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It must just be my twisted sense of what individual social responsibility is, but I feel that I am the only person in America that has any concept of the proposition that our out of control violent crime problem, especially as practiced by young male blacks, is a direct result of the disintegration of personal social responsibility. I am referring to the actions of individuals (color is not an element of this definition) that knowingly and willingly propagate offspring that they cannot and/or will not cloth, feed, educate, house and provide the other essential parental guidance necessary to produce a responsible and productive member of society.

Domestic-violence-007Even more disgusting is the government’s promoting and financing as put in motion by L. B. Johnson’s
“Great Society” and then since supported by the great majority of politicians of all parties so as to gain re-election (because the vote of these socially irresponsibles became an ever increasing percentage of the voters). Few seem to comprehend this transition of our culture away from the basic principles of our Constitution was and continues to be the foundation of the for the progressive’s plan to gain the momentum needed to put in place the messiah Obama so as to “fundamentally transform this nation”. Kudos to the Progressives, the Democrats and the Republicans that have been so smoothly duped into this degradation of the greatest nation on earth!

Why do I sense that no one feels as I do? Simple: according to current social standards it is perfectly OK for any female to get pregnant, have an abortion at public expense or give birth to the child at public expense, and then have the government provide all the necessities for that child (and the “mother”) and this is all in the context that the female has the right to do so! Hogwash! Also, the male impregnator has every right to get his jollies without interference or cost! Hogwash!  But wait just one frigging minute! The irresponsible actions of these two humans aren’t the cause of the crimes committed by their offspring. No, according to all media sources from MSNBC to FOX the problems stem from a long list (take your pick):

1) Guns  —  always at the top of the list for crimes by blacks

2) Racial hatred  —  always on the top of the list for crimes by whites

3) Insufficient government money poured into poor neighbor hoods

4) Drugs and gangs  —  this is especially responsible for black on black crimes

5) There is insufficient redistribution of wealth from the responsible producers to the irresponsible non-producers

6) Every person has an absolute right to be a free spirit and a requirement to be socially responsible and productive is unconstitutional

I could go on with this list of reasons the public is being told are the causes of our crime problem. But until such time as I hear one politician or social leader stand up and demand that we require, demand our citizens be responsible parents we are headed into oblivion as a great nation. This isn’t likely to happen.

The White House response to the Oklahoma thrill killing was “we haven’t heard about it”, Jesse Jackson’s initial comment was “It’s frowned upon” and of course the very reverend Al Sharpton is missing in action because it doesn’t fit his race baiting agenda! Juan Williams says the murder was caused by a “corrupt culture”. That is not incorrect but it does not even start to address the causes of our culture becoming corrupted. Even though the mother of the shooter is reportedly in prison and no mention of the “father” has been made (could be no one has any idea who it might be) and that the teenager was “raising himself” not ONE WORD has been spoken by anyone or any organization as to the responsibility (irresponsibility is a better word) of the two people who knowingly and willingly put this kid on the soil so as to be a perpetrator of such inhuman proportion. Oh no, we must lay the blame elsewhere! To do otherwise might hurt someone’s feelings and it would certainly cause a very negative media uproar. Most importantly it would cost politicians votes.

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  1. Ranchman says

    And these violent offspring of irresponsible parents will be the cause of civil unrest, leading to racial strife and a racially based civil war. Will it be our fault if we refuse to cower before these animals and, instead, decide to defend ourselves and our families against them? Yeah, that would be soooooo racist of me.

  2. Eva Warner says

    Amen Joe! You are NOT the only American who feels this way! I don’t know why, but we ARE outnumbered. Yes, I do know why. There has been a strategic attempt to pay people to reproduce without responsibility in this country, despite the fact that even those in poverty have access to birth control. The more decades this has been going on, the more this group has overpopulated, and has eventually ended up becoming the majority or close to it. The ones in power who want them in the majority have the motive of keeping their power by passing out “goody bags” basically. It’s the new form of buying votes. This group knows where their bread is buttered, so people are coming out of the woodwork who never had political interests at all, determined to vote. The push to get people registered who are on those very programs & the voter motor registration are other ways to be sure this group is able to vote these programs continue & increase. Meanwhile, the economy is going down & the country is bankrupt internationally. Acts of self-interest have taken dominance over what is best for the country. What is best for the economy? What can I do to make things better myself, rather than looking to the government as if it is God. When the people esteem government too highly, that is when the government gains too much power, & we, the people lose our Constitutional rights. We are on the edge of a major disaster in our country. It is time for all Christians & people who understand what is going on with our economy & our Constitutional rights, to take a stand! Get involved in politics! Speak out! By remaining silent, you are casting a vote for a future of possible Socialism/Communism. In God WE STILL TRUST!!

