Obama – Empty Suit Empty Words – Part 2

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  • 08 Empty SuitProvide high-quality preschool for every child so they’re prepared and on the path to opportunity from an early age.

Since the heading indicates that we are talking about the skills that today’s jobs require, what relevance do pre-schools have in the discussion? Are substandard preschools recognized as the source of our economic woes? Is Hussein going to decree that child labor is now a good thing in socialist America so we need to get children properly trained asap? Will children now be competing with their parents for those American dream minimum wage obamajobs, potentially displacing their parents who didn’t have the opportunity to attend preschool?

  • Redesign high schools to teach our kids the real world skills they need to find a job.

What are those real world skills, anyway? Have they been teaching Disneyland skills and nobody knew it? Are things so drastically different now than they were twenty years ago that we need to completely redesign high schools? How about redirecting the money spent on ESL classes into shop, auto mechanics, metal shop, and other real world skills in high school. Is that a redesign or just getting back to basics? How about if we just replace Barry Hussein with a real world president and decide afterwards if we need to completely overhaul the entire system to accommodate his false reality.

  • Rein in the cost of college for families by rewarding quality schools that make higher education affordable.

The Department of Indoctrination is already rewarding colleges that increase the cost of education with higher student loan payments. The higher the tuition, the more the government and students pay to the schools. There’s no reversing this until you change the system. The authority lies within the Department of Indoctrination, but having students indebted to the Federal government gives them control over the students. That is an important component of the present system they won’t give up easily.

  • Fix our broken immigration system so everyone plays by the same rules and we attract the best and brightest workers.

This one gets me more than any of the other lies, half truths, misrepresentations and outright manure that is on Hussein’s site. This section is headed as equipping every AMERICAN with the skills they need. But it then addresses our “broken immigration system”, which is actually our broken enforcement system, and lowers Americans to playing by the same rules as illegal invaders in their own country. It then claims that we need to attract the best and brightest workers. So Americans are no longer the best and brightest? Are we to believe that the moon landings, satellites, computers, all of that originated somewhere else, in the imaginary land of the “best and brightest.” How is adding to our workforce surplus going to help anybody other than the corporate godfathers? It won’t and it isn’t meant to. This is a big business priority and Hussein is selling us out to their interests. That’s it. Everything else is claims designed to deflect, redirect and distract us from what they are doing to the American Citizen.

Ensuring hard work leads to a decent living

This sounds like a quote from Stalin or Lenin.

  • Reward work by raising the minimum wage so an honest day’s work pays more.

How much more? Rest assured it will be minimally more, unnoticeably more. Please define your idea of decent, Barry. An extra .50 cents per hour is four dollars a day, twenty bucks as week if you work full-time. In a part-time obamajob, as your obamacare is creating, it would be less. So it isn’t enough to matter.

If one is making minimum wage, he is still struggling. Keep your twenty dollars a week. You don’t get any bragging rights from me for that pandering-driven position. Besides, inflation is easily outstripping any increase you might bestow on the peasantry. And those who find themselves unemployed as a result of your illegal amnesty won’t receive any benefit from a minimum wage increase, but the newly legal workers surely will.

  • Partner businesses with communities hit hard by the recession to help them rebuild and provide job training that puts people back to work.

What community isn’t hit hard by the Hussein recession, and, excuse me, but if the business is in a particularly hard hit community, Einstein, that business is likely suffering from the Hussein recession as well. That could conceivably be a factor in the community’s struggle.

  • Strengthen families by securing equal pay for equal work and encouraging fatherhood.

