Where’s the justice? Teacher gets 30 days in jail for raping a 14-year-old student

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BILLINGS, Mont. – A former high school teacher was sentenced to a mere 30 days in jail as punishment for raping a 14-year-old student who later committed suicide because of the relationship.

teacherStacey Dean Rambold was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but Yellowstone County Judge G. Todd Baugh suspended all but 31 days and credited Rambold for one day already served. Rambold, 54, was convicted of sexual intercourse without consent stemming from a sexual relationship with a student that began in 2008, the Billings Gazette reports.

The victim’s mother, Auliea Hanlon, testified Rambold played a major role in her daughter’s suicide shortly before her 17th birthday. She was understandably angry with Rambold’s sentence.

Hanlon repeatedly shouted “You people suck!” at the sentencing hearing yesterday, the newspaper reports.

Rambold was charged with three counts of sexual intercourse without consent in October 2008 after authorities learned of a sexual relationship between him and student Cherice Morales, then 14.

“The girl’s death caused problems for the prosecution, and in July 2010 Rambold entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Yellowstone County Attorney’s Office,” the Gazette reports.

“The agreement called for prosecutors to put the case on hold for three years. The charges would be dismissed, the agreement stated, if Rambold completed a sex offender treatment program and complied with other conditions.”

But Rambold messed up that agreement when he was kicked out of the treatment program for visiting minors (relatives) without permission and not informing counselors about a sexual relationship he developed with a woman, the newspaper reports.

Rambold’s sentencing this week was the final punishment to resolve his deferred sentence and subsequent violations. Rambold’s attorney argued he has suffered already, with the loss of his wife, job, and through the “scarlet letter of the Internet.”

Prosecutors wanted Rambold to serve 20 years in prison with 10 in abeyance. Hanlon pleaded with the court to put Rambold in prison.

Judge Baugh wasn’t convinced prison was the appropriate punishment.

He said at the sentencing that he didn’t believe the crime justified the long prison sentence because the victim was “older than her chronological age” and was “in as much control of the situation” as the rapist, the Gazette reports.

The former high school teacher had been warned in 2004, before he was busted with Morales, about inappropriately touching female students, something that helped Hanlon win a wrongful death settlement of $91,000 against School District 2 – Rambold’s former employer.

By Victor Skinner at EAGnews.org

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  1. pysco says

    I Sincerely hope that some big sexual preditor, butt “F”‘s that judge………….. The local citizens need to casterate that teacher with a rusty knife.

  2. An American Hero says

    This man needs to have his balls cut off. Then I could see only 30 days in jail for his crime

  3. dangerouspatriot says

    He should be castrated and made into an enuch.

  4. Lou Mann says

    Many judges in this nation today are nothing more than perverts themselves. Our justice system has been FILLED with some of the most radical, vile and incompetent people for the last few decades. America needs a great awakening and leaders who understand right from wrong!

  5. bahndon says

    The judge needs to be removed from the bench and jailed.

  6. Nikita63 says

    Welcome to the US justice system. Anyone who thinks there is ANY justice for victims of violent crime in this country is deluded. Victims have few rights because the liberal mindset is see no, hear no, speak no Evil and do not punish the perpetrators as victims are BORN to be victimized. It is their lot in life and in this ultra-politically correct liberal society with no moral values or any other kind , for that matter, such are the facts of life! Rambold is a predator, a pervert and should be put away forever and sterilized or executed. what he got was absurd and an insult to the victim’s family and undoubtedly a major contributory fact in her suicide. It was absurd as well for the judge to rule any 14 year old was “older than her chronological age,” and “as much in control of the situation as the rapist!” How would he know? Was the SOB present while the rape was ongoing? My heart goes out to the mother who had it right when she repeatedly yelled “You people suck,” at the sentencing hearing. I hope that someone will punish this scum for what he has done. The state of Montana and the city of Billings in particular, can be really proud if itself for this verdict! NOT!

  7. Jack says

    This is exactly a case for “Vigilante” justice..I truly believe here where I live, he wouldn’t last a week.

  8. Laura Lee Davis says

    Judge Baugh is as guilty of rape as rapist Rambold and they both should be held accountable to the maximum sentence. Judge Baugh said a 14 yr old was older than her chronological age and proved that he is older than his age and is a SENILE old pervert. He Must retire or be removed from office as he is not fit to judge, especially crimes against children.

