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images (55)If I would have told you last year at this time that Barack Obama’s campaign organization would be supporting Paul Ryan, you would have slapped me, thinking I either dozed off, or forgot to take my meds. Well, fast FORWARD to August of 2013, in other words – now: Organizing for Action, or OFA – Barack Obama’s old campaign organization-turned-nonprofit is actively supporting the former Republican Vice-presidential nominee in his quest to legalize 12 million illegal aliens by virtue of Ryan’s Immigration “Reform” efforts.

So just when did Ryan go from HERO to RINO? Better yet – why is it so important for these elected Republicans to legalize 12 million undocumented Democrats when they know it will eventually lead to around 30-35 million more Democrat voters over the next 20 years and the end of the Republican hope of any electoral victory ever again? Does David Axelrod have nude Polaroids of Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, John Boehner (eek!), John McCain (double-eek!) and Mitch McConnell (um, infinity-eek-squared)?

I don’t get it. There must be some sort of RINO spiked gin ‘n juice they get slipped at a party somewhere; because this past Monday in addition to Ryan’s district in Wisconsin, OFA mobilized supporters in the districts of Dave Reichert (R-Wash.), Joe Heck (R-Nev.), Aaron Schock (R-Ill.), Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) and Dan Webster (R-Fla.). Is it that easy to make Republicans sell out their constituents along with the rest of the country? A few idiots knocking on doors in their districts and they begin growing a giant horn in the middle of their heads? Is it me, or could the sheer volume of RINO’s in the Senate provide traditional medicine doctors with enough horn powder to cure every male in the Republic of China with erectile dysfunction? But I digress..

No one runs on being a RINO, they always say they’re going to vote to cut spending, secure the border, defend the Constitution, defund ObamaCare, bla bla bla – then they get to Washington and I don’t know – there’s a meeting and they get their RINO badges and in some cases free passes to the tanning salon and poof! they’re being helped by Barack Obama’s peeps to be re-elected? Wow. Think about that? What’s the fix? I said, “What’s the fix, Joe?”

Glad you asked.

The situation is this: It’s over. The tipping point is tipped. You can live on welfare easier than working. The Republicans, who used to be the firewall protecting us from the Red libs support the status quo. They do nothing when the President usurps the Constitution, ignores the separation of powers, and re-writes legislation as he sees fit. Tell me I’m wrong. No, seriously, tell me I’m wrong… I’ll wait.

That’s what I thought. Now, there is another way:

America will not be fixed through Congress or the Supreme Court or the Presidency. They are not going to police themselves or respect the Constitution nor the rule of law. We’re clearly in a post-Constitutional era – BUT – we have an out and it is State’s rights. We still have the Constitutional powers as granted to the States. Remember, it’s the United States of America, not the United Washington District of Columbia, right? It was the States which formed the Federal Government and the Constitution gives the States the power to deal with the dire situation we’re in right now.. The States have the right to override an onerous and out of control Federal Government – it is written plain and clearly in the Constitution.

We were warned of this and have been for 250 years. The Founding Fathers, the framers of the Constitution warned us. People during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln warned us. Right up to President Ronald Reagan who warned us that we won’t be destroyed by a foreign army, if America is destroyed, it will be from within – and it’s happening right now.

We cannot trust politicians in Washington any longer. Democrats are a no-brainer, but now the Republicans are no better, acquiescing to the President’s power-grabs and standing by as the nation is bankrupted and our children and grandchildren’s future are stolen from them. There are Veterans of all stripes, who fought with their very lives to save this country from the very evil that is happening from within at this very moment. How are we going to look them in the face if we let this happen? But make no mistake, this will be a fight as well.

Not with guns, but with sheer desire. We can do it. We have to.

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  1. marcus J says

    Very good article , Anyone that doubts this should watch Agenda ,Grinding America Down , Easy to find on Amazon , But watch Obama`s America 2016 first , I used to consider myself a Republican ,But in this day and age we have so many RINO traitors it is becoming difficult to identify myself with the modern Republican Party , I live in Southern Arizona and we have John ( The Traitor ) McShame as our so called Representative ,This Man redifines the term RINO , Hello & Greetings to the NSA and DHS

  2. insectman says

    Democrats and Republicans are two wings of a bird flying the WRONG way!