  3. Liberalism is Nonsense says

    Since science tends to trace today’s events to yesterday, it can easily lead to the false notion that our motivations and actions result from prior events and are therefore not our own responsibility.

  4. Jim Moncrief says

    It seems to me that everyone is failing to look at the root cause of all this Black hatred. They are no more born hating than anyone else. So where do they learn it ? Not their families-or grandparents…so where ? I submit they learn it in PUBLIC SCHOOLS ! First the incompetent teachers worry about self esteem- something they can not even correctly identify ! Self esteem DOES NOT come from always being “correct”- it comes from SELF DISCIPLINE ! When one knows he chose the correct way- not the easy way, to do something- he learns to respect his inner strength. Wheither he succeeded or not becomes secondary to his knowing he had the strength of character to do the correct thing ! This self discipline used to be installed by fathers ! This discipline is almost always very very hard for a mother to impose on a 12 or 13 year old child who is as large as they are. So first off- welfare destroys the family unit, school teaches the child to never face accountability for their action, then we drop a bunch of “minority studies” on them. A bunch of phoney- or at least slanted history. This teaches them the “Peckers” are against them, hate them, will always seek to screw them over. No one is teaching them that even the smartest man alive will always have more failures(which will teach him more than any of his success’s ever will !!). This leaves him believing that every time he fails- it is someone else’s fault- never his ! He can’t get a job- some whitey stole it, he fails to get a raise or promotion- some cracker gave it to some one else. It never ends- every failure becomes the fault of this great unseen “white power system”. This frustration turns to anger- anger to hate. Yes, we can blame them for their actions- but every time we give a dime to government education- we too become responsible- we are paying money to teach them to fail and hate ! We are paying to create our own :victim” class- and apparently finaly getting our monies worth from government ! How’s that for a FIRST !

  5. DustyFae says

    I hate to play the blame game but it is Obama’s fault, l remember him saying, he won’t let the white half of him make bad decisions, cause me not to vote for him, he showed his racism to me then.

  6. Ed. says

    Well, not quite the case. The MSM does not call a spade a spade that is true. BUT, O’Reilly, IMPRIMUS, and such as Limbaugh to and have for quite some time HAVE ID’d the problem and have spoken / written about this corruption of our society. In that sense, we are responsible for not calling out these corruptors for what they are and not living OUR moral duty to do so.

  7. Bad Penguin says

    Joe, I’m with you 100% on everything. I was shocked 30 years ago when the proper word of a child born out of wedlock – Bastard- was deemed to be mean and insensitive. “Single Mother” and later “Single Parent” became a badge of honor. The libs have ruined this country.

  8. disqus_xLn56CDAGb says

    “Even though the mother of the shooter is reportedly in prison and no mention of the “father” has been made (could be no one has any idea who it might be) and that the teenager was “raising himself” not ONE WORD has been spoken by anyone or any organization as to the responsibility (irresponsibility is a better word) of the two people who knowingly and willingly put this kid on the soil so as to be a perpetrator of such inhuman proportion.”

    Do we really care? Why should we? The organic causes can be addressed (per the libs, whose tactics actually promote these issues), but the bottom line is young male blacks have no respect for life. They are WORSE than animals, most animals won’t bother you if you keep your distance, unless they’re predators. Please stop with the “it’s not their fault” whine, and treat these animals the same way they treat others…….no respect for life. Kill ’em all.

    1. KalevEfrayim says

      Much WORSE than any animal.

  9. 2War Abn Vet says

    When three percent of the population is responsible for fifty percent of the crime, the problem shouldn’t be that difficult to pin down.

