15 ways Football is better than Politics

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Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

A lot of time is spent discussing politics, but one of the few things that draws people away from talking politics is, talking FOOTBALL! Here’s our list reasons why playing on the gridiron is easily better than playing on Capitol Hill…

In the NFL, great work-outs pay off. In politics, pay-offs work out great.

In the NFL, criminals serve time. In politics, criminals serve as the Attorney General.

People can’t wait for Football season to begin. Everyone prays campaign season never starts.

footballThe NFL has beautiful and excited cheerleaders. Politics has Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Nancy Pelosi.

The NFL players are tested for performance enhancing drugs. Political players aren’t tested for anything, including any sign of intelligent life.

Race is not a factor in the NFL – only wins and losses. Politics divides us by race and everyone loses.

In the NFL, referees blow their whistles when the play has ended. In the Clinton White House the interns blow and the play begins.

Personal fouls in the NFL result in 15-yard penalties. In the game of politics, it’s just the players that are foul.

Beer is best served cold in the NFL. In politics the only thing served cold is Revenge.

Picture-112The NFL has politically incorrect mascots like the “Redskins,” who the fans love! Politics has the “Orangeskins,” that no one can stand.

Sexual harassment is discouraged in the NFL. In Politics, “harass” is two words.

In the NFL, players hit the field on live TV for everyone to see their performance. In politics, they hide in smoke filled rooms play the game, then appear on TV to convince you what a great job they are doing.

Injuries In the NFL they take every precaution to make sure players don’t get hurt. In politics, hurting the other players in encouraged.

Everyone waits in great anticipation for the new Super Bowl commercials. In the game of politics they look for the mute button.

Football is easier to explain to your kids. Politics is difficult to explain to anyone.

So let the games begin. Good luck to you and your favorite team… unless they are playing the Packers.

Oh… Did I mention the cheerleaders?ben-gals

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  1. HM2_Sam says

    Just 15?

  2. Sunspot Miller says

    funny and sooo true

  3. Jmorrison says

    Well, I am offended that the second pic I see about football is of the Crier of the House or should I say the Liar of the House , John Bonehead. The man says he supports the Conservative Ideals but then flushes them every time the going gets a little rough. A man with no cajones makes a very poor speaker of Our House!

  4. Katie says

    I just wanted to say to chellethesouthernbelle that I find it funny that even though you detested the picture, you clicked on the link. Why do you think people use pictures like this? Whether you like it or not, how does that old saying go, “sex sells”! I know this isn’t an educational piece, but if something else didn’t catch your attention besides the title you never would’ve opened it. Important things will go unread if there is nothing to “catch your eye” or in your case, something that offends you. Why do you suppose Miley Cyrus did what she did? Publicity, and boy did she get it. Now instead of her being way at the bottom of the list, she is at the top of most talked about right now. Sex sells! Good or bad. Christian or non, people will look just to see and then go on to voice their opinion on it.

    When God said he loves everyone, there was no clause that stated “except for….”. It encompasses people who show too much cleavage, post pictures of scantily clad cheerleaders, dance on stage, etc, etc. We are not supposed to judge them but we are supposed to show them God’s love by our words and actions. If a Chippendale dancer ever knocks on my door begging for food I surely won’t turn him away because of what he is wearing, or should I say not wearing. I would do what I am supposed to do and help him.

    1. Ted R. Weiland says

      Let’s see if I’ve got this right: Because sin sells, it’s okay to sell sin!?!

      “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” (Ephesians 5:11)

      1. Katie says

        Apparently it’s the only way to get you and southernbelle to read articles…..
        Cheerleading is a work of darkness!? Oh come off it now! Even God has a sense of humor.

        1. Ted R. Weiland says

          Not only do you presume to know southernbelle’s and my motives, you presume to know God’s. We shall some day find out, won’t we?

          1. Katie says

            A sense of humor is not a motive and I absolutely do not know God’s, but if we are made in his likeness then one can only assume he has one as well. I hope some day you can find yours and lighten your spirits, but until then, quit “throwing stones” at the cheerleaders

          2. Ted R. Weiland says

            To think that you can show up on judgment day with the pornography displayed on this site thinking Yahweh will laugh it off is to presume to know His mind–particularly in light of all His Word says to the contrary.

            As for “throwing stones” at the cheerleaders or anyone (including you) who promotes their lewd behavior, the following from Yahweh’s immutable morality and word, still stands:

            “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” (Ephesians 5:11)

          3. Katie says

            Reread what I wrote… Did I ever promote it? Didn’t think so.
            To think you can show up to judgement day with the judgements you have made on other people when it isn’t your job….

          4. Ted R. Weiland says

            To suggest that it’s something Yahweh laughs at is to promote it, or to chastise someone being obedient to Ephesians 5:11, etc. is also to promote it.