    Read why at

  3. Fredrick Neal Rehders says

    Constitutional Conservatives have to take back the Republican Party first. It would take too many election cycles to start a new party, or for an existing 3rd Party to gain enough traction to save our nation and Constitution, from destruction and Socialism.

    1. usmadgirl says


      Thank you for your COMMON SENSE comment!!! People screaming for a 3rd Party is insane!

      Since it’s looking more & more impossible to EVER win another election (that is if we ever HAVE another election) with over half the country living off the government, plus another 20 million new Dumbocraps with “Amnesty”, Holder suing every state that tries to insure fair elections with voter ID & all the Dumbocrap voter fraud, we certainly don’t need to even consider a 3rd Party! A 3rd Party would guarantee a Dumbocrap win & THAT would guarantee the end of the greatest nation that has ever existed!

      The 2 Party system has worked throughout our history, but you’re right in saying that Conservatives MUST take the GOP back to its true Conservative platform & get rid of all the Dumbocrap Lites who are just as guilty of destroying this Republic as all the Communist Dumbocraps. It needs to start from the bottom up!

      If we’re going to give the power back to the states as our Founders intended, we have to elect Conservatives on the local level & get rid of the progressives & RINOs on EVERY level!

      We HAVE to UNITE to get rid of all these sick, immoral, perverted, radical Communist freaks because, frankly, I’m sick to death of ALL of them!

  4. MyronJPoltroonian says

    Tom Sullivan quoted someone who said that, “Obama has the Republican party on it’s back”. That is scary enough, but it’s when the “RINO’s” get on their knees that I really start to worry.

  5. badbob85037 says

    I have been saying the same thing about how will we react when our children ask us what freedom was. But most states are as criminal and corrupt as the Feds. I think it will be the people, the 3% doing their duty as written in the Declaration of Independance.
    “If tyranny and oppression come to this land it will be it the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” James Maddison

  6. Bob says

    Appealing to man’s messed up usurpation rather than Yahweh’s truth – NOT by any sane person.

  7. pearl87 ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says

    This is all true. I think we cannot save our Constitutionally recognized rights in any other way than one state at a time, and some states are already too far gone.

  8. mtman2 says

    “Well”, this is where it’s at and many of us have been here waiting for and trying to wake up the “Silent-Majority” for decades. American life has been so good + easy folks just are happy to have a decent life with all Rights bestowed but forgot that RIGHTS come with RESPONSIBILITIES.
    The wing-nut Left actually believes THEY are the majority in fact! Only that doesn’t really matter IF there’s no major participation of regular folks who do care but not quite enough to SHOW-UP @ the voting-booth. THIS is the true revolution the Wise Founders fought for and gave to us; IF WE take it seriously enough to do OUR part.
    This all might be what needs to happen before most Americans realize what WE have been given;

    hopefully before it’s too late!

  9. TruePatriotInTX says

    The States do have sovereignty, but the Feds will fight them every step of the way. It’s happening in Texas as we speak, regarding Voter ID laws.

  10. Beckah says

    Sadly, the “States” have become just as dependent on financial aid from the Feds. I do agree that this is the only real chance we have at saving our country, but it will take time – and we are running out of time!

  11. RightGunner says

    Joe, the Tenth Amendment Foundation teaches just that. They also teach that it is not easy but it is the right way to proceed from where we are today. I joined a few years ago, it sounds like you joined also, or are ready to.

    They are fairly small but they have a lot of good literature and ideas. Perhaps someone like you could turn it into a blockbuster organization of organizations, sort of loosely like the old Teaparty individual groups, all autonomous but pushing for the same results.

