Playing the Race Card, Again

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Bloomberg Editorial – “Guns Are for White People”

WilkinsonI just finished reading an article on the editorial page over at  The article was written by a guy named Francis Wilkinson (face pictured above), a suspiciously white sounding name (the relevance of that comment will become clear if you read his article).  In his article, he looks at three gun magazines (1 issue per magazine, 3 magazines total) after which he comes to the conclusion that apparently guns are just for us racist white folk.

The author of this article appears to be so consumed with his visual perception of what he assumes the race of people pictured in the magazines is, it makes me wonder why?  What is his obsession with other people’s ethnicities?  How come the author choose not to include American Indians (I’ve been told by a few folks of that ethnicity they prefer that term over “Native American”), East Indians, Middle Easterners, etc?  He seems to be judging people (and the magazines) based solely on their outward appearance.  That is very shallow and dare I say, almost racist, for such an “enlightened” person.

I’d just like to point out a few actual facts he might like to consider.  In one of the magazines he chose to “examine”, Guns & Weapons For Law Enforcement (which he only lists the partial publication name), several of the regular contributors (actual paid writers) are not “white”.  The most noteworthy of those being Massad Ayoob who has a regular column that appears in every single issue.  If you are thinking to yourself that is not a very “white” sounding name, you would be right.  His name is not very white sounding (although in photos he sometimes appears to be) and that is because he is an Arab American, whose grandparents immigrated to this country.

Another of the contributors, Jorge Amselle, from his photo and from his writings, appears to be of Hispanic descent.  In addition to extensively writing about guns, he has also written and even testified before the House Judiciary Committee in 1995 about the detrimental effects that Affirmative Action was having on American society.  However, I assume the author of that Bloomberg article, especially when considering what is written in the article, is likely a strong supporter of Affirmative Action, since that is what he is essentially looking for in the photos in gun magazines.Perhaps the author should complain to the Advertising Coordinator for the magazine and express his desire to see more “non-white” people pictured in the magazine.  Her name is Emily Lee, and she happens to be an Asian female.  I’m sure she would be happy to oblige him as he clearly is a regular customer, seeing as he knows so much about the magazine.

Furthermore, the publisher of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement is Harris Publications, who publishes other such noteworthy minority-excluding magazines as King (a monthly men’s magazine geared toward African American and urban audiences), XXL (a hip hop lifestyle and music magazine) and Juicy (self described as ” the first celebrity and lifestyle magazine for Black women”).

They sure sound like a bunch of racist white folk to me… or is it the author of that article that is in fact the person consumed by race?  Physician, heal thyself… Wilkinson can keep his white-guilt all to himself.  I’m perfectly fine seeing past folks skin color.

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