          5. Katie says

            I was referring to his sense of humor in general, meaning he has one too so you should lighten up.

          6. Ted R. Weiland says

            No, you weren’t. You were referring specifically to what this entire discussion is about. Here’s what you wrote: “Cheerleading is a work of darkness!? Oh come off it now! Even God has a sense of humor.”

          7. Katie says

            No. You’re wrong. Maybe I should’ve started a new paragraph to make it more easily understandable for you. The article. You’re the one with a problem with the pictures. If I thought that he found it funny women barely covered, I would’ve said it. But I didn’t. I’m done debating with you, you are being ridiculous!

          8. Katie says

            When I think of “unfruitful works of darkness”, murder, theft, adultery, drug dealing, etc. come to my mind.
            Cheerleading comes to yours.

          9. Ted R. Weiland says

            No, cheerleading doesn’t come to mind, provided they’re modestly dressed and not lewdly flaunting their wares, not all that different from Miley Cyrus, which this same site condemned (and rightly so.)

            Would you walk down a public street in your town wearing your underwear shoving your rear and breasts to every passing car in the same fashion depicted in the first picture? I doubt it and I’d bet you’d be appalled if your neighbor did the same thing. If this is, in fact true, what makes it acceptable for young ladies to do the same thing merely because they’re cheerleading on a football field?

            I don’t think I need to lighten up; I think you need to repent of your hypocrisy and promotion of pornography.

  5. lovethefrog says

    Funny article. I was going to send it to my parents but I can’t because of the pictures. Poor choice there limited the audience a bit but I liked it.

  6. Sunshine Kid says

    Rottdawg, it is amazing that people blame you for the pictures. Do they not understand that the pictures were from actual events IN PUBLIC? Are people so narrow minded that they have to hang the messenger just because the message was not appealing to them?

    I found the article overall funny and interesting, but I’m not into pictures much, so the article, without pictures, would still have interested me, and that’s my personal opinion.

    1. RottDawg says

      Thanks, I appreciate yours comment.

    2. Ted R. Weiland says

      Let’s see if I’ve got this right: Provided I’m not initially responsible for ungodly behavior I can pass it on to others with impunity without being complicit!?!

      “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” (Ephesians 5:11)

  7. marlene.langert says

    I am now saying goodbye. I have had enough of all of you narrowminded, judgementel people.

    1. RottDawg says

      Marlene, Don’t let people who believe that judging others is their religious right. Even though their own teachings tell them not too they ignore because they are zealots… these radical christians running around belittling and besmirching others are not much different than the radical muslims that we are having to deal with around the world… they just have not become as embolden… yet. But there is no doubt in my mind that given the opportunity and the power, they would move that direction quickly.

      1. chellethesouthernbelle says

        Rottdawg…I agree with most of your opinions over the radical zealots…I’m not a radical zealot…just prude…who feels this nations morality has fallen immensely, and as it has fallen it’s become a gauge of evil in the world….war, greed and corruption, fueled by liars, thieves, and backstabbers in our govt is the proof…

        1. RottDawg says

          Prude is fine, that is your decision, and one that you are surely free to make. But I am not sure where one gets the authority to dictate to others that they need to be.

          Morality is defined as, “principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.” Religious zealotry aside, I fail to see a compelling argument that would establish nudity as wrong or bad, much less “partial nudity,” whatever that is.

          Every time I have this discussion, it comes back to a couple different points. Point one, it’s a personal decision to cover up for protection from the elements. A very valid reason. Point two, a personal decision to cover that which an individual is uncomfortable with, be it due to societal norms or pressures or simply personal preference. Another valid reason, but It is my belief that many societal norms or pressures stem from the other often used point that nudity makes others lust, want or desire. I rule that an invalid point as that is the other person’s problem.

          I am far more worried about the lack of personal responsibility than I am with how much of a persons body is exposed. I think if we all were to respect each others life, liberties, possessions and the pursuit thereof, we would be far better off.

          1. chellethesouthernbelle says

            I guess for me, what it boils down to is the bible teaches we are to cover our nakedness up…for me in all honesty the more skin that is exposed the more sinful I believe it to be…plain and simple…and I also believe that a woman who dresses like that lacks the morals I value…I believe a woman who is shaking her bon bon in such a state of undress is not at all a chaste women, and is just as likely to commit adultery with a married man as a single one…I find that despicable behavior…cheating with a married man is the lowest thing a woman can do…not discounting the man’s behavior at all…but merely addressing women’s attire and character here…as respecting a person’s right to the pursuit of happiness, there have to be boundaries…I’m all for personal freedom and responsibility, but civilized society must have boundaries to be civilized otherwise we end up with a nation of folks living and acting like barbarians…and that is quickly where we are headed! To have boundaries, we must have rules, and if rules we must decide where those rules come from…and mine don’t come from being politically correct…or from live and let live…for some’s choices of free living, could be to take my life, or to steal my money or even my husband…and those kinds of actions, who so hurt another are not permissible in polite society.