  12. Ted R. Weiland says


    It boggles the mind that alleged Christians (like Joe) keep appealing to the Constitution (which is seditious to Yahweh’s sovereignty and morality in nearly every article and amendment) that has failed colossally and is the reason America today teeters on destruction (Matthew 7:26-27). As early as the mid-1800s, Libertarian attorney Lysander Spooner wrote that the Constitution “has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it.” (Lysander Spooner, No Treason, No. 7, The Constitution of No Authority)

    In this regard, today’s Christians are much the same as the Israelites Elijah confronted on Mt. Carmel, only today, the decision is between Yahweh and We the People (a modern form of Baal).

    For more, see our blog article “Today’s Mt. Carmel Christians.” Click on my name, then our blog, and scroll down to the title. Then find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our Constitution Survey and receive a free copy of the 85-page “Primer” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.”

    One last thought: It’s not so much today’s elected officials that are the problem as it is Article 6’s ban of Christian tests and thereby Biblical qualifications for public officials. When Article 6 was ratified with the rest of the Constitution, it is was inevitable that we would end up with such nincompoops, scoundrels, and outright criminals running the nation, both federal and state alike.

    1. David Hodges says

      Amen! It’s the rules, not the goodness of the people, that determines society’s behavior. If I accidentally cut my finger at work, I’ll be reprimanded, talked about at all the morning meetings and almost get fired. The very same people who conform to excruciatingly safe standards at work drive head on into each other on the highway and fall off ladders at home.

  13. $13614178 says

    When does Rhino hunting season open in the United States in general and Washington DC in particular . Where do I buy my hunting license , I am willing to pay a very high dollar for that particular license .

    1. mtman2 says

      AT THE VOTING BOOTH, which IS how they got there.

    2. MyronJPoltroonian says

      Actually, it was issued in a “Blanket Format” on December 15, 1791. Bye the by, it has no expiration date. Oh, yes, repeating some history does not “Doom” you, in fact, it’s quite “Liberating”.

  14. LicRoberto says

    RINOS must have an undeclared death wish. Moreover, RINOS show no understanding of the hispanic community. It is not a monolithic group. More than 60% of the illegals are mexicans, who have been nourished on 70years of socialisism of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI). There they had universal healthcare, universal education, the tortilla subsidy, and the unprofitable PEMEX Oil. Central Americans are a mixed group based on who they supported during the various civil wars that took place in the various countries. Those who sided with their governments such as Nicaraguans and Salvadorians will register Republican but their numbers will not be enough to cancel out the mexicans. those who supported the insurgents will most likely become Democrats. They will drive the Republican Party into extinction. It´s a shame that it would cost so much to send them back.Democrat Shumer is piping the tune to legalize the illegal and forget securing the border and the RINOS are dancing to the tune. Shame!!

  15. Matthias Woodbury says

    You might be a Rino if you are an unlicensed Plummer. You might be a Rino if you drop everything you believe for lower taxes. You might be a Rino If you believe in guns and freedom but not in education. You might be a Rino if you believe in freedom of religion and not freedom from religion. I come here for a difference in opinion, but you guys are lunatics. I have a guy l work with who doesn’t think Republican should compromise with Obama, but will scream when Obama doesn’t compromise with them. I am done with Joe the Plummer, not because you guys are plum dumb. But rather Politics require compromise and you guys don’t believe in that.

    1. pdigaudio says

      Still striking out at Singles Night at Old MacDonald’s Farm? Proof that even farm animals have standards.

    2. mtman2 says

      “Well”, Matt there has NEVER been compromise from or on the Left, only a steady march for Socialism. What planet did you just arrive from. You’ve got alot to learn to even comprehend what going on here and what’s at stake. Thousands of hours of actual research will validate wisdom not drinking un-cool “kool-aid”. Get out of the box the Lib/Progs have put you in.
      The Founders did everything they could FOR MANY YEARS to entreat Britain for relief of greivances from tyranny and compromise, BEFORE things got violent. THEY as those now systematically boxed US in until there was no where left and then came for OUR guns + ammo stores whereupon “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World” took place @ Lexington on the Green.
      It still echo’s to people who are oppressed, everywhere.

    3. Herman Nelson says

      Keep drinking the coolaid if you believe that.

    4. Nuf Sed says

      moron alert!

