9/11: Never Forget?

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Remember this?

9/11/2001: Nineteen Al Qaeda terrorists use four hijacked airplanes to knock down both World Trade Center Towers in New York City, hit the Pentagon in Washington DC, and fail in an attempt to crash into the White House in Washington DC. They kill roughly 3000 Americans and plunge the US into a decade of war around the world against this shadowy secret society of holy murderers, brigands, pirates, and drug smugglers.

And today…

9/11/2013: The President of the United States is seriously arguing that the entire arsenal of the United States of America should be used in support of Al Qaeda in its rebellion against a tyrant in Syria who is insufficiently similar to Al Qaeda in his ideology.

Al Qaeda’s air force has grown from four planes to the entire arsenal of democracy. Is this what it looks like to never forget the past, or is this what forgetting looks like?


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  1. DJ says

    People think Muslims are peaceful. Time to wake up to the truth.

    1. Sam W says

      Remember 9-11 and who were flying those planes! Did the Arabs pay for the replacement of those towers or compensate those who lost loved one in that attack on the USA? NO!!!!

  2. Betty4440 says

    it hurts my heart to see what is happening in our AMERICA. THE ONLY CHANCE WE HAVE IS GOD IN HIS MERCY.

  3. Dan Moore says

    I think we should blanket the middle east in FAE bombs. Problem reduced.

  4. lbc says

    It’s time to clean house! Send these muslims back to the middle east before their number grows. I’ve yet to hear of any passive muslims denouncing what the radical extremists are doing so the best answer is just to send them all back, including the obamanation in the White House.

  5. Kent2012 says

    Mecca should have that wonderful mushroom shaped cloud rising above it and when some sheet head starts railing against America then his city should be accorded the same treatment….that way it should take about three months to reduce the islamy influence to about 10 percent of the previous level…

  6. foxxybey says

    I for one will never forget and will always remember who did this to begin with and anyone who supports this religion of hate, murder and rape are animals and need to be put out of there so called pain.

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