This outrageously ridiculous “point” stands apart from the other ridiculous points. Even by Hussein’s “lower than a limbo bar standards” it doesn’t make sense. Equal pay for equal work is already the law of the land. As for encouraging fatherhood, are they going to stop handing out condoms like they were candy or close some Planned Parenthood locations? No, that’s not going to happen. Does Big Bro plan to station DHS Gestapo in people’s bedrooms, or TV rooms? Are they going to force guys who have kids to stay with the woman they got pregnant? If one guy has kids with several different women, and then one of those women has kids with different men, who is going to work out the compulsory fatherhood time and compulsory fatherhood sleeping arrangements? Even Hussein’s distorted vision of a police state utopia can’t control the man’s behavior without locking everybody up and releasing them for supervised copulation times. Unless that is what Hussein has planned, it’s a totally absurd, childlike notion intended for the consumption of simpletons who believe the headline and neither think nor read any further. Words, Mr. Wordsworth, just words.

Cutting the deficit in a balanced way

Mr. borrow and spend is now going to tell us how to reduce the deficit he created. Now that I’ve stopped laughing, I can’t wait to hear this one.

  • Cut spending and ask the wealthy to do their fair share to finish the job of $4 trillion in balanced deficit reduction.

Hussein could start by submitting a budget with reduced spending, and then, by all means, at his next influence auction aka fundraiser or Hollywood gala or command performance, just ask. The wealthy will probably fall into line with their checkbooks out to finish the job out of their trillion dollar personal accounts. And that term he loves to use, fair share, that’s a collectivist term, embraced by Marxists, right?

  • Make our tax code more simple, fair and competitive by eliminating tax loopholes for the wealthy and big corporations.

A simplified tax code only benefits the poor and middle class. If Hussein wants to eliminate loopholes, he’ll be in an adversarial position with his benefactors, his sponsors, the same corporations like GE, Monsanto, and the countless others he makes sweetheart deals for, exempts from obamacare and puts into advisory positions in his regime. Those same Billion Dollar Corporations like GE who last year paid no corporate income tax. none, zippo, nada. I may have said this already but, he’s already president, what is he waiting for?

  • Strengthen entitlements by cutting subsidies to prescription drug companies and asking more of wealthy seniors.

Even if we were to be generous and take this statement as legitimate and ignore all of the evidence of collusion between the drug companies and government, does he not recognize that the cuts in subsidies would be converted into price increases for the medications, and end up being shouldered by the individual or the government program which is ultimately funded by individuals?  And this notion that wealthy seniors have bags of money lying around and that they somehow don’t deserve the return on their forced social security “investment” is ludicrous on all levels. Although many of them have insurance already through their pensions and investments, that’s part of being wealthy. It’s their money, Hussein, it doesn’t belong to you. You don’t get to redistribute it. His endless divisionary tactics and class warfare ploys are becoming tiresome.

One glaring conclusion can be ascertained from the laborious process of reading through the campaigner-in-chief’s so called plans laid out here. His supporters are a bunch of simple minded buffoons who will believe any bucket of tripe he pours out into their “collective” trough.

Mental deficiency and intellectual slothfulness are the only possible explanations as to why people accept this as a program, plan or anything else of substance. It is a meaningless pocket of flatulence from the hot air capital of the world.

What is even more pathetic is that Hussein, having recognized his supporters as mentally challenged, seizes upon their disability to promote his agenda. He goes all out to twist their feeble little minds into a rousing chorus of Yes We Can, Si Se Puede, and Long Live the King.

King Barry thinks that government has to be entrenched between both sides of every transaction to legislate the desired outcome and maybe secure an “investment” buck or two. The grownups can’t be trusted to take care of themselves without government involvement. What’s worse, they could succeed and realize that government is only necessary to the degree that it is authorized in the Constitution.  Imagine the chaos that could result if industry and workers alike were allowed to function without the busy body intrusive know-nothings in the way. Commerce, the pursuit of happiness, aka, the Real American Dream, might take root.

A message to King Barry from the hard working Americans he pretends to champion on his site; shut your pie hole, get out of the way and let free Americans do what Americans do best, Innovate and Prosper.


Rick Wells is an author and a small business owner. He contributes to Joe the Plumber among other conservative media outlets, and he is the co-founder of the charity organization ‘Give a Kid a Smile’ which you can follow and support at this link: www.facebook.com/GiveAKidASmile?fref=ts



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