          2. RottDawg says

            So your religious beliefs make it an issue for you, and I’m fine with that. But how you turn that into adultery escapes me. It seems that their would have be a lack of the respect that I spoke of. The same lack of respect that would obviously be lacking should one take a life, steal money… I have lived without a traditional god in my life for 20+ years, and try and for the most part do live up to what I outlined above… respect each others life, liberties, possessions and the pursuit thereof. My rights end where yours begin, and like wise. Cheers!

          3. chellethesouthernbelle says

            experience…women who dress like this and conduct themselves so brazenly are always as my grandmother used to say, brazen hussies, will hop in the sack in a new york minute with anyone…I’ve known several dozen who have cheated and slept around with countless men…and that is unacceptable moral behavior as far as I’m concerned….question Rottdawg…are you in your 20’s? If so, then it’s perfectly understandable why we are having this discussion…LOL

          4. RottDawg says

            Oh to be twenty again… more than double that. They can’t jump in the sack without a willing participant… If that person happens to be married, the fault cannot be placed on the woman. If she knows, I think she is showing a degree of disrespect for the non-participating spouse… but there is no doubt that the man would be far more at fault than the woman, she has not entered into any agreement with any party,

          5. Bonney Bacon says

            Quite a bit of unproven stereotyping in your statement Ms. chellethescouthernbelle (exposed skin equals sinful). Most cheerleaders are dancers–have you seen the costumes used on stage? That’s OK but a cheerleading costume isn’t? These women are paid for a look–they can and are fired if they no longer ‘fit’ the image–sort of like the airline stewardesses of old.

            I agree that a proverbial line has been crossed–watch the cheerleaders at a typical high school football game. But to win competitions the dance moves have to be at that level–check out some of the tiny tot beauty shows and you’ll see the same ‘moves’. People do all sorts of things in order to ‘win’, including being provocative both in costuming and movement. Change the basis of winning and the rest will settle down.

          6. chellethesouthernbelle says

            take it up with God Bonney, Adam and Eve felt ashamed of their nakedness…and since God made clothes to cover their nakedness by shedding blood, for me it equates to sin…Jesus blood was shed to cover the shamefulness of our sinful lives…Same concept for the dancers…young and old, I don’t believe it’s appropriate to simulate the sexual act of coupling in public on a stage or dance floor…And I certainly don’t think parents should parade their 4 yr old daughters in provocative attire, and teach them from infancy that the female form is to be put on display to win praise, power, prestige, or prosperity…what about teaching their value is based on the power of their character, the inward beauty of a loving heart…

      2. T. Edward Price says

        To equate those who are zealous for Christ, with those who hate Christ, is to equate Yahweh with Allah. You can be forgiven your stupidity and ignorance, but you might want to be careful putting the God of Christianity on equal footing with the god of Islam.
        If Christians advocating for Christian rule offend you, then Patrick Henry offends you.
        Patrick Henry was a zealot, if ever one existed in his time. There is a word for someone not willing to be a zealot for what he believes: COWARD! Where is there a blanket prohibition against Christians judging? Scripture tells us we are to even judge angels. There are certain conditions placed on judging. If you’re going to PRETEND to know what Christians believe, do yourself a favor, and actually READ the book. Your disdain for those Christians who love their Creator, and take His word seriously, doesn’t make you more of a man, but less of one. It takes a really strong man to humble himself in the midst of those who would seek to silence him. Some of us are zealous in our love for our countrymen. Are you?

        1. RottDawg says

          I don’t care, nor do I have to care what you, your god or Patrick Henry believe, and if your god tells you to force me what to believe and how to live then you are no different than the crazys our troops are dying to protect us from. I love my country and the freedom it provides. I respect the rights of my fellow man, and that is more important than saying you love them. It sounds to me like you love them to if they believe what you believe. I must say that your tact in winning others over leaves much to be desired.

          I have no disdain for anyone or their personal beliefs or whatever imaginary being they want to believe in that is until they start talking to me about Christian rule, or any other kind of rule.

          Seriously? Do you have any idea what a deranged human being you sound like?

          1. T. Edward Price says

            When did anyone talk about FORCING you to believe ANYTHING? Belief can NEVER be forced. ALL rule is based upon someone’s belief. That has been the case throughout history, and the concept of rule NOT based upon someone’s, or some group’s, belief, is utterly IMPOSSIBLE.

