9/11: Never Forget?


Remember this?

9/11/2001: Nineteen Al Qaeda terrorists use four hijacked airplanes to knock down both World Trade Center Towers in New York City, hit the Pentagon in Washington DC, and fail in an attempt to crash into the White House in Washington DC. They kill roughly 3000 Americans and plunge the US into a decade of war around the world against this shadowy secret society of holy murderers, brigands, pirates, and drug smugglers.

And today…

9/11/2013: The President of the United States is seriously arguing that the entire arsenal of the United States of America should be used in support of Al Qaeda in its rebellion against a tyrant in Syria who is insufficiently similar to Al Qaeda in his ideology.

Al Qaeda’s air force has grown from four planes to the entire arsenal of democracy. Is this what it looks like to never forget the past, or is this what forgetting looks like?


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