When Rednecks Attack

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This image is important because this is the image media outlets such as The Los Angles Times put out with attempts to sway the ignorant into taking away your constitutional rights. The goal of the image is to scream overweight stupid Redneck. A man child with barely an IQ above a child’s food size clutching his gun while wearing his pajamas in his trusty confederate hat.


The connection you are suppose to make is that serious people can not be for owning guns and thus the government should forcibly go to every trailer park in America and forcibly take the guns from these idiot hillbillies. Never mind the fact the artist gave credit to his beast for knowing who Pol Pot, Stalin and Hitler were. Because I can assure you the average young person whom this is suppose make laugh are clueless of the wrath (other than hollywood Hitler) these men had on the populations they controlled. Let alone the women and minorities this is meant to scare.

Imagine the horror the suburban Los Angeles Asian housewife must feel when she sees images such as these– how do you think she will react when asked the question if we should ban guns?

But that’s not really the debate about guns– rather that is what the liberals want the ill-informed to think is the debate about guns. So let’s change the scenario, use a few stereotypes since stereotypes are on the table given the image above and because the Los Angles Times would never print it. But the truth is around Los Angles county the vast majority of independent gas retailers and liquor stores are owned by minorities. Pakistani, Indian, Korean, etc… amazingly entrepreneurial communities. And the statistics also show that if a liquor store is held up in Crenshaw the likely culprit will be a black male between the ages of 15- 36.

See more at: http://gundebate.com/when-rednecks-attack/#sthash.bTwIyym5.dpuf

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  1. monacall says

    I feel not one bit of guilt for my color (white) in fact I would be just as proud to be any color, im a person that’s all there is…but have to say this….am really getting tired of the “the poor me” attitude the blacks have….if they would just take the time to find out the true history on how they got to this country they would find out that their OWN people SOLD them so by rights they should be hammering themselves….or me, lets see how would that work “yo man, I put myself in slavery” well yes now you got the picture.

  2. George Allegro says

    Your lamp for eluding the dark and despotic march of most of mankind: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  3. bahndon says

    All the rednecks I know are in better shape than Obama, they may be over weight, however they can walk through the hills of south central Pennsylvania all day, with their 8 pound deer riffle, shoot a 150 pound deer and drag that dead deer 5 or more miles and be in camp by supper.

    1. Kent2012 says

      soon we have to do that to politicians and their immigrant secret police, the stazi….

  4. davidfromfairviewpa says

    Let’s just make liberals surrender their guns and allow conservatives to keep theirs. The liberals, when victimized by a home invasion, or a thug on the street can simply reason with the criminal. The criminal will just understand and go away. If they don’t accept the reasoning and love expressed by the liberal, they will just shoot them, or beat them up and rape the women and girls. After all, they need a way to express their frustration with society. And, of course, the liberal will just forgive them and offer them more welfare and food stamps. That’s liberal social justice. Just think, if the plan works, the liberals will get killed off and become the minority.

  5. pudintain says

    I thought that was Chris Christie!

    1. Kent2012 says

      naw it is mikey moorehole after a hot date with nance pe$lutsi……

  6. Bad Penguin says

    Lenin took all of the peoples guns from them after the revolution. After he died Stalin decided he didnt like the autonomy Lenin gave the Ukrainians and the result was he straved or executed 10,000,000 Ukrainians in less than 2 years. They had no guns to fight back. After WW2 neither he or anyone after him tried it again as the populace was armed to the teeth.

    1. Kent2012 says

      small, but important pieces of a large volume of history that is not taught in the USA, nor has it really been covered since the end of WWII thanks to the generous numbers communists that have infiltrated the government and many low agencies. A good area is the public education membership….just enough to warp the truth with revisionist history texts that they author and then get their buddies in staff to authorize the text as “required”…..

      1. Bad Penguin says

        History also doesn’t mention how the Brits committed genocide against the Irish starting at about 1603. They had no way of defending themselves from being murdered or sold off as slaves after their armies were defeated. History is full of these things, and before each one society claims that they have evolved beyond that.

  7. Jay Star says

    Rather have a “Redneck” protecting my family than a politician blowing smoke about why they are going door to door taking your guns and whatever else they feel you should not have!

  8. EMIRCITNA says

    WELL NOW, it sure seems like this cartoonist, HORSEY, has made a HORSE’S ASS out of himself!!!

  9. Nunyadambizness says

    Horsey is obviously a horses ass, with this cartoon. He states “making the connection between insanity and guns” as his joke, obviously implying that any gun owner is insane, then with the Southern reference (Stars and Bars hat), and the hyper-obese redneck cartoon. Truth is I’ve never found his cartoons to be funny, he is obviously a leftist idiot with the ability to draw. Good for him, but any 4 year old can draw and be unfunny as well. (Just sayin’)

  10. Mike Rall says

    This guy looks like Michael Moore! Hmmm. Just saying.

