What the Bible Says About Homosexuality

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Let’s be honest. If you believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, you agree with this video teaching on the topic. If you think the Bible is a bunch of nice stories, myths, or lies, you will think this sermon is “hate speech.” The topic of homosexuality is all over the media, distracting us from our nation’s impending economic crash; the rash of scandals and corruption in our government; the proliferation of policies that are taking our freedoms away and pushing us into a socialistic/communistic state – more takers than makers, government over-regulation, Obamacare, etc.; and the creeping Islamization that is affecting our Freedom of Speech, our media, our military, our travel, our courts and our law.

Just like the race-baiters and “occupiers,” gay activists are stirring up division and conflict, calling Christians names simply because we follow the Bible. What about freedom of speech/thought? What about tolerance? As you can see from this Huff Po article by an eye-witness, I have given unconditional love to my gay friends, but have been treated with intolerance and scorn in return, simply because of my faith.
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  1. bahndon says

    The Sodomite agenda is not for acceptance, it is for indoctrination of the young into their abomination of a life style.

  2. worldwatchman says

    It clearly states that a man or woman doesn’t lay with another man or woman. If it says that you don’t then you don’t. No matter how “politically correct” you’re suppose to be. I am NOT politically correct about any of their hypes of garbage and they can call me anything they want just as long as they don’t get in my space. If they do then I’ll show them what a “madman” acts like. It’s not pretty and it certainly isn’t politically correct……it’s an act of being an Almighty God believing American.

  3. SniperToo says

    For ALL you spineless morons out there, who threw way your moral compass, GET OFF YOUR BUTTS and go find it AGAIN and grow a back bone. You will be left behind when the time comes.

  4. David says

    Jesus Lived and Died So That None Would Perish, but That All Would Have Eternal LIFE !!!

    One Republic Nation Under God!!!

    1. Harold says

      You should know what you are saying when you make a statement. No where in the Bible does it say that every one would have eternal life.!

  5. mperkins2 says

    Every person in this country needs to here this message. It is time to expose those who use this issue to further their political career. They are not helping the people caught up in this grievous sin. The reading of God’s word and seeing the truth in black and white would help many in this situation. To those in power it is merely a way to bring down our great nation by making our men into women who will lay down instead of stand up against them as they take over our country. All behaviors of this manner and many other anti-God issues are tearing down the very fabric this nation was built on. Until moral lessons are taught in our schools from the Word of God and the return of prayer to our schools I see no end to the problem. If you are born a man, your a male; if you are born a woman you are a female. These two different types of people is what is needed to replenish the human race. If as many people from the beginning of creation were homosexual, as they are trying to teach these days, then the human race would now be extinct.

  6. nick says

    Johnny Mac brings it every time…

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