  9. rio says

    There is no “justice”, its “just us” the people

  10. TruthorConsequences says

    This case and others like it are great justification for mandatory sentences. I know that takes away judicial independence and discretion, but here the judge had the independence and discretion and rendered a blatantly unjust decision. Whenever we hear the news media, leftists, and ignorant citizens decry mandatory sentences, remember the idiot judges like Judge G. Todd Baugh!

  11. paintinc56 says

    So a 14 year old CHILD is just as responsible for her RAPES as the pedophile that lured her, manipulated her & caused such emotional damage that the CHILD killed herself at age 17? Are you FU CK ING kidding me??!!
    WHERE are all the LEFTIST WOMEN’S GROUPS, I guess RAPING a child & inflicting so much damage that the child kills herself isn’t a big issue to them. Now if that 14 year old had gotten pregnant & wanted an abortion they would be right there.
    How I wish this pedophile judge would get RAPED for years! I know, lets REWARD him, only a pedophile would feel sympathy for a pedophile, by allowing him to stay on the bench & collect his nice fat salary! Montana, another state to scratch off my list.

    1. Angelina Sclone says


  12. John says

    what this story DOESN’T say, is the facts. It uses buzz words like “rape” and “rapist” but it DOESN’T TELL you what happened, and the facts that were presented to the court. THE FACTS include 1) the “minor female” verbally consented to the relationship on all occasions 2) the story says “rape” and “without consent” ONLY because the state law does NOT ALLOW minors to give “legal consent” EVEN when they say YES. 3) The girl NEVER SAID NO. 4) The girl was “fine” with the relationship, UNTIL she was harassed by friends/schoolmates/and family….only THEN was she “embarrassed enough” to “hate her life enough” to kill herself. THAT is why the judge treated the case as it was. THE sex, however “morally objectionable” to the “puritans of today”, WAS IN FACT consensual, EVEN IF she was not allowed LEGALLY to give “legal consent”. SO the case becomes a statutory infraction, regardless of the mother’s unfounded claims, which are COMPLETELY predicated by a selfish need to hurt someone, because she feels guilty that she insulted and bullied her own daughter into committing suicide. THOSE ARE THE FACTS. anything else…….is your own opinion, which is IRRELEVANT (thank GOD) under the law. Treating a case you don’t agree with, like a witch hunt, is dumb, and ignorant, and stupid! The girl was NOT a child, and despite what you may think, she most likely instigated the encounters between them, which is another reason the judge would have been lenient. A 14 year old, is more than capable in deciding whether or not they want someone to touch them, or whether or not they want someone to have intimate contact with them. If you think otherwise, you are negating the intelligence of the the 14 year old, to that of a 5 year old…..the two are not the same. A 14 year old is still considered a grown adult in most of the world, because of their ability to procreate. Fact, morality is subject to your beliefs, which are subject to what you’ve been told. Ethics, or the judgment of ethics, are subject to public opinion, and cultural beliefs, which again, are subject to what you believe, which is subject to what you were told, NOT what you know. WHAT you know as FACT is scientifically provable!…..what you believe……is usually not!

    1. Roger says

      jOHN, You seem to know alot about this case.
      Except for the fact that at 14, it is still illegal in THIS COUNTRY !
      That sir, is a FACT.

    2. Angelina Sclone says

      What an ignorant freak you are. Playing with children are you and they consent because you know how to play the game with them. Next thing these CHILDREN are under your spell. Having a good time JOHN. Karma will get you too you ignorant SOB!? Her suicide was due to the horrible confusion of a youngster as to how she was played, their children you freak they aren’t developed yet but can be used by an pedophile low self esteem a SNAKE.. She had the right to Consent? TELL ME ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR IGNORANT SCHEMING PLANS TO “F” A CHILD!

      1. bayman61 says

        It is only illegal if you are over 18. She can have as much sex as she wants with anyone under the age of 18. Yet they tell her that she cannot have sex with anyone over 18? The end results are the same. Seems to me if it is illegal for one, it has to be illegal for both. So why is it that the man goes to prison and the girl is free? If she consented to sex, then she committed the crime also. Takes two to tango as they say.

        1. LastNameFirst says

          YOU ARE WAY OFF BASE!!! And obviously don’t know much about the law. If they are both under the age of consent, but agreed to it anyway, then it’s up to the parents. If one is under the age and the other is over the age, then yes the older one takes the punishment. If the older one is over 18, and the younger is over the age of consent, but under 18, then the older is still wrong in some states based on the age of consent. Not all states have the same age of consent, which plays a major part in cases such as these. So, it matters what state you are in as to how the law plays out.

