transparent…I noticed the death grip handshake too. Who can squeeze harder…based on Os face, he lost. I am so mortified…I prefer Putin, too. Never thought I would say THAT

  34. EvaStClair, deplorable redneck says

    Even though Putin and Obama are fellow travelers, Putin has no respect for a man who sells his own country out.

  35. steven says

    Obama couldn’t wipe Putin ass much less stand up to him. lol

  36. Ernesto Arceo says

    Putin is like any European stock Caucasian and Obama is an Afrikan- American by roots. Who would you think has more superior feelings and attitude inside his mind?

  37. Jay Star says

    Oh I bet Putin is shivering in his boots! Besides thinking Obama is a fool to risk us and supporting terrorist. Did he not warn the US about the Boston Bomber? Obama needs to get over his Superior complex and come back to reality.

  38. Indian Andy says

    Putin knows he’s Barry Soetoro, a Indonesian citizen. And he knows all his secrets he doesn’t want the world to know. Barry knows this. He can’t bluff Putin. So Putin, ex KGB head, can make him his bitch.

  39. mr frog says

    putin would put him down like a rabid dog and I would pay to see it

  40. Timmogul7 says

    Photo Caption: PUTIN: Surely, you CAN’T be Serious. OBUMBO: I am serious, and Thanks for calling me Shirley!

  41. Officer Cain says

    Putin has at least 15 publicly confirmed kills from when he was in the KGB. what has obummer done?

    1. DominariNolo says

      um… killed with his speeches?

      1. Sam W says

        Yeah, bored to DEATH!

      2. disqus_uOuMxLRSG8 says

        Mostly Obama is good at having people killed. Mostly the ones who haven’t been born yet. Quite a display of bravery on his part, don’t you think?

        1. James says

          Yes, like Andrew Breitbart maybe?

          1. 1PierreMontagne1 says

            Breitbart? – I think it may be time to start a list.
            – how about Michael HASTINGS?
            People need to to realize what starts happening when a head of state is allowed to kill his own people without due process.
            They don’t just rely no drones.

          2. MARYANN33 says

            Can’t it work both ways????

    2. Joe Dickey says

      How about his killing of the Constitution for starters as the main actor; and his killing of 4 Americans in Benghazi as a co-conspirator.

    3. GLarryC says

      well, he’s in the process of destroying an entire country…OURS!

  42. hehastogo says


  43. Jim Pinto says

    LOL. Oh my that’s good. Funny article. Thank you.

  44. Vic Bailey says

    If Bama wanted to shake hands Putin should have crushed his hand! That would have been one for the record books! Semper Fi.

  45. Clay Cooper says

    If I was President Vladimir Putin, I would’ve yelled mosquito and slapped the boy wonder

    1. DominariNolo says

      –did you get him?
      — get who?

  46. [email protected] says

    putin might be brave now but one thing for sure he don’t wont to go up agaist our united states NAVY

    1. mothertrucker52 says

      R U serious transportinc???? U R or were in the US Navy and support Oblivion?? U must’ve gotten the extra large uniform so the wool is pulled up over your eyes!!

    2. DominariNolo says

      In all seriousness I believe you are right. My guess is Putin would not ACTUALLY engage in a military intervention. I reckon he’s playing brinkmanship, and he’s damn good at it. And with a candy-ass like Bambi who knows nothing of real, grown-up high-stakes politics, Putin knows he can run circles around him and win by forcing Obama out of the game.

      1. Jay Star says

        No, Obama will blame us citizens or Bush or Congress. Anybody but himself.

        1. Sam W says

          Your RIGHT, it’s time to take Bush out of the closet and blame BUSH! That’s all
          obamy knows what to do; finger point at someone else. Well, he’s been office MORE than 4 years and things are STILL getting worse.

  47. [email protected] says

    he is a fish out of water

  48. Bad Penguin says

    Once agian obama comes off looking like a fool of a man-child. Putin isnt afraid of obama or sissy tough guy look.

    1. Sam W says

      Maybe obamy should have brought along Kerry for a laugh! Really show the Russians our strength…. NOT!

      1. James says

        Who? Lurch could have arrived in a swift boat. He could have brought Biden just to show Putin what hoof in mouth disease looks like

      2. drdbiggs says

        He should have brought along Larry Sinclair or Reggie Love. They would have provided “special white house duties” and demonstrated Obozo’s flexibility!!

  49. Phil says

    That only works if you haven’t already revealed you’re weak and feckless.
    All though you do have the ability to be Tyrannical with those you govern who dare question you or Disobey you!!
    The sign of a TRUE Tyrannical Dictator .
    Boot on the throat right?

    1. TinMan67 says

      Calling Onothing “feckless” is without doubt the best discription of this useless pile of dog poop!

