When Rednecks Attack

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This image is important because this is the image media outlets such as The Los Angles Times put out with attempts to sway the ignorant into taking away your constitutional rights. The goal of the image is to scream overweight stupid Redneck. A man child with barely an IQ above a child’s food size clutching his gun while wearing his pajamas in his trusty confederate hat.


The connection you are suppose to make is that serious people can not be for owning guns and thus the government should forcibly go to every trailer park in America and forcibly take the guns from these idiot hillbillies. Never mind the fact the artist gave credit to his beast for knowing who Pol Pot, Stalin and Hitler were. Because I can assure you the average young person whom this is suppose make laugh are clueless of the wrath (other than hollywood Hitler) these men had on the populations they controlled. Let alone the women and minorities this is meant to scare.

Imagine the horror the suburban Los Angeles Asian housewife must feel when she sees images such as these– how do you think she will react when asked the question if we should ban guns?

But that’s not really the debate about guns– rather that is what the liberals want the ill-informed to think is the debate about guns. So let’s change the scenario, use a few stereotypes since stereotypes are on the table given the image above and because the Los Angles Times would never print it. But the truth is around Los Angles county the vast majority of independent gas retailers and liquor stores are owned by minorities. Pakistani, Indian, Korean, etc… amazingly entrepreneurial communities. And the statistics also show that if a liquor store is held up in Crenshaw the likely culprit will be a black male between the ages of 15- 36.

See more at: http://gundebate.com/when-rednecks-attack/#sthash.bTwIyym5.dpuf

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