Release of “Deal” With Yemen Reeks of Collusion

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The news broke late on August 7, 2013:

Obama-GitmoIn spite of the ongoing terror threat emanating from Yemen, the White House says it does not plan to rethink President Obama’s decision last May to lift a moratorium on releasing Guantanamo Bay prisoners back to that country…

The president is standing by that announcement, even though Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the Al Qaeda affiliate in Yemen that U.S. intelligence officials say is now the greatest Al Qaeda threat to the U.S. homeland, was formed in part by several former Guantanamo Bay detainees who were released in 2006…

…The genesis of AQAP goes back to a prison break in Yemen in February 2006. That’s when 23 Al Qaeda suspects, including Nasser Al Wuhayshi – who once served as Usama bin Laden’s secretary and whose communications with Ayman Zawahiri were intercepted by U.S. intelligence — tunneled out of a maximum security prison in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. Obama standing by decision to lift moratorium on releasing Guantanamo Bay prisoners back to Yemen; FOX News, August 8, 2013

The timing is suspicious to say the least, especially given the fact that the White House claims to have apparently already reviewed this decision and is standing by it.

I am convinced the embassy closures were a fake in order to set up a justification for this release.  That’s one way to keep your “promise” to close Gitmo.

Weren’t we just told that Yemen, of all the closed embassies, was the place from which the “information”–which remains somewhat vague and difficult to pin down–had originated?  Wasn’t Yemen the place from which the main AQ terrorists of the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) have remained stubbornly non-wiped out or on the run, contrary to the President’s claims?

Yemen, the home of Usama Bin Laden, the place where genius FBI agent John O’Neill went after the bombing of the USS Cole–yup, that happened there, too–and traced the financial origins of the bulk of the terrorist attack financing for the African Embassy bombings as well as the Cole.  Yemen, the place where then-Ambassador Barbara Bodine aided and abetted the enemy by grinding the bombing investigation to a virtual halt so O’Neill could do nothing and was eventually taken off the case.

As Shepard Smith said yesterday on FOX News, “I’m not trusting anything this administration says anymore.”

There is no way this wasn’t in play before the announced embassy closings, which right on cue, have been extended.  There is no way it hadn’t been reviewed long before our recent “weekend of panic.”  There is no way this is noble, good, beneficial, or conducive with Obama’s duty to defend this nation from all enemies both foreign and/or domestic.

This is beyond flagrant conspiracy with all enemies who have sworn to wipe out America.  This is open-armed embrace of AQAP, and it’s looking like it was planned before Obama ever declared it wiped out and on the run.

This is beyond Obama believing his pathetic self to be a King.  This is beyond his coddling of wretched Islam and nutless panicked fleeing of Communism, making him the best friend this secret combination of Islammunism could ever have.

This is treason by a Totalitarian Dictator hell-bent on One World Rule.  He has cut out Congress.  He has cut out the Justice Dept.  There are no more checks and balances, and he has the added security of the bulk of the Hippy Press (main stream media) falling into line, unable to give him enough applause and rationalizations to support every Constitutional violation.  The military has been so utterly emasculated I’m waiting for the new purple camo uniforms with pink highlights and spiffy accessories taking the place of those mean guns.

America, choose this day whom you will serve:  destruction of our nation by a treasonous, lying, thief, conspiring with our enemies or the nation that bore the likes of men who tore down walls and ended decades of threats and endless war, freeing millions and never budging from the side of freedom for all.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

Written by Resa LaRu Kirkland–aka WARCHICK, the nickname given to her by her beloved Korean War Vets–is a military historian/conservative commentator. She is widely published online and in print, is a frequent guest on multiple talk-radio shows and is author of the forthcoming “Forgotten Warrior” series on men of valor from the Korean War. She coined the phrases “Political Castration”–nothing correct about it–and ISLAMMUNISM–the secret combination of Islam/Communism. She was the first and loudest to sound the war cry on North Korea and its unholy alliance with terrorism. She has a degree in Education but stands firm against the NEA. WARCHICK has been an online favorite since 2002. 
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  1. Thomas Aquinas says

    Even if liberty leads to more overall prosperity, technological advance, and individual opportunities than are otherwise possible, liberty cannot guarantee happiness, success, or satisfaction for any of us.