            Thank you for pointing out the shortcomings in my tactfulness. I can always use improvement. But, I’m not the one threatening to ban a commenter, strictly because he’s willing to put his life on the line in defense of our daughters’ integrity and honor.

            As for our troops dying to protect us from “crazy’s” [sic], that is laughable. Our troops can’t protect us from the god of Islam, unless they’re doing it in DEFENSE of another god. I wonder what god that would be. It’s certainly not the God of our Colonial ancestors. As for me sounding deranged for standing true to my Christian beliefs, I’m certain I don’t sound any more deranged than General Chesty Puller, U.S.M.C., the father of the modern manifestation of my beloved Marine Corps.


          2. RottDawg says

            I don’t know where I would have gotten the idea of force, it may have come from your telling me that I am stupid and Ignorant, mixed with warning of comparing one god with another, added to your advocating for christian rule…

            1. exercise ultimate power or authority over (an area and its people).

            You are free to believe in any god that you like, or none at all. I think the intimidation tactics being put forward by you and your fellow christians regarding an article about football and the pictures contained therein supports the argument that any society left to religious rule will eventually result in the idea that people must be forced to accept and adhere to that religion’s interpreted teachings.

            “If we look back into history for the character of the
            present sects in Christianity, we shall find few that have not in their
            turns been persecutors, and complainers of persecution. The primitive
            Christians thought persecution extremely wrong in the Pagans, but
            practiced it on one another. The first Protestants of the Church of
            England blamed persecution in the Romish Church, but practiced it upon
            the Puritans. They found it wrong in Bishops, but fell into the
            practice themselves both there (England) and in New England.”—
            Benjamin Franklin

            As to banning, I’m not sure what you are referring to, but for the most part, I encourage debate unless I see personal attacks… (like calling someone stupid or ignorant) or excessive trolling. If you feel that I am being unfair, feel free to hit the contact us button, Joe reads them all. Cheers!

  8. Sunshine Kid says

    I heard that the Dallas Cowboys got sold to a group of Filipino business men from Manila. Well, Manila, being in the Philippines, have no real ‘cowboys’, so they changed the name of the team to “Manila Folders”.

    Oh, wait, that’s an OLD joke!

    1. Shofar threading says

      Not to me ! lol

  9. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

    Not always true!! In the NFL, criminals are often the high-paid players on the field, and if you forget, remember the Dallas Cowboys of not long ago. They damn near had to call of their season because so many of their #1 players were in court or on parole or probation, and the Cowboys were not an exception!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. WHBUSMC65 says

    Only watch for the football game. Just like only subscribing to Playboy for the articles.

    1. Sunshine Kid says

      Honest sarcasm! Love it!

  11. Janice Wood says

    WTH? Is anyone going to comment on the genius of the article? If you expect to see cheerleaders covered from head to toe you need to find another sport to read about. LOL

    1. Shofar threading says

      I’m an avid pro football fan (although a little less now with all these mentally-deficient millionaire players’ murders, etc.) and I watch the GAME, even though I’m a woman. And there are still teams who don’t have ‘chorus girls’ on the field. That has nothing to do with the game but they’re there to satisfy the libidos of beer-sopped men looking for cheap mental thrills.

      Unless you’re being sarcastic, you’re way off base. These women are being used and don’t know it. Just today’s vapid society, I suppose.

      1. marlene.langert says

        The cheerleaders are not being abused. They seek those jobs and many do not achieve them. Dressing like they do now has nothing directly to do with their morals.

        And what do you mean”even though I am a woman”. Many women watch football, and , if you do, you know that there are even women commentators now. I learned to watch football by going to my grandson’s games winning championships in high school and playing college football for three years. He is getting a graduate degree now and no longer is playing football. Being a very close family, we all went to his games, even when the college games were a long drive. He wsa also our state wresling champ in his senior year. NOw is is a top scholar! Who would have thought?!

        Also, it sounds like you are taking it out on the many for what the few have done. Not all the professional players are criminals by a long shot.

        Tell your friends Ted, Brutus, etc that I am not a loose woman and have only been with one man, my husband, after we were married.

    2. chellethesouthernbelle says

      I didn’t see the 15 ways football is better than politics…it was the pic that caught my attention from Joe’s FB post…curiosity got the better of me…so I checked out the article…however I could not resist expressing my disgust at the shocking way the cheerleaders are dressed…I’m not a ball fan so I was quite shocked…and they came so close to looking like Miley’s latest escapade I could not resist stating my opinion.

  12. zeprin says

    Occasionally the NFL will go away and leave you alone for awhile.
    Pols never shut up or go away. Even when they’ve been fired they stay in your face on the tube 24-7.