  10. monacall says

    everyone is responsible for their own actions….I don’t care what kind of back ground, up bringing, child rearing kind of life they had… don’t matter….get help if you need it….I get so sick of people saying they cant afford it its free…get help quit blaming others….that’s what the courts should tell them…..sick of blaming

    1. loran says

      I perceive that people are finally blaming the decline of the family unit for these thugs running amuck and committing these horrible and senseless crimes. OK, that is good. However, to use this reason and intentionally disregard race in this issue defeats the purpose in my humble opinion. The joy ride, we were bored, killing in Oklahoma was a racially inspired killing. Practically all the TV pundits on all networks are going out of their way to stress that this was NOT a racially inspired crime. Why? If one tells only part of the truth, is that not deception and a lie? That is what is happening here. This was a racist act. It cannot be disregarded as such. How can the Zimmerman/Martin case be called racism, with intervention by none other than the President of the United States, and this murder not. Do not let the powers that be get away with denigrating this visitor to our nation.

      1. monacall says

        your right Loran….iam sick of this administration and his minions getting by with all of this murder, destruction and deliberate tearing down of our country…I love my country but I hate this government……..

  11. Erick Gillette says

    Im waiting for out inglorious leader to identify himself with the Oklahoma shooter as he did so with Martin, Maybe the shooter could have been him 35 years as as well?
    What are your thoughts Mr President??
    Any words on how wrong this Horrible , Unjust, Hate crime really is??
    Will you be having Mr Holder Looking into this as well?

    1. Phillipe Violette says

      obummer hasn’t heard anything about it remember?

      1. jamohio says

        obama and holder are a joke for even suggesting they hadn’t heard about it!!

  12. jamohio says

    Every person in this once great country are responsible for all they’re own actions!! No blame making should be tollerated!! It’s time people acted like they had the brain GOD gave them!!

    1. loran says

      Quite right. But be watchful that they do not take what is yours and give it to some one who just refuses to get a job. I am not speaking of those who cannot find a job. I am accusing those out there who have decided to not get a job due to the promise by OBAMA. That just ain’t right.

      1. jamohio says

        Only a regressive demonizercrat would disagree!! And that ain’t me!!

    2. KalevEfrayim says


  13. Johnny says

    Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is stupidity. There is no excuse for stupidity. As one said a few years back, as he pointed to his own head. “I cannot fix up here with what is up here as I am dealing with defective equipment.”
    All the education and all the letters after a persons name does not amount to a dead leaf. That is if there is no common sense to go along with it.
    The very idea of blaming others for your own mistakes is/are the signs of a coward. Standing up to and taking responsibility for one’s own actions is/are the signs of a responsibe person.
    Case in point:
    Borrowing money you cannot possibly pay back then blaming others for your mistakes. When Congress took/borrowed [I call it stole] money from social security fund originally they did in fact say – We will pay it back. It ain’t happened yet. Still congress has the audacity to tell WE THE PEOPLE that they are running out of money. Stratght forward Bull-$hit.

    1. Todd Hill says

      You are so right about what is wrong with America, but yet so wrong about what we need to do to make it right. Here’s where you went wrong. Ignorance is not stupidity. Stupidity is intentional ideology notwithstanding facts or truth, whereas ignorance is involuntary, and is easily rectified with information. You talk about borrowing money and blaming others, you use the Congress as an example. But if personal responsibility is your mantra, then what about all of the people who borrowed money they could not pay back, walked away from their mortgages, and then blamed the mortgage providers for giving them “oppressive loans”? It was these people who caused the housing boom and bust, but we blamed the banks holding the notes. Why would they loan money to people who could not pay it back? Because the government made them do it. Why? Because a bunch of bleeding hearts decided that everyone should own a home, regardless of their ability to pay for it. Everybody has known for three decades that Social Security is a mirage created by bilking the working classes to pay into a Ponzi scheme designed to placate the elderly into believing they will have a safety net for retirement. This prevents open revolt, and provides for consumerism (Be honest, how much would you spend if you KNEW you needed 1/3 of every dollar you earned to be put away to retire comfortably?). We do not start making arrangements for our elderly parents until they are out of time and money. We do not set aside money for our own retirements. Those who did (millions by the way) stuffed their money into 401(k) plans only to have them backed by mortgages which were not worth the paper they were written on. This isn’t about standing up and taking responsibility, it goes deeper than being able to stand up and say “mia culpa”. It extends to being able to stand up and say “That’s my kid, and it’s my job to see that they end up a citizen in this society, and not a burden to it.”. The weight we have to carry as citizens is burdensome, but if we want socially responsible behavior, we need to stop rewarding socially irresponsible behavior. We need, as a people. to stop congratulating that which disgusts us a parents, and mocking behavior that which we desire in our children.

      We need to set the example..

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