    3. ginger says

      Hope you don’t have daughters.

    4. mtman2 says

      You are way off here. It doesn’t matter WHAT she said, you NAMBLA simpleton, what the man DID is what counts! YOUR opinions here show your standards of parenting ability and they ARE irrelevant.
      Your entire rant is only an expose’ of your moral concepts and standards in how you think things should be. It’s obvious what you don’t say here is what you keep under the rock you hide under. FACT, ‘morality’ is irrelevant here, the law isn’t nor a mentor trusted by parents to act like a real teacher, oh yeah he was and they did. FACT, “the girl” WAS a child, despite what YOU think, and wasn’t “capable of” dealing with the consequences nor should she because of that fact; which IS the reason for the law!!!”THE sex, however acceptable to you” and the “skewed perverts of today”, was -still a major crime-, regardless of IF it was consensual! On top of it all IS she IS dead by her own hand; at 14! And why if HE hadn’t violated her as a grown married MAN, professionally trusted to HELP children NOT impregnate them like a dog! IS why WE have leash laws for ‘dumb animals’!
      “Treating a law you don’t agree with, like a witch hunt, is dumb and ignorant and stupid!”
      Why don’t you publish your book; “Memoirs of a pedophile”! Or go to one of the countries “in most of the world” and marry a goat herders 14 yr old daughter. Of coarse they WILL expect you to marry her and take good care of her, with many grandchildren. Or like the guy who thought like you, who tried that in one of these places but just used the girl, and her brothers father and uncles rearranged his face, permanently. Girls or women are now afraid of him, plastic surgery might help him, maybe!
      “Well”, John; it’s obvious to ALL now what “YOU believe”, and ‘FACT is WE don’t need science to prove it’.
      My two blogs below state three similar scenarios of out comes in what once was, has been and what could be.
      There still is time to reconsider tilting at windmills and realize there’s reasons that matter as to WHY some things -“Just ain’t right.”

    5. LastNameFirst says

      You must be another pedophile. And statutory rape is still rape! So her consent or not is irrelevant. I’ve studied criminal law also. AND CONTRARY TO YOUR OPINION, 14 is not considered an adult in most of this world, it is considered and treated as a child, with maybe the exception of some of the UNDEVELOPED countries.
      FACT; everything you said after the word statutory is not a ‘fact’, it is your own opinion! And opinions are like as*holes, some smell worst than others. And yours smells so bad that you need to wash it with a wire brush!
      I wish that you were a Piñata.

  13. Don Hauptman says

    A sex offender “treatment” program??? Are they kidding? Let me put this out there for everyone as a warning right now…
    What these pervs do may be disturbing, vile, etc., but if people continue to refer to them and their actions as “sick”, lawyers and psychiatrists looking to make a name for themselves are going to convince the courts that said perverts actions are, in fact, not his/her fault but rather due to said illness. Court mandated treatment programs are a joke. The success rate is abysmal. Does anyone really think there is a treatment for sexual offenders?
    The reality is that everyone has impulses. How we act on our impulses is metered by our moral compass. Pervs, if they have one at all, is clearly broken. Its about impulse control; plain and simple.

  14. WhiteFalcon says

    I believe he should be appropriately punished. This is not appropriate. However, I also believe that females should get sentances equal to what males get for similar offences, which they don’t.

  15. Terry Adams says

    31 days? Is he still a teacher? God what is what America needs today. There are no more morals in this country. Wake up America the beast is upon you.

  16. raccman says

    Not only is Justice Blind – Here is an excellent example of it also being grossly STUPID !

  17. James Maxwell says

    Turn the scum loose and take him fishing down in South Louisiana, dem gator shore love fresh
    meant tied to the tree just above water level. Problem solved and he will not trouble children
    any more.

  18. CHRIS KIRSTEN says

    he would be dead right now if it had been my daughter he raped…

  19. Johnny says

    The Europeans have a means of stopping these things from happening again by the same jerk. They put the Iron Boot to the testicles. Of course the testicles are hopelessly crushed – never to function ever again. Then that person is sent to prison where they meet with the fun-loving buddies.