  13. Hey! There is more to football than cheerleader T&A! Us womenfolk enjoy those tight ends just as much as the menfolk (but perhaps for different reasons). Lighten up folks. This is a very funnee article. Nice job RottDawg!

    1. marlene.langert says

      Molli, I have been on your website and really enjoy it. Yes, we do like to watch the buns. We are human, even at our ages. Even Jimmy Carter admitted to “lusting in his heart”! WE asre not lusting, just noticing!

      1. Aw come on, a little lust may be good for our circulation! Glad you enjoy my website. You’ll love my book, which should be ready to go within a week or so.I mention President Jimmy Country Bumpkin and note his participation in setting the groundwork for the housing bubble and pop.

    2. chamuiel says

      Like those tight ends, huh?

  14. Rowdy says

    Mclames comments about impeachment are just bluster to try to convince the people that there are those that are watching what Osatan is doing and will hold him responsible. Nothing but smokescreens. Mclame is one of the hardest died in the wool communist, NWO infiltrators in the whole bunch.

  15. Ted R. Weiland says

    Joe, you ought to be ashamed of yourself if you had anything to do with the pictures for this article. You’re no better than Miley Cyrus!

    1. RottDawg says

      Joe had nothing to with it Ted, it was all me. Sorry you hate beautiful women.

      1. Shofar threading says

        Would you like them as much with a lot of clothes on? Or in a burqa? THAT’s the test, Rott.

        1. RottDawg says

          I don’t think you understand… Yes, I most definitely would, and I don’t usually let any beautiful woman slip by… I am just very thankful that they are gracious enough to take great care of themselves and feel confident enough to share their beauty with everyone that appreciates it.

          1. Shofar threading says

            Oh but I do understand, Rott, and that’s what you’re dishing out. Rot and bull. YOU are the one who mentioned first noting southernbelle’s boobs. That’s directional and has nothing to do with ‘gracious enough to take great care’ [of oneself].

            You’re a chauvinist in addition to being an ‘acceptable’ peeper to think smart women won’t see through your weaving and dodging your initial comment. If you’re not a dad now, wonder what you would think if your daughter dressed like the cheerleaders shown.

            Gracious? You don’t know the meaning of the word. Sleeze, you do know.

          2. RottDawg says

            I made no mention if anyone’s “boobs.” As a matter of fact, you were the first. I merely made mention that when I glanced at her previous avatar all I saw was skin tone… you know the avatar that was there before she changed it.

            I am not weaving or dodging on any comment. If I ever retract anything, it will be here publicly for all to see.

            Since you find yourself in a position to judge me and other people in your above comment let do a little judging of my own. You are nothing more than a self righteous radical religious zealot that believes that anyone that doesn’t adhere to the rules of “your’ god, or the rules as YOU have interpreted them, is some how wrong.

            Take your religious righteousness and get ya some Matt 7… When you’re done, I don’t expect an apology, but I do expect you stop the name calling and personal attacks.

      2. Ted R. Weiland says

        Hate beautiful women!?! Hardly. But, I do agree with the wisdom of Solomon:

        “As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion.” (Proverbs 11:22)

        My apologies to Joe. I now see you’re the author of the article. So, I gather that either Joe or Brandon V. approved your article (hopefully not your choice of pictures). Being they both claim to be Christians, I hope they either dump you or give you the tongue lashing you deserve.

        1. Shofar threading says

          Ted, there are Christians and there are CHRISTIANS. I know of neither of these two so can’t comment. But to segue here a bit … as the country is being destroyed from within, so can the Church by so-called Christians — who aren’t.

        2. RottDawg says

          Is this what he was supposed to make sure he didn’t miss? Your self righteous bible thumping droning doesn’t carry any clout with me. Do you honestly believe that questioning Joe or others faith is going to result in some kind of disciplinary action for posting pictures that are readily seen on TV on any given Sunday during football season. I think you should probably spend some time examining yourself, or better yet, go see a specialist.

          1. Ted R. Weiland says

            Well, it’s yet to be seen what they do with this, isn’t it?

          2. RottDawg says

            Not really, take a look at where you just posted your last comment… now go away before I make you. Here’s some garlic for ya… maybe that will work…

          3. Ted R. Weiland says

            If you have the means and can’t take the heat, go ahead.

    2. marlene.langert says

      What are you talking about Ted? THese pictures are nothing like what Miley Cyrus did. She was absolutely lewd. What the cheerleaders are wearing is what high school and college girls wear to classes.these days in some schools. I am a 78 tr old grandmother and I see nothing wrong with anything in this article. You must be even older than me and have no contact with young people. Don’t you have any grandchildren? Aren’t you a red blooded American male? I used to tell my husband, “You can look, but don’t touch!” And he didn’t! Looking is what guys like to do. Actually, most females like to look at guys muscles too!

