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Union Hush Money: Where and Why


Juan Williams: Teachers unions have purchased civil rights leaders’ silence regarding bad schools


NEW YORK – Fox News analyst Juan Williams appeared on The O’Reilly Factor Monday night to lodge a “provocative charge” – in host Bill O’Reilly’s words – that the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association have purchased the “silence” of civil rights organizations regarding failing urban schools.

Juan-JuanMany prominent black leaders around the nation have refused to back school choice initiatives, and insist on supporting the teachers unions and public schools, despite the fact that many black students are trapped in failing public schools staffed by union teachers.

“ … The civil rights challenge of this generation is education, and Dr. King would never allow anybody to buy his silence, to buy him off, to sell out the kids and that’s what’s happening right now,” Williams said.

Williams may be onto something.

An EAGnews review of AFT and NEA LM-2 reports – those are annual financial reports filed with the federal Department of Labor – produced some key evidence to substantiate Williams’ charge:

  • American Federation of Teachers to NAACP: $40,000 last fiscal year
  • AFT to Rainbow/PUSH: $50,000 in 2012
  • United Federation of Teachers (New York City teachers union) to National Action Network: $50,800 in fiscal year 2011-12
  • UFT to NAACP: $26,000 in 2011
  • National Education Association to NAACP: $11,000 in 2012 for “Ed policy issue advocacy”
  • NEA to National Action Network: $25,000 in 2012
  • NEA to NAACP: $25,000 in FY 2010-11
  • NEA to NAN: $60,000 in NY 2010-11

There’s a lot of money flowing from the unions to the co-called “civil rights” groups.

“Why? Because they know that they don’t want those civil rights leaders to ever stand up and say yes to charter schools, yes to vouchers, yes to school reform,” Williams told O’Reilly.

Williams, a member of the Education Action Group Foundation’s board of directors, went on to say the financial support has created “corruption” in the civil rights organizations.

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