    5. Fredrick Neal Rehders says

      Matthias, we believe that when good compromises with evil, it’s the good that gets diluted. The RINOs among us are selling us down the river in ever increasing increments. I suggest you read Thomas Sowell or the Nobel Prize winning economist that mentored him, Dr. Milton Friedman. It’s not about Democrat or Republicrat, it’s about Capitalism vs. Socialism. When you can define your terms and defend your core beliefs I doubt you will call us dumb, when you really mean ignorant, while mis-spelling plumber and making a half dozen grammatical errors in the process.

  16. randellmd says

    The logo is wrong Organizing for America doesn’t organize for America, they organize for obama; check that, they organize for George Soros.

  17. Harry Jismsm says

    Why the RINO’s? Because they are bought off by lobbyists, PAC’s, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, large corporations, and all the big money people. All us little people that actually vote for them mean nothing! The has to be some kind of remedy for this: ALL campaigns funded by government. Yeah, I know this is detestable but the only way I can think of to get all the big money and influence out of government.

    1. mtman2 says

      The GOP called me again last night whereupon I kindly read them the riot act again, KINDLY.
      Why wouldn’t it be possible for the NSA to have a massive data base on all politicians with dirt or threats to direct their votes???
      Oh that’s right they do!!!!!!

  18. Joseph says

    You know you’re a RHINO if you believe anything the RNC ( RHINO National Committee ) has to say.

  19. Joseph says

    Republican Resolve Robbed by RHINOS. RIP GOP.

  20. Dempsey Coleman says

    We have to start gathering on every State County and City
    Capitol or whatever all the other buildings are called till we
    convince the powers that be

  21. Driver_S says

    I’ve withdrawn my support and affiliation to the Republican Party. When I get snail mail from the GOP looking for support I mail it back and write…. I can’t give any support to the GOP until they return to their conservative principles and fight against the liberal agendas. The current GOP is not different then the Democrats liberal agenda, you can’t tell them apart…. There are more turn coat RHINOs in the GOP now then we’ve ever had. No one is standing up, the bow to money, power, lobbyist, special interest groups, the UN and the NWO. It’s a disgrace for them to swear in on the Bible to uphold the Constitution & Bill of Rights then turn their back on our freedoms.

    1. mtman2 says

      Actually it IS blasphemy and treason!!!!!!

  22. scott says

    State rights? Then what is going on with Holders DOJ and Texas right now. Or with states rights when it comes to protecting the integrity of elections. The feds are already ignoring rulings set down by the Supreme Court concerning the repealed voting laws from the 60’s. Holder has openly said he will find a loophole or way around the Supreme Courts ruling to manipulate the ruling as he deems fitting for his and/or obamas desire. The feds are also enforcing laws, or refusing to enforce laws and interfering with state laws concerning immigration on the border states, among other laws the feds don’t want to support or enforce. The feds have their hands in what they want in states, don’t be fooled. And the more they get away with, the worse it will get.

  23. stevenlehar says

    The RINOs don’t care if they are “in power” or not, they are ALWAYS in power even on the sidelines, they are making fat profits from lobbyists, all they have to do is pretend they are conservatives and preserve the status quo. Wake up America! The RINOS are worse than the Libs! At least the Libs tell us what they are up to.

    1. mtman2 says

      The other word is -friendly parasitism- or ‘semi-symbiotic’ self help for their bank accounts. The Left are actual predatory parasites that ARE destroying the host organism[the-USA]!

  24. K Carter says

    According to the Pentagon, standing for States’ rights is “Extremist”.

  25. TruthorConsequences says

    Great points, as usual, Joe! Some of Republicans have no balls. A few do (Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Rep. Paul Broun…)

  26. Right on Joe. Nicely stated. States rights are the only thing standing between a free America and a progressively orchestrated tyrannical America. All the more reason for all of us to put time and effort into electing conservative governors and keeping our state legislatures packed with people who put our states and our country first.

  27. rlowen says

    Exactly why I am no longer a Republican and have become a Constitutional Conservative. By the way, I believe that some of those photographs that you refer to, may involve barnyard animals.