      1. Ted R. Weiland says

        Marlene, I’m twenty years your younger.

        Women have been hoodwinked into believing they can go around in their underwear (provided their striped or polka-dotted) on the beach, at the swimming pool, or on a football field (something they would never think about doing anywhere else–or perhaps they would in today’s deteriorated culture) and contribute to men lusting after them with impunity. Not to mention how Yahweh might judge them, today’s culture (as provided even here on what is supposed to be a Christian blog) has contributed to many a woman’s abuse and rape.

        Quite frankly, if you were my mother or grandmother, I would be utterly ashamed of you.

        1. marlene.langert says

          Wow! Are we ever blessed, both of us, because you would be ashamed of me and am am horrified at how narrow you are. I would not want to be one of your kids, so we are even. My kids and grandchildren think I am great/ THey are proud of me and my beliefs. I am a godly person and have high morals, but I also live in this world!

          1. Shofar threading says

            Don’t think you read my blog yet. Your kids/grandkids spew exactly what I foretold. I am no prude. Never have been. But by your ‘senior’/’childish’ attitude put the denial to your ‘godly’ personhood.

            “When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things.”
            1 Corinthians 13:10-12

          2. marlene.langert says

            What are you talking about that you do not even know about. My grown grandchildren have the highest morals around, they did not have sex young, they did not go to the parties where those things were going on, they are conservatives with lots of sense. THey are quite unusual for young people now days. Extremely moral. Do you realize all we are talking about are the cheerleaders? We are not speaking of the horror of Miley Cyrus. WHat do you know about the shofar? I and my children and my grandchildren was blowing ours for special Rosh Hashonnah services the last two days and also at home? Did your foot fit into your mouth when you spoke this time?

            On the other hand, I can still understand that keeping a bit of the inner child in one helps to live a more joyous life. I do not mind being accused of that. But don’t you ever put down my grandchildren ever again. Their mother is Jewish and their father Christian and they have been taught high moral standards by both and by me! If you want to put me down, without knowing me, go ahead, but stay away from comments about my grandchildren. THey all give our family much to be proud of. THey do not wear those clothes, and , of course, I do not and never have, but I do not put down the cheerleaders either. Yes, when I was young, they wore letter sweaters and short skirts. I liked that better, but times have changed.

          3. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

            Thank you for your Biblical citing. I have tried to remember where that was because it is so relevant to peoples’ Christian discipline, and faith, or lack thereof, and I, for some reason, couldn’t remember where it was. I felt like it was St. Paul, but just couldn’t recall. I do thank you.

          4. Shofar threading says

            I have been trying to send you a link to Gateway bible web which I keep in my computer and whenever necessary (even within a post) you can draw up, put in a few Scripture words and it checks for you, but don’t seem able to do it right now. It contains many, many translations. As it’s late here now, I’ll try tomorrow. Hopefully it will work !

          5. Shofar threading says

            Hi, I’m back and trying several ways to get you a link for this (notice you got a down vote — of all things ! for your post). Someone REALLY does not like the Lord !

            Anyway, let’s see if this works. If not, I’ll keep trying. It’s really worth getting into your.computer Let me know if you get it.

          6. T. Edward Price says

            Thank you for your diligent effort in attempting to help provide a valuable link to Robert. Bible Gateway is indeed a helpful resource, especially for comparing multiple versions of a passage at once. And isn’t it amazing the comments that will get voted down?

          7. Shofar threading says

            Try this:

            If you need assistance or wish to contact us for any reason, please direct
            your email to [email protected] and a real, live human being will
            be in touch with you as needed.

          8. Shofar threading says

            Robert, boy, Disqus is really fighting me on this. Try sending from your email to the ‘[email protected]’ . Ah, looks as if this will work.

          9. marlene.langert says

            You do not think you are a prude, but I would guess there are many people who do, just as there are many people who think I am a prude. How can any of us judge what we do not know?

          10. Ted R. Weiland says

            Yes, we both live IN this world, but if we’re Christians we’re not supposed to be OF it:

            “If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.” (John 15:19)

            “I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil. They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.” (John 17:15-16)

            “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” (Romans 12:1-2)

          11. marlene.langert says

            I believe in my direct contact with god and also being “of this world” because we can do more good in this world that way, including guiding our children and grandchildren. I am beginning to feel none of you have raised children. If you have , let me know. Also tell me at what age they left home. THat is all I want as info from any of you. This is my last comment.

          12. Ted R. Weiland says

            “Direct contact with god!?!”

            “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me.'” (John 14:6)

          13. marlene.langert says

            I am Jewish!!! One of the CHosen People!!!!

