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Take it on the chin, and then capitulate!


capitulateEver since the proposition has been made to de-fund the Obamacare portions of the continuing budget resolution, every politician, news reporter, political pundit, etc., etc., that is opposed to the very thought of elected officials voting in accordance with the wishes of the majority of Americans proclaims “you will be shutting down the federal government” and “why do you want to shut down the government” and “there are better ways to oppose Obamacare” and “get used to it, it is the law”. The response to such proclamations is “we must show our support of opposition to Obamacare” and then on and on about all the known and obvious problems with this unconstitutional monstrosity of a law.

Not once have I heard the response to these proclamations: “we are not in favor of nor are we attempting to cause such a shut down. Only Obama can do that!” Rather, they try to argue their position on common sense grounds that are never recognized by the interviewer. Why not simply state the facts: “we desperately want to fund all other aspects of the government’s operations but the voting public has demanded that Obamacare be stopped and this little bit is all we have the power to do at this time. If Obama chooses to take on the responsibility of shutting down the federal government we cannot stop him and he will be solely responsible for the consequences”.

Why oh why do these Republicans choose to take it on the chin time after time, news story after news story without so much as a flinch. Truth be known, their leadership is void of political know how and gumption and are so afraid of the media that it eventually leads to “OK, we will compromise”, i.e. CAPITULATE!!!

For God’s sake fellow conservatives, let us phone, write, email or whatever is required to restore some common, everyday sense into the way our “Washingtonized” politicians think!!

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