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The 2nd Amendment Brings Dinner Home And Keeps Me Safe From My Government


2nd AmendmentI love hunting.

Gun or Bow, I do both. Deer, Bear, Rabbit, Squirrel, Pheasant you get the point. I love fishing too, but that’s a different video 🙂

I love owning guns (and yes, I have many)!

I like to keep my family fed by the things I shoot, but more importantly I like to know my family is safe. Safe from criminals and safe from my government.

In this day in age you can be anywhere and be in mortal danger. A night out with your wife at the movies, or with your family in a park, you never know when some sick deranged lunatic will pop up with a gun. Myself, I’m armed! I will protect my family! End of story!

History has shown us that some governments become too overbearing. Governments have disarmed their own citizens and terminated them. Millions of people have been murdered by their own governments. That is why I love the “Right To Bear Arms”, our 2nd Amendment brings dinner home and keeps me safe from my government!




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