          14. Ted R. Weiland says

            “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me.'” (John 14:6)

          15. Ted R. Weiland says

            “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient
            Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew.’” (Richard Siegel and Carl Rheins, eds., “Identity Crisis,” The Jewish Almanac, (New York, NY: Bantam Books, 1980) p. 3.)

          16. Sunshine Kid says

            Great! Rewrite history and believe what you write. Actually, I prefer to remember when history was told truthfully, not twisted, slanted or ‘held to a different viewpoint’.

          17. T. Edward Price says

            Apparently you didn’t understand his citation. Mr. Weiland is NOT guilty of rewriting ANY history. He was correctly quoting “The Jewish Almanac”, a book of Jewish history, written BY Jews, FOR Jews, and using their own words to bust an historically inaccurate myth.

            ***Disclaimer: No twisting or slanting of historical facts occurred in the making of this comment. ***

          18. Shofar threading says

            Ted, you and I and also southernbelle are clumped together. I was going to tell you she is Jewish but you got to her too soon. In any event, I’m sure she wouldn’t approve of the Messianic Jews I know and love so I’ll let that slide for the moment and write her tomorrow — too late now for a dissertation on faith.
            Blessings to you and southernbelle and if not here, hope to see you posting !

          19. chellethesouthernbelle says

            I’ve raised 3 well 2 and 1/2…one is still home, he’s 30 and handicapped, my other is 32, about to marry for the first time, both boys, and have a daughter who is 25, she left home when she was 17, didn’t like my rules…but the older she get’s the more she’s just like me…so I guess I didn’t do so bad a job raising her if she finds my morals to be okay now…I have 2 grand children as well who are my heart and I’ll be passing my narrow views on to them as well!

          20. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

            I hope my two kids, actually young adults now, one day feel the same towards me as your daughter does you. Discipline wasn’t their favorite subject, and their mother wasn’t as adherent to respectable rules as I was. I learned through my dad, who I hated as a teenager, and have loved and respected more and more throughout my adult years.

          21. chellethesouthernbelle says

            My daughter and I still butt heads quite a bit cause I’m never gonna stop being her moma and guiding her thru the phases of life I’ve already been thru…she don’t like what I have to say often, but as she gets older, she sounds more like me. She has learned when I’m pooping off my mouth indiscriminately, I’m speaking the hard truth and, it is coming from an attitude of love…Love that does the hard things…love that sets the rules, yet love that is often rejected…

            My daughter taught me to love unconditionally and she knows that…and she she is learning that my criticisms and comments about her choices, comes from a life more full of wisdom than hers…as in been there…done that!

          22. chellethesouthernbelle says

            he who loves the world comes to mind 🙂

        2. Shofar threading says

          Ted, keep on that right track of yours. Too many men have taken the wrong detour. Blessings.

          1. Ted R. Weiland says


        3. Shofar threading says

          Say Ted, I think all of granny’s kids and grandkids are giving you and me down votes — OR perverts ! lol

          1. Ted R. Weiland says

            Along with RottDawg (an appropriate handle), I’m confident. Don’t miss my response to him.

          2. Sunshine Kid says

            Down votes only mean they disagree with you; not that you are wrong.

          3. Shofar threading says

            You gave me a ray of sunshine right before I close down for the night ! Thanks !

      2. Shofar threading says

        You may be 78 — but you’re going on 16. You ARE supposed to bring the children and grandchildren UP to a good Christian level not have them bring you DOWN to theirs. Say what you will but you’ve abdicated your responsibilities. They may love you now, but wait until they have to live with and correct your acquiescence just to have been a ‘with it’ granny.

      3. chellethesouthernbelle says

        Marlene are you referring to the top photo? you don’t consider that to be lewd? ..my daughter is 25 and by NO means is she a prude, but she’s disgusted by that type of dress, especially on public display for the whole world to see.

        1. marlene.langert says

          Those young ladies are not out in public. They are dancing and cheering on the football field as if they were in a show. They change their clothes before they leave the stadium.

          1. chellethesouthernbelle says

            Definition~in public, not in private; in a situation open to public view or access; In a stadium full of thousands of people and viewed on tv by millions…I’d think that’s pretty public Marlene….and you’re right it’s a show…from the looks of those costumes above it looks like a peep show…just waiting to see when their most private parts are exposed….smh…to think that folks see nothing wrong with such a blatant display of nakedness I just can’t fathom it, especially from a grandmother saying she’s a godly woman….I’m not claiming to be godly, but I can see that such a state of undress is not proper.

          2. Shofar threading says

            Go again, girl !!!! She’s saving her ‘best’ shots for me.