      1. MARYANN33 says

        Pitiful cretin, Obama

        1. TinMan67 says

          What are some sort of linguist or have you just been studying our fearless,feckless,cretin,leader? LOL

          1. MARYANN33 says

            God said to me that he was a pathetic little Cretin….

          2. MARYANN33 says

            God should know exactly what Obama is…We cannot be taken in by Putin’s games either…He is still the bad guy…But not as bad for us right now as the fool we have in office.

  50. donl says

    Putin is toying with obama, He knows obama is weak and putting on a show. Putin is cool headed and he knows more about obama than we do.

    1. Phil says

      Here Mousy Mousy Bama Mousy.

    2. Jim Pinto says

      HAHA. Putin probably knows more about Obama than Obama does.

      1. DominariNolo says

        I’m pretty sure that’s true 🙂 Guys like the Bamster have a super-inflated opinion of their own brilliance and influence. Grew up his whole life having things handed to him, and being told how special and ‘historic’ he was.

        A guy like that, when he hits the street in the real world, meets regular people at the pool hall who don’t give a **** how special he thinks he is, well, he doesn’t have a good way to cope with that. So he goes by instinct – bluster, threaten, swagger, pout, blame somebody.

        1. shamu9 says

          The More Stupid a person is,–The More they think they’re Smarter than everybody else!

        2. oliver says

          what is so sad about it all is IF AND WHEN o-butt-hole leaves office all the money we will still have to GIVE HIM FOR NOTHING… and pay 47 dope head guards he will keep around the rest of his life…GOD HELP US..he should live so long..I think when any of them leave office they should have to go on SS. just like every one else..Just what have any of them done to get full pay just like they were still working [AND I USE THE WORD WORK VERY LOSE] they are just up there about 6 month out of the year.I sure don’t get paid form the place where I worked for 43 years..and I more than likely I did more for the country then any of them have done. we made things to sell.

        3. GLarryC says

          right. Then get a royal ass whipping!

      2. SandraJ says

        That’s because Obama can’t keep his lies straight. Come to think of it, neither can Putin.

        1. John Paul Jones II says

          Well I actually give Putin a 50 % rating on the lie thing. But as for butt-head, he gets a 200% negative.
          That is what one gets when he forgets his lies and can’t remember them
          to cover up the lies that he told yesterday! Or last week! Or anytime
          for that matter!!!!

      3. misspicky says

        Well, if he knows anything at all about O then he knows more than the American voter.

      4. John H. Kohlenberg says

        He might even know who his real daddy is.

    3. Joseph111 says

      I hate to admit it, but Putin would kick barry’s arse with a blink. no joke.
      I’ll bet barry put that face on to keep from crying like a little girl when he meets with a real leader. barry probably wore a diaper.

      1. Bandit says

        He needed more than just one he was probably wearing 2 or 3 of those things.

        1. bob machaffy says

          depends double layer

          1. John H. Kohlenberg says

            Right he has no rectum muscle left after his visits to the bath house in Chicago.

        2. drdbiggs says

          Probably wearing butt-less leather chaps or as the boy scouts say, “Be Prepared” if you follow my drift!!

  51. larrygrant876 says

    I thought Obama had already told Putin in 2011 that he needed to wait until the democrats stole another election before he could have more leverage to give him what he wanted. These couples today can’t get along for any length of time.

    1. insul8ter says

      Or is it all for show and really just all of this is a big scam on the world, so Obama can continue with his destruction of America. I am sure it goes much deeper than we will know for a long time. The World Leaders are not to be trusted, especially these two. But, If I had to choose between the two, I would go with Putin, we already know what liar Obama is.

      1. Jim Pinto says

        Russians don’t really dispise Putin as a Leader, oh some do, but in general nah; not like so many of us Citizens dispise BroncoBama. Russians are enjoying a liberty, like a commercial renaissance over there. The young enjoy it; the Older ones are having the tough time coping with freedom. Putin’s not as gawdawful bad as most of our media and talking heads try to maintain…

        1. Sam W says

          They try to make Putin look worse than obamy but in all, obamy is the fool wannabe tyrant. Putin MUST be having a hard time not laughing at obamy!

    2. Jim Pinto says

      Well yeah but it wasn’t Putin but another Russian representative – I forget his name or position.

    3. Sam W says

      Maybe because obamy is full of HOT air! Putin probably laughs every time he sees a picture of this fool. I’m sure his respect for the USA have dropped severely or there just is NO respect. Does Putin even acknowledge obamy?

      1. larrygrant876 says

        Yep Sam, I think you are correct about Putins disrespect for Obama. I guess he’s taken Hugo Chavez’s spot on the disdain for Obama list.

    4. Heather Rogers says

      I remember that, I believe he said that over an open mic. Kinda makes you wonder.

    5. Breezeyguy says

      The word zerO used was “flexibility”.

    6. Karl Dulaff says

      Somehow I don’t think Putin is intimidated by “bath house Barry”.

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