A Reverse High Tech Lynching

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382479_10200599489007021_1018510798_nWhen I look at Paula Deen, I see my mother. In a world filled with terrorism, war, and economic instability, Paula offered the nation comfort in the form of traditional southern decadence: sugar, butter, and lard. Deen brought an unassuming, uniquely American approach to the often pretentious world of culinary art. Yet despite representing a traditional maternal figure to many Americans, we sat back, powerless as she was systemically extorted, distorted, and discarded without any opportunity for defense. That is a real war on women, and America should be ashamed.

A product of the quaint, eccentric city of Savannah Georgia, Paula was not the brainchild of some Hollywood consulting firm, but rather, a small business owner who happened upon success. Years ago, during the filming of a popular movie, a network executive dined in Paula’s restaurant and became enchanted with her authentic approach. He helped launch her first cook book, and the rest was history.

Leading up to her infamous lawsuit, Paula was contacted by the attorney of her brother’s employee, Lisa Jackson. Jackson, a white woman, worked at Uncle Bubba’s, a restaurant co-owned by Paula and her brother. The attorney instructed Paula to settle with Jackson for $1.25 million or else Jackson would bring damaging details into the public forum regarding the “culture” of racial and sexual discrimination at the restaurant. He went on to threaten that if Paula did not comply, the lawsuit would “permanently and irreparably damage her brand.”

In other words, Paula was extorted while the world sat idly by. The mere accusation of racism was enough to cripple a 10 year, multi-million dollar career. Paula was dragged before an inquiry board and asked the equivalent of “Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party.” The answers didn’t matter. She was convicted in the court of public opinion before she even began.

This week, the court cleared Deen of any wrong doing. There was no racism in her restaurant, as many African Americans have attested since the charges were leveled. Deen was brought down by an extortionist attorney and complicit media. This story alongside George Zimmerman and the infamous Obama Rodeo Clown proves that race has become a weapon for people with an agenda that has nothing to do with equality. Race is now a smoke screen that can be used to stifle government criticism, to deny 2nd amendment rights, and most despicably, to blackmail people in positions of influence. We are living in an age of New McCarthyism, and unless Americans expose these stories for the malarkey that they are, you may wake up one day to find that you too have been labeled a racist.

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