          3. marlene.langert says

            As I said to Robert, even the football players change to street clothes before they leave the stadium, just as people in shows do. THere is a difference. Walk on a college campus on a warm afternoon, or even into some high schools. She what you see.

          4. Sunshine Kid says

            Many people have no idea of the value of imagination – they remove all imagination by exposing everything so that imagination no longer is required.

          5. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

            They’re in a sports stadium of tens of thousands, and they’re “NOT in public”?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ON NATIONAL TELEVISION BEFORE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS IF NOT MILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEY’RE “NOT IN PUBLIC”????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          6. marlene.langert says

            You know exactly what I mean! I also believe that the football players take a shower and change their clothes before leaving the stadium! THat is what is called street dress.

          7. Sunshine Kid says

            Sometimes, idiots say idiotic things; you know, like politicians. Obviously, Marlene is trying to be ‘politically correct’ and wound up sounding somewhat like Pelosi.

        2. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

          People like the cheerleaders in the pic above revive the greatness of the girls’ name of old, Prudence. Maybe one day we’ll see, again, how great a name that is.

          1. chellethesouthernbelle says

            Prudence…guess that’s where we get prude from huh? I’m somewhat of a prude, but I wear a bikini in my pool in backyard…even then I’m convicted about it…I’m a believer but I don’t call myself godly, I don’t live up to the standards of what I believe the bible teaches…I guess that makes me what a lot of ppl would refer to these days as not a real christian, cause my faith is not as strong as it once was…but I began to see the hypocrisy in the church of many who call themselves christian,..there is usually a couple common denominators… confusion and lack of.LOVE and hypocrisy …none can agree on what is believed and most always come off seeming as if we are better than those we see as sinning, not to mention practicing what we preached…

            why is that? I’d be glad for someone to explain that mystery to me?

            BTW, I realize I’ve come off here sounding like a hypocrite myself, and that’s the very reason I walked away from the church….but I can’t walk away so easily from my values and convictions!

  16. chellethesouthernbelle says

    and we wonder what’s up with miley cyrus…it’s not just her the whole damn world is going to hell in a handbasket!

    1. RottDawg says

      Maybe you shouldn’t be wearing such a revealing top in your avatar there SouthernBelle… That’s the first thing I noticed about your comment… Cheers!

      1. chellethesouthernbelle says

        revealing? I look like a nun compared to these girls and I’m not bent over with my @$$ hanging out and my other part practically showing!!!

        1. Shofar threading says

          southernbelle…..ignore Rott. He’s probably dating Marlene, the 78-year-old grandmother above, who loves being a ‘with it’ granny.

          1. marlene.langert says

            I do not date and I never said I am a “withit granny” I am an understand person.

          2. Shofar threading says

            So you can see — in transparency…

            @Ted, you and I and also southernbelle are clumped together. I was going to tell you she is Jewish but you got to her too soon. In any event, I’m sure she wouldn’t approve of the Messianic Jews I know and love so I’ll let that slide for the moment and write her tomorrow — too late now for a dissertation on faith.

            Blessings to you and southernbelle and if not here, hope to see you posting !

          3. Shofar threading says

            I said “‘with it” — not “withit”. I don’t even know what that means.

        2. gutterfalcon says

          Thank – You.

        3. Shofar threading says

          southernbelle, you should have used this photo initially as your avatar. You look even prettier — and would have given Rott absolutely no recourse but to keep his mouth shut after his first comment to you ! Go, girl !

          1. chellethesouthernbelle says

            didn’t mean for the other avatar to be there, it was the one I was using on FB when I signed up with Disqus…this is my current FB avatar, the other one was taken when I got a wild hair…lol and cut and colored my hair…only had it for a little while…thanks for the compliment!

          2. Shofar threading says

            southernbelle, for you to see….

            Ted, you and I and also southernbelle are clumped together. I was going to tell you she is Jewish but you got to her too soon. In any event, I’m sure she wouldn’t approve of the Messianic Jews I know and love so I’ll let that slide for the moment and write her tomorrow — too late now for a dissertation on faith.

            Blessings to you and southernbelle and if not here, hope to see you posting !

          3. James Maxwell says

            SouthernBelle,not sure what your other avatar looked like but this one is
            rather appealing for sure. The entertainment industry today has such
            low self esteem that they have to used sex to promote ever thing they
            do. If they could figure out how to run nude on the field they would
            do it. There is a lady where I work who used to be a cheer leader for
            the Rockets back in the 70’s She has a picture of herself and others
            from that t time frame. Costume was nice but not over revealing and
            must admit she still good looking lady. I would rather have the mystery
            remain and the disclosure reserved for later.

      2. Shofar threading says

        Right to the boobs, eh Rott? First thing I noticed (yes, I’m a woman but not granny) was her pretty face.

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