White Republicans Are The Racists, Right?

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Catedra UNESCO para la PazI just watched a video interview with Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) where he is arguing for “comprehensive immigration reform”.  During this interview (4min 50sec mark) he makes a long statement about the “need” for immigrants.  His statement essentially boils down to this:

“We need immigrants to pick our lettuce”

I’m sorry, say what?  If that had been your average white guy, or god forbid, a conservative, making that statement, the liberal media would be spending weeks crucifying him.  But since Gutierrez is Hispanic, and a Democrat, he gets a free pass.

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  1. crq says

    Bottom line is that we (US) have unlimited farm work visas for immigrants to “pick lettuce / crops”. That’s been a staple for decades in this country. Yes, we do need to ‘fix’ the immigration laws & FUND said laws. Congress has a bad tendency to make laws & then change their minds on FUNDING said laws. Like Border security, DHS has jurisdiction there, but between J Napalitano & the current regime, they keep showing us that they do not want to follow the RULE of LAW in this country, but whatever whim they have at any moment in time, they follow. Hence the lawsuit from ICE agents against DHS.
    We CANNOT have this! Like the IRS’s recent wrongdoings brought to light, we must be vigilant on our border. IF we are vigilant on our border, then by logical extension, we MUST have an orderly, clear, immigration policy, that is properly funded. To that end, the BEST immigration policy I have seen is that proposed by Barbara Jordan (avail in pdf on NumbersUSA site).
    BUT any immigration policy is only as good as it’s funding. If we have a law & don’t fund it, we will continue getting the complete & utter crap that we’ve been getting. Please ensure your congresscritters know that you are FOR a good immigration policy & it’s funding. Can’t have one without the other!

  2. $38572143 says

    What a P.O.S I am so tired of these lying crooks claiming they know what Americans are for. I am NOT for allowing 11 million Mexicans to steal jobs and to say these are jobs Americans wont take is another huge lie. If these companies did not have an unlimited pool of illegals to exploit they would have to pay better wages to get the labor force they need. What do you think they would do let the crops rot in the fields, what a bunch of lies and garbage these scumbags keep trying to force down our throats. The illegals are here for one reason, large corporations want them so they can exploit them for cheap labor period and that piece of garbage is probably taking millions from these corporations to push this joke of a law through , he should be swinging from the end of a rope for treason. He does not give a crap about those people all he cares about is how much money he can fill his campaign fund with from the corporations that stand to reap huge profits from a nearly unlimited supply of basically what amounts to slaves.

  3. Sue says

    Watch the crime stats go up in your neighborhoods and see the time of year. They tend to go up when the nice pickers are in town and go down when they migrate back. This way we can have fun all year long when they’re legal.

    1. isringhou says

      Those that believe in global warming would disagree with you. Crime goes up when it is hot and down when it is cold.

      1. Sue says

        Then perhaps it’s Mexican global warming?

  4. Derekf900 says

    Gutierrez is the racist. Go back to Mexico…….

  5. paintinc56 says

    So what else is new? I watch black actors, talk show hosts, comedians, athletes, singers & politicians act like spoiled, hate filled, racist children. They have no integrity, take no responsibility for the deplorable condition of the self segregating black community or the horrific violence their racist rhetoric produces. Now the Hispanic racists are getting their turn. In all fairness though light skinned leftists/Democrats get away with calling black conservatives derogatory names as well with 0 consequences.

  6. marcus J says

    Luis Gutierrez is the Hispanic Jesse Jackson , I live in Southern Arizona and we Have Raul Grihalva ,Now Raul is the Hispanic Al Sharton ,I notice they always say Immigrants , Immigrants are here legally and have payed the fees and have waited and filled out the documents and learned our Langauge , illegal aiens are criminals that have violated our laws , Luis and Raul are Racists ,Both are members of LA RAZA ( The Race ) The Hispanic Version of the KKK ,Both are Progressives ( Communists ) Hello & greetings from Arizona to the NSA and DHS

  7. Joseph111 says

    1. Learn to speak the king’s English if you call yourself an AMERICAN
    2. AMERICANS do not want comprehensive immigration reform – we want SECURE BORDERS
    3. SB 1070 is a mirror of FEDER LAW already on the books, which you took an oath to uphold
    4. ILLEGAL ALIENS can pick the lettuce in mexico or wherever they came from – AMERICANS don’t want and certainly dont need foreign CRIMINALS picking their lettuce

  8. ClarkeB10 says

    i didn’t know mexicans are a race…which one?

  9. John Galt says

    No, ….. Blacks and Mexicans are racists.

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