  2. usluv says

    Another act of treason. Do NOT tell me the radical muslim cannot be impeached!!! We must get rid of the cancer in the peoples house.

  3. omega2 says


  4. SniperToo says

    No surprise here. People, think back to the first year the Muslim usurper broke into the white house of shame. EVERY TIME Congress was NOT in session, the Muslim pig violated the Constitution and our laws to have his way in the destruction of this country. Everything he says, think opposite (Muslims lies), and does is under a false pretense. if you haven’t figured this out by now, your in trouble. I lived around and among these pigs for 8 years in France. They are taught to lie during their childhood years (except to Allah) and they will tell you what ever you want to hear. They always do the opposit of what they tell you. Think about all the garbage, little o has told, and he has done the opposite.

    Also remember, he is 6% black and 45% Arab Muslim. He is NOT Black. He even lied to the stupid blacks in this country and they are still drinking the poison. Hope they all die.

    1. Rattlerjake says

      They WILL all die if we could just get this war started. I’m really just tired of hearing about what we need to do, while Obuthead and his scum destroy this country. I don’t need bodybags, I have a backhoe. Until we get someone to stand up and assemble combatants we will just watch this country disappear, and the libturds know it. We don’t need to take Washington, we need to TAKE control in every state back and our military, those turds in Washington will then have NO power. The biggest problem is that 80% of people in this country (they call themselves Americans but will do little to nothing for America) don’t want to leave their comfort zone. Remember that the Revolutionary War was fought and won by less than 20% of the people, the rest either refused to get involved or sided with the tyrannical Brits.

  5. vet says

    I’m glad to see someone that understands that conspiracies are truths that no one wants to hear.You hit that one on the head.We are fast approaching world war 3 and the boy king is jumping for joy.He wets him self with the thought that he has created this mess.Our military has been disseminated from with in, and he thinks they will protect him.Think again.This war is coming to our shores and if he thinks by bring in foreign troops to accompany his police force will save him, I think he is in for a surprise.Israel will have no option now except to protect them selves with nukes and saudia arabia will be the next target.There numbers have been growing by leaps and bounds and the lame stream press is hiding the information because the boy king is running the show.I think we should send a message to the world that we are not going to let this happen here, by public execution of the boy king.Then showing them that Israel is one of ours and if touched they will loose a country for every one person killed on our ally soil.A true show of force and the will of its people will be the only thing that will stop this.If you want to end a war before it starts then we need to change the administration before it self destructs.

    1. Rattlerjake says

      “Our military has been disseminated from…” – @vet, I think you mean decimated [Drastically reduce the strength or effectiveness of (something)]. And stop worrying about Israel; the majority of jews vote democrap, even those in Israel follow socialism.

  6. $14832922 says

    ” In spite of the ongoing terror threat emanating from Yemen, the White
    House says it does not plan to rethink President Obama’s decision last
    May to lift a moratorium on releasing Guantanamo Bay prisoners back to
    that country… ”

    In other words ….. Obama is not planning on “rethinking” Obama’s decision to, once again, openly aid a known ENEMY of this nation.
    Do you understand what “THE LAW” says should be done with him?
    Personally, I’ll settle for Congress, or the military, doing their SWORN DUTY and executing him for his High Crimes.

    1. Rattlerjake says

      If we conservatives don’t stand up and ATTACK when they allow amnesty, then we might as well trow in the towel. We’ve been talking long enough while Washington is giving away our country. We need a civil war, even a race war to get it started, so we can first eliminate the socialist voters.

      1. $14832922 says

        That’s Obama’s plan …. but, I don’t think it will go the way he envisions it.

        1. [email protected] says

          maybe we should all go to our respective state capitals and hold it hostage while they are all out of session until we get Obama put in hand cuffs and walked out of the front door and locked up that would be a start

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