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images (55)If I would have told you last year at this time that Barack Obama’s campaign organization would be supporting Paul Ryan, you would have slapped me, thinking I either dozed off, or forgot to take my meds. Well, fast FORWARD to August of 2013, in other words – now: Organizing for Action, or OFA – Barack Obama’s old campaign organization-turned-nonprofit is actively supporting the former Republican Vice-presidential nominee in his quest to legalize 12 million illegal aliens by virtue of Ryan’s Immigration “Reform” efforts.

So just when did Ryan go from HERO to RINO? Better yet – why is it so important for these elected Republicans to legalize 12 million undocumented Democrats when they know it will eventually lead to around 30-35 million more Democrat voters over the next 20 years and the end of the Republican hope of any electoral victory ever again? Does David Axelrod have nude Polaroids of Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, John Boehner (eek!), John McCain (double-eek!) and Mitch McConnell (um, infinity-eek-squared)?

I don’t get it. There must be some sort of RINO spiked gin ‘n juice they get slipped at a party somewhere; because this past Monday in addition to Ryan’s district in Wisconsin, OFA mobilized supporters in the districts of Dave Reichert (R-Wash.), Joe Heck (R-Nev.), Aaron Schock (R-Ill.), Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) and Dan Webster (R-Fla.). Is it that easy to make Republicans sell out their constituents along with the rest of the country? A few idiots knocking on doors in their districts and they begin growing a giant horn in the middle of their heads? Is it me, or could the sheer volume of RINO’s in the Senate provide traditional medicine doctors with enough horn powder to cure every male in the Republic of China with erectile dysfunction? But I digress..

No one runs on being a RINO, they always say they’re going to vote to cut spending, secure the border, defend the Constitution, defund ObamaCare, bla bla bla – then they get to Washington and I don’t know – there’s a meeting and they get their RINO badges and in some cases free passes to the tanning salon and poof! they’re being helped by Barack Obama’s peeps to be re-elected? Wow. Think about that? What’s the fix? I said, “What’s the fix, Joe?”

Glad you asked.

The situation is this: It’s over. The tipping point is tipped. You can live on welfare easier than working. The Republicans, who used to be the firewall protecting us from the Red libs support the status quo. They do nothing when the President usurps the Constitution, ignores the separation of powers, and re-writes legislation as he sees fit. Tell me I’m wrong. No, seriously, tell me I’m wrong… I’ll wait.

That’s what I thought. Now, there is another way:

America will not be fixed through Congress or the Supreme Court or the Presidency. They are not going to police themselves or respect the Constitution nor the rule of law. We’re clearly in a post-Constitutional era – BUT – we have an out and it is State’s rights. We still have the Constitutional powers as granted to the States. Remember, it’s the United States of America, not the United Washington District of Columbia, right? It was the States which formed the Federal Government and the Constitution gives the States the power to deal with the dire situation we’re in right now.. The States have the right to override an onerous and out of control Federal Government – it is written plain and clearly in the Constitution.

We were warned of this and have been for 250 years. The Founding Fathers, the framers of the Constitution warned us. People during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln warned us. Right up to President Ronald Reagan who warned us that we won’t be destroyed by a foreign army, if America is destroyed, it will be from within – and it’s happening right now.

We cannot trust politicians in Washington any longer. Democrats are a no-brainer, but now the Republicans are no better, acquiescing to the President’s power-grabs and standing by as the nation is bankrupted and our children and grandchildren’s future are stolen from them. There are Veterans of all stripes, who fought with their very lives to save this country from the very evil that is happening from within at this very moment. How are we going to look them in the face if we let this happen? But make no mistake, this will be a fight as well.

Not with guns, but with sheer desire. We can do it. We have to.

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