    1. IHateLibs says

      ME TOO. I Also Vote MY GUNS

    2. Ricarrdo estavans says

      You mean domesticated farm animals

      1. TruthorConsequences says

        Maybe feral hogs (illegal aliens).

        1. Mom442 says

          Terrible disrespect to the feral hogs!

          1. TruthorConsequences says

            Ha. Our state along with all other southern states allows us to hunt them without a permit or license fee, no limit, no restraint as to the weapons we choose, and no regulation (though we do donate them to food banks which have them processed into sausage and give to the needy). The other scourge I would compare them to are nutria rats, which we are paid $5 per tail (by our state wildlife and fisheries agent) and I am not sure what they are good for except alligator bait.

          2. fenix1 says

            I live in Sabine Parish on Toledo Bend Lake and not meaning to sound greedy but charity with me begins at home. I kill 1 or 2 Hogs every Deer Season and they go into Sausage, Ham, and Tamales and then into my Freezer! But back to the Subject. We do NOT need a Const.Convention. Leave the Constitution alone…just need to enforce it that’s all. If ANY entity of this Government passes a Bill or ANY Agency orders a Mandate…NULLIFY the ***! That’s a States Right, IS Constitutional, and most likely other States would follow! Remember, they only Govern by and with the Consent of the governed. It’s time they ALL were reminded of that!

          3. TruthorConsequences says

            That is a beautiful area of Sportsman’s Paradise. I had the blessing to bring a dear friend there recently who was in the final stages of cancer. He has a camp at Toledo Bend and loves the area so much he wanted to see it once again. We stayed all day and overnight at his camp. I brought him back home and he passed the next day.
            Stay strong on the Constitution. Several years back a group of friends and I purchased hundreds of pocket U.S. Constitutions and presented them to graduating seniors as we discussed the Constitution. Their teacher told us it made the greatest impact on the students. Friends and I are planning another presentation, maybe each year to the graduating seniors.
            Semper FI!

          4. fenix1 says

            Sorry bout your’ Friend. And what you and others are doing is a Noble thing indeed, sadly to say but most Graduates today have probably never read the Constitution thanks to the Liberal Progressive Crap in their Curriculum these days. The last couple of Generations have been so “dumbed down” by the Education system that few know little bout this Countrys History or the Constitution. They’re teaching our children WHAT to think and not HOW! Alot to be said for Home Schooling. 75th.RgrRgmt. Vietnam(70-71)

          5. TruthorConsequences says

            Thank you.
            The only reason we have access into a public high school is because the principal and vice principal are both vets and patriots. We kept everything centered on the Constitution and stayed away from politics. From what we understood there had been no teaching on the U.S. Constitution for any of the graduating students in high school or middle school, except just a little superficial overview of when it was adopted and the general history around that.
            Most of my wife’s family (and she herself) are educators. They face horrible circumstances and often are at risk. They continue teaching to reach the small half dozen or dozen out of a hundred that do want to learn and do want to break out of the poverty and dependence cycle.

          6. mtman2 says

            Vouchers and voter ID’s are the bane of the Lib/Progs!!!!
            THEY are fighting both with every + anything they can throw at them.

          7. mtman2 says

            THEY all know it but will ‘run with the ball’ until sidelined or tackled!!!!!
            So far this is a one sided game, only it’s NOT a game. The pansies are high score up till now.

          8. NewMexicoGlo says


    3. 7papa7 says

      If their constituents vote them back in their is a problem. If they dump them for conservatives they will definitely get my respect. Many mentioned lied to get in and that is a hard thing to stop but now that they know dump the chumps.

      1. Mom442 says

        Only problem with that is that the “chumps” control the vote count–both with “no voter I.D.” as well as computer-counting fraud.

        1. Mom442 says

          “Spain”? As in the country?? I think that has been debunked as a rumor. Do you have any new information showing that it is, indeed, real? ‘Seems I remember when the story was circulating, that George Soros was behind the deal.

    4. MN_in_CA says

      I hope the barnyard animals identities have been obscured!

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