Sweeping a Terrorist Act Under the Prayer Rug – Major Nidal Hasan’s Jihad

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Nidal Hasan3So we all know the story about the Fort Hood shooter and how Major Nidal Hasan yells; “Allahu Akbar” before he starts murdering unarmed American soldiers en masse, right? Then in their sad and nauseating attempt to make President Obama look like he’s tough on terror – the Administration defines the attack as “workplace violence?” When I first heard that I seriously thought it was someone being sarcastic, but no – they actually had the temerity to not only deny this was an obvious and blatant act of terrorism, but even after all the evidence was brought forth from investigation they stuck to this sick joke of a determination.

It’s pathetic and would be funny if it didn’t involve dead and wounded soldiers – not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars being paid to the killer himself, as he continues to pick up a government paycheck and spend not a dime of it on shaving cream. The families of the dead and the wounded must testify at a costly and inappropriate trial with this maniac serving as his own counsel. His own private worldwide platform for jihad, starring his victims and their families. It’s unreal. Workplace violence? People are mad.

But you know who I believe is angrier than anyone about this not being classified as the horrific terrorist act that it surely is? Major Hasan himself. Some background:

On the night before his military trial was to begin, the alleged Fort Hood shooter – I hate saying that – sent some missives to Fox News apparently renouncing his citizenship, his military oath (there’s a good one), describing and clarifying his relationship with a radical cleric named Anwar al-Awlaki (a biggie on the CIA hit list) and signing off with the letters “SoA,” which stand for “Soldier of Allah.” Interesting to note, this also appeared on Hasan’s business cards (yes, terrorists have business cards) found in his apartment by investigators after the shootings. When you’re out raising money for incendiary devices, weapons, or recruiting suicide bombers, it’s good to leave a card so people now how they can get in touch with you. Also, don’t forget to “Always Be Closing” and of course, “whoever talks first, loses.”

Fox New has been out in front of the story from the beginning (what’s new?) and interviewed a key witness in the Fort Hood incident: Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning, who was shot six times at Fort Hood on Nov. 5, 2009. Manning said; “Some of the survivors and some of the deceased, or family members of the deceased, are struggling. I think it’s a grave injustice, and it breaks my heart to see things like that happen.”

This is from Fox News’ ongoing investigation:

Dr. Timothy Furnish, an expert in Islamic history, told Fox News after reviewing the documents that they appear to be an “after the fact” attempt to explain himself.


“He now is trying to put the sort of personal jihad that he involved in, trying to put it in a larger religious and sort of geo-political context, and justify what he is doing perhaps in a sense to himself and also I think in large measure to folks in the Islamic world, the Al Qaedas and the others who approve of what he did,” he said.


“He’s clearly saying that he’s a homegrown extremist, that he’s somebody who identifies with Al Qaeda’s ideology,” said Thomas Joscelyn, a senior fellow with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and writer for the Long War Journal. “He’s somebody who definitely reached out to an Al Qaeda cleric and who decided he was going to take up Al Qaeda’s cause here on American soil.”

So it looks to me like this whole “workplace violence” thing is really getting to Major Hassan, because he’s going the extra mile with this effort that leaves little doubt about his state of mind why he did what he did. What must this lunatic be thinking now?

Nidal Hasan4“I pull off one of the deadliest acts of terror against the mighty U.S. military in history and I don’t even get credit? I screw myself out of a cushy job as a high-paid psychiatrist and you treat me like some sort of disgruntled mail carrier? I did this thing by the book! I’m the real deal! I’m a crazy Islamo-Nazi American-hating zealot murderous pig evil piece of crap those conservatives warn you about!”

… You got that right. You and the government for sweeping this terrorist act under the rug…

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  1. Guest says

    Defeating the foul and cankerous blight of marxism requires serious knowledge firepower. Arm yourself: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  2. Liberalism is Nonsense says

    By attacking private property, collectivism redirects aggression outward and furthers modern systems of plunder, serfdom, and injustice.

  3. Clay says

    We the People of America have gotten ourselves in BIG MESS! How we get rid of the Scumbags in Congress and start working our way out of the mess we created by becoming “Slaves” to the Government will, I think, depend on what we do with our lives in so far as our Savior Jesus Christ is concerned. Somewhere along the way we strayed from GOD and our beliefs in his Power to Save us.
    When we will come to our Senses and put our lives back on track …praying to our beloved Savior and showing respect for our Country…electing decent honest folks to …help us adhere to our CONSTITUTION and the Bill of Rights…we will, I’m Afraid perish as certainly as the sinners in SODOM and GOMORRA!

  4. Hotnike says

    “slithered” is the best term I have heard in a long time, but then, what better way to describe this snake, Obama.

    1. Hideho1 says

      I prefer to call him obutthead, but that’s just me. 🙂

  5. James Maxwell says

    Drop this piece of scum in a barrel of pig fat, light it and let him roast in hell. The muzzie in the
    black house set out on a path of destruction of America even before he slithered into America.
    He was born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and educated first by the anti American muzzies there
    then he hit our shores and his grandparents were avowed communist as was his Mentos. Like
    Major Hasan both are enemies of America and our nation and the freedom we have here. They
    are both one and the same the only difference is the method of attack the have used upon our
    citizens, freedoms and religious freedoms also.

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