  11. John Beam says

    The irony of this stupid cartoon is that the monstrously-obese man-child with the AR15 is essentially correct. When the population’s ability to protect themselves from a tyrannical government is removed, then the killing may commence. Hence, in order to make this appear dangerous, the “artist” must make the person who cares about his constitutional rights look like an inhuman creature, which is what all propagandists must do in order to make his enemy appear lacking any sympathy and empathy.

    Now imagine this–OTHER AMERICANS are enemies of the state, according to this pathological cartoonist. That is what the political landscape has wrought. A large portion of the population of our country, perhaps half of us, are enemies to the United States (or rather, to the Democratic Party, which is equated to what the United States should be–what this party says, rather than our RULE OF LAW). Those of us who disagree with his party have become enemies to be ridiculed as detriments to society and our country, while we support our constitution and liberty.

    The argument is actually “the connection between insanity, and a bloated government that commands all aspects of our lives.” We already HAVE a government that has essentially declared ownership of all of our money, because it can arbitrarily claim any amount of it from anyone at any time, so, it can be said that it owns EVERYTHING. The only thing keeping these tyrants from taking it all from us is our ability to protect ourselves and our communities. In all reality, we are the one sign of sanity in this entire “debate.”

  12. LibertysSon says

    I Knew Horsey in the 70’s. He has definately changed. He has moved way to the left. This insulting portrayal smacks of Goebels cartoons of Jews In 30’s Germany. First you isolate the enemy with extreme characatures and then you eliminate him. Horsey should be ashamed.

    1. John Beam says

      Actually, it was Julius Streicher who ran the antisemitic cartoons, within his pornographic publication “Der Stürmer.” This sort of propaganda is also being committed by Muslim publications against Jews and Israelis. They are using the SAME disgusting imagery as the Nazis.

      1. LibertysSon says

        Good info. Just for my clarification , was not “Der Sturmer” and Streicher both under the auspice of Goebels Ministry of Propaganda?

        1. John Beam says

          Actually no. “Der Stürmer” had no connection with any official government agency, although the Nazis promoted it. In many ways, Nazis in high office were embarrassed with the crudity and debased quality of it. For a publication that was supposed to uphold the “purity” of German culture, it did NOTHING to promote anything decent. All it did was spew hate and degradation.

          Streicher himself did not have any standing in the government. His ranking was as the gauleiter (or party leader) of Nuremberg, but he had no real governmental function. He was executed after the war, basically because of hateful, violent speeches and writings, but he personally had no real objective connection with war crimes or the extermination of “non-Aryans.”

  13. PLW says

    American Propaganda News Media at its BEST! Once known for its honesty and investigative reporting…. Now it is just another Political Tool being used to influence the uneducated and the Liberal Democratic Leftists. Each day, Obama’s Administration continues to dismantle America….

  14. Robert D Marshner says

    I don’t think this artist would like me depicting him and the rest of Hollywood as well as all liberals and democrats as being Homosexual chickenshit pedophiles that are afraid of Guns and Life in General

    1. Wayne Ogilvy says

      He might not like it, But you would be for the most part correct !

  15. leewacker says

    I am a redneck, and proud of it!
    The rednecks of the world are those people who willingly work out in the sun, who will work from before dawn, in many cases, to long after sunset–bringing food, construction of all sorts, and other things to the city slickers and others!
    I am proud to call myself a redneck!

    1. Wendy Baumann Krzyzanowski says

      Exactly. Turn the tables. I am a PROUD tea Bagger, redneck, cracker. Whatever offensive name they wanna call me. We can handle the name calling. We are the adults in the room. I will be 60 years old this year, and I have NEVER taken welfare or unemployment. I am a Christian, and proud to be an American.

      1. Jack says

        I join you and Leewacker..I too am a very proud redneck, never asked the Government for anything. I also am proud to say I am racist against anyone who impregnates women and leaves them to welfare , dope dealers, gangstas..guess I don’t like negros at all, do I?

        1. Jay Star says

          Well there is good and bad in every race, but the bad is brought to the front by people like Sharpton and Jackson. They twist and spin situations around to suit their agenda. Push any race and you are going to get trouble sooner or later. A lot quicker with low information voters. Sad indeed.

      2. Sue says

        It does make a difference if people are allowed to offend you on purpose without consequence. In history men were called out in duels for dishonoring someone’s good name. I understand what you’re saying but there needs to be some kind of even stakes here. If you attack me, I’ve the right to get you back without bringing the usual labels from the goodie bag.

