Shortages Are Going to Drive People Out of Their Minds: “That’s When the Riots Will Start”

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When will the breakdown of the system begin?

If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ll likely agree with contrarian economist Jim Willie. The breakdown is happening right here and now – it’s already in progress.

Most Americans haven’t realized it just yet, but everything including our economic, financial, monetary and political systems are in full meltdown mode. It was so bad in 2008, in fact, that Congressional members were warned that if they failed to stabilize the financial system there would be tanks in the streets.

With nearly 50 million Americans on food stamps, more than half of all able-bodied adults out of work, prices for essential goods progressively inflating, consumer spending collapsing, and the government taking on unprecedented levels of debt, the fact of the matter is that nothing has been resolved. It’s only gotten worse.

Jim Willie warns that, while a collapse is already in the works, Americans have no clue how serious it really is.

They’ll know soon enough.

In my view we had a systemic breakdown in 2007.

Then we had a visible breakdown in 2008… Then we had a further breakdown in 2010 when Europe started to fracture. Then we got more breakdown in 2011 when QE was announced. Now we have further breakdown in 2013 with the gold market ambushes.

So, to say “When is the breakdown going to happen,” I usually have a sassy response to my clients: Where have you been? It’s in progress.

We’re leading up to a big event. 

We are having breakdowns in numerous structural elements of the financial system. 

They’re all breaking down.

We don’t know what the actual trigger is going to be. I’m pointing to Deutsche Bank. I think Deutsche Bank is possibly going to be the one big bank they cannot control and that’s where you’re going to get the big break down with contagion hitting numerous western banks and hitting numerous important markets like sovereign bonds.

So we’re leading to a climax. We’re getting a chain reaction of breakdown events. They’re in progress.

The ‘taper talk’ was a stress test to find out what in the world would break down, and the answer was everything!”

In the United States, we are going to have shortages across the board, and that includes gold and silver. 

Just think food and gasoline. 

That’s when the riots will start. 

You are going to see out of control chaos and the government stepping in to restore order. . . .

Shortages and price inflation are going to drive people out of their minds.

Via Steve Quayle

Watch as Greg Hunter of USA Watch Dog interviews The Golden Jackass

The American people, and the people of most western nations, have been living a life of relative peace and prosperity for the last several decades.

The majority have no idea how all of it has been made possible.

The almost unimaginable levels of debt and leverage that have been keeping the system afloat will, however, soon be revealed for the Ponzi scheme they really are.

And when it all comes crashing down millions of unsuspecting myrmidons will be totally blind sided.

They will have failed to prepare for a paradigm shift not seen since the early to mid 20th century, when economic instability and wars ravaged the entire globe, leaving tens of millions of people dead.

As Jim Willie and Greg Hunter note, the big event is coming.

Now is the time to stockpile those items that will be unavailable at almost any price when the severity of the collapse becomes apparent to everyone. Food to keep you alive for extended periods. Essential supplies that you can barter. Gold and silver as a mechanism of exchange. Weapons and ammo to defend what’s yours.

We may not be able to predict what will happen or how widespread it will be, but having a well developed preparedness plan will, at the very least, give you a fighting chance at survival.

This is what it looks like when Americans rush for cheap TV’s, phones and video game systems on Black Friday – can you imagine what the scene will be when they’re fighting for food and clothing?


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  1. Mark Smith says

    It is amazing to me how the masses have been taught to depend on the govenment for their needs. When things collapse it wil be a rough ride even for those who are prepared for the collapse. The mind set to defend your ground will be the hard part when your neighbors are needing help. Now is the time to get ready!

  2. vet says

    They stress test banks,and has anyone noticed how they are stress testing the citizens?Fanny and Freddy is about to collapse under the weight of 16 trillion in debt and the billions to bail them out didn’t work.We are about to find out when the collapse will happen very soon.Benny boy decides its time to run and the interest rates are about to start sky rocketing.Come October we will probably see foreclosures double and the failures of banks because boy wonder will put all of the bad debt on their front steps.You thought the great depression was bad just wait its all about to hit the fan.

  3. mperkins2 says

    Is this what it’s going to take before the head in the dirt crowd wakes up to what is happening to our country? I have a feeling that most of the rioters will be the “give me” crowd doing most of the rioting. Their belief that the government will always take care of them will be shattered. As long as Obama is in office passing his destructive policies, the down fall of our nation will continue at an alarming rate. Our federal government are the ones responsible for the majority of our problems. We need to stop them now before it is too late for sure.

  4. SniperToo says

    What did you expect from the Kenya Boy, Muslim, usurper. Go to and read the article on impeachment.

  5. monacall says

    I have never been to black Friday…..pray I never have to fight for my food….this country is in deep shit

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