  20. NoMoLies says

    If this guy spend a few days in prison he will get whats coming to him. They don’t take kindly to rapists in prison, especially the ones that went after children. Karma’s a bitch, and he will definitely be someones karma.

  21. edgineer says

    Typical Democrat judge.

  22. mossfish says

    If this isn’t proof that the Judicial Branch is out of control then those in denial need to be shot.

  23. pointdan says

    Judge Baugh should get 15 years for stupidity. How can a 14 year old consent ?? Be older than her chronological age ??? What ??? Be in as much control as her 50 year old attacker ?
    It is called statutory rape for a reason, Judge Baugh.
    You need to find another occupation. Perhaps your local zoo needs someone to clean up after the animals ??

    1. NewMexicoGlo says

      Since when is rape a consensual thing? Reread this sentence: Rambold was charged with three counts of sexual intercourse WITHOUT CONSENT in October 2008; (I added the caps), so again, this was not consensual sex, but in fact, rape with nothing statutory about it, AND child molesting, all wrapped up in a neat little package.
      I do, however, agree with you, pointdan, that the judge should get some form of discipline, and that 15 years sounds like a good start. 😉

  24. Richard Mcree says

    I can think of some ways to punish this SOB!

  25. chickief says

    “older than her chronological age”… Anybody ever know a 14 yr old that didn’t want to be 21 but the fact remains they are still children and deserve the protection of each and every one of us! Judge you should be ashamed of yourself. What if it was your daughter? Would she be “older than her chronological age”?

  26. gksnana says

    Liberals don’t think anyone that thinks like they do, does anything wrong. The only wrong ones are the conservatives that actually care about how people think, feel about anything. A person is not supposed to care, only take advantage and use what they can to further their agenda. Since something like this doesn’t really hurt the liberal it is not of consequence. This judge will see it come back on him, as will this teacher. Karma is much worse than a liberal, especially when it comes to payback.

  27. hildawilliams says

    The judge is most likely a pedophile himself.

    1. paintinc56 says

      My feelings exactly. It is quite prevalent in leftist circles.

  28. Jim Hammond says

    I hope that judge is happy with himself. I’m not sure where to put this freak but this so called punishment is ridiculous. Just think Judge, he will be free and might be teaching your granddaughter next. If he hasn’t learned to keep his pants zipped and leave the children alone in 50 years this jerk never will until some father catches him with his daughter and puts him in his grave. Of course, i’m sure you will nail the father..

    1. boone1 says

      This judge is a pedophile himself or he would not have let this scumbag off.

      1. norhymenoreason says

        You hit the nail on the head.

  29. mtman2 says

    When ‘the media’ today talks about lynchings of generations ago, it spotlights only those of the down-trodden black-Americans! Though in all of those days a white American like this -SWINE- Rambold would of been likely lynched anywhere in the USA, as were far more whites then blacks in the same time period. It was quite prevalent until rule of law + law enforcement caught up with ‘civilized’ thoughts of what is exceptable. Only now the “inmates” run the ‘assylum’ of criminal accountability.

    1. 7papa7 says

      This is unbelievable that a rapist of children only get 3 days in jail. All this will do is provoke pedophiles to do the same figuring the penalty isn’t that bad. What they should do is put this pig in the general population and let them know what he did, then maybe justice will happen.

    2. boone1 says

      If this were my daughter he wouldn’t have no dick and no balls to hurt any other persons daughter you can bet on that.

      1. ginger says


    3. ginger says

      Start with the judge and then the perp…”older than her chronological age”??? Is he completely brain dead?? She was FOURTEEN YEARS old and a CHILD.

      1. mtman2 says

        Even if she was precocious or even promiscuous, he is the link as a mentor to make a, or even THE difference in turning her self deprecation toward self respect and dignity.
        THAT father image of showing a girl these relevant personal concepts for social equity is what directs a girl away from self destructive degeneration[labeled a slut etc].
        This man is a personal failure and a professional disaster, as well as a community menace. He failed the test of consideration of another with discretionary wisdom.
        Now I didn’t advocate lynching! I only pointed out a historical glimpse into the seemingly skewed Lefts look at lynching as ‘only done to Black-Americans’ in previous eras. God knows what went on in the girls life prior, to be “older than her age”. It has been a fact that parents[[probably not here]], have used[[trained]] 14 yr old girls that look 22 in every way to be compromised to then sue selected families with great wealth[[w/older boys]] or settle out of court for huge sums. As has been said “The truth can be stranger than fiction.”

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