  16. George Allegro says

    The majority decision-making used in democratic processes does not imply the right of larger groups or nations to subjugate smaller ones.

    1. Centurion ' says

      In a Republic, which is our Government, the majority rules with the concent of the minority. A Democracy is majority rule.
      Democratic is a vehicle for electing representatives of the masses.

  17. Roger D. Score says

    Hey! That is my Uncle Louie. I wonder who’s gun that is though, because Uncle Lou doesn’t carry a gun. He prefers to crush people with his bare hands. A pissed off Uncle Lou, is the reason other people carry firearms. Except for stupid people, but Uncle Lou takes care of the stupid ones.

    1. leewacker says

      Good for Uncle Lou!
      My kind of guy!

  18. anarchyst says

    When (us) rednecks attack, it will truly be a “day of reckoning”. Whites are slow to act, taking much more abuse from those of other races (I can think of two) that other races would take. . . and ALWAYS deferring to other races, always “giving them a chance”–which is something NO OTHER RACE would do for whites. “Affirmative action” and contract “set-asides” and “preferences” come to mind . . .
    The uniquely white sense of altruism and “fair play” does not exist in any other race. In every other race, survival of the race and the ability to self-segregate are traits looked upon as honorable and necessary. Whites are PROHIBITED from self-segregation. So-called “civil-rights” laws and protections do not apply to whites. Just ask “attorney general” eric holder. . .he has stated that whites are not protected by “civil-rights” laws and that only whites can be racist.

    1. moco25 says

      I would agree but would have to add that the white AND Asian communities take far more racial abuse than blacks or latinos…but especially blacks…..

      1. anarchyst says

        You are absolutely correct. Thank you for pointing out my oversight.
        Best regards,

        1. Troy Berkely says

          Absolutely really good points. When was the last time you saw an Asian in the welfare line, or for that matter, getting Government assistance of any kind? Its below them to do either, and we should look at the Chinese work ethic as a model of what independence and self reliance really means. The only reason why they take the kind of abuse that they do, is because the ones you mentioned want what they worked for, or want to discredit them for working hard by way of labeling them with secular attitudes, its their patience that wins the day in the end. Fight to live another day is the motto in Chinese or Asian culture.

          1. Wendy Baumann Krzyzanowski says

            Hell, Asians will live two families to a house, each working two jobs, just to live the American dream. Hardest working ethnic group here. They are good examples to the rest of the immigrants.

          2. Rattlerjake says

            I would have to say that most so called immigrants are not at all immigrants, they are junk from other countries that don’t want them either because they have no moral standards, work ethic, low intelligence, and overall uselessness to society. They will invade any country stupid enough to take them and over time they will degrade it’s society. There is a reason that American and European businesses have moved to India and Asian countries, and not as much to Central or South America, and when is the last time you heard of ANY business moving to AFRICA?

          3. Troy Berkely says

            The glue that holds any society together is values! If you have a society (such as America) that over the course of time loses its values, and the ability to live up to those values, then eventually it will crumble. (See the Roman Empire, followed by the introduction of the Church) Human history still can teach us that we as humans are subject to repeat the same mistakes as before. The reason Asian cultures are also so strong, is that they place a high importance on family. Also their method of justice is swift, (Like death to drug dealers, for example) which is a huge deterrent for any would be thief, sexual predator, or violent aggressive behavior that simply is not tolerated in any Asian society. Sure America has some really good people, with those same values, but unfortunately, an erosion of the family nucleus over the course of the last 40 years has made those people the minority. We can thank our PC narrative, the media culture of conditioning the American mind to not think for itself, impair the senses, or intellect, as well as promote unsavory attitudes and behaviors much in what we see in today’s generation. A grass roots movement is needed to combat the media, and political leaders who further this agenda of subversive attitudes that only engenders the authoritative police state to enslave or induce fear upon its citizens. Truly sad!

    2. leewacker says

      Eric Holder has completely overlooked the fact that ALL the laws enabling the black community to interact as Americans and good people, were brought about by white legislators. He is also overlooking the fact that thousands of good, white men died in a terrible war, thinking they were setting black men free from slavery!
      I read an article of Julian Bond’s in the 1970s whereas he told of visiting a camp in Missouri where black folks were taught to fight (military style, I suppose), and was horrified to see that nearly half of the “students” were white! Upon questioning the black director of the camp, he was told this: “The white man is long suffering, and we have made strides because of it! But, when the white man gets enough and turns, there will be terrible repercussions!”

      1. Sue says

        I don’t disagree with the point you’re making but the civil war was not fought for slavery one way or the other..

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