Nine GOP Men Challenging Incumbents in 2014

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GOP ladies first, but there are also GOP men challenging incumbents in 2014. These men are not political opportunists looking for an open seat to run for. They are newcomers to politics who realize things are not going to change if the same people who put us in this mess are reelected and sent back to Washington, DC. Most have honed their leadership and sense of duty and service while serving in the navy, army, air force, and coast guard. As fathers they are concerned about what kind of country will be left for their children to live in. These men should be applauded and supported instead of scorned and mocked for their lack of experience as elected officeholders.

Howie Lind

Howie Lind challenger for Virginia’s U.S. Senate seat held by incumbent Democrat Mark Warner.
Former Chairman of the 10th Congressional District Republican Committee Howie Lind is challenging incumbent U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) in the 2014 midterm election

Mark Warner and Barack Obama do not scare me. What scares me is their agenda for America. No one else has stepped up to take them on. I am the only candidate who has filed to run for this office.

Mark Warner has deep pockets. I don’t ever expect to match him dollar-for-dollar. But I do expect to raise enough money to expose his radical left agenda for every Virginian to see.

Senator Warner has remained silent and disgracefully indifferent while four brave Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador, were abandoned and died in the field of battle at Benghazi, Libya. And he stood idly by while the White House covered up this atrocity. He has stood silent while the military has failed in its most basic obligation to support the widows and children of the 13 dead soldiers killed by a radical Islamist in Fort Hood, Texas. And he has watched helplessly while the defense budget is cut to ribbons both on the battlefield and right here in Virginia.

As a 20 year military veteran, a former Naval officer, a father of four, and a proud Virginian, I simply cannot – I will not – sit by while one of the most irrelevant and inconsequential senators in modern Virginia history seeks to do even further damage to our nation.

Rob Maness

Rob Maness challenger for Louisiana’s U.S. Senate seat held by incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu.
Political newcomer and retired U.S. Air Force Col. Rob Maness, 51, of Madisonville, jumped into the race in May. Colonel Maness is the recipient of the Bronze Star and Air Medal.

He is Entergy Services Inc.’s director of safety and training and owns a third-generation family farm with his wife, Candy. He is a founding board member at NOLA Patriots, Inc., a military veterans advocacy group “committed to
preventing veteran suicides and ensuring military families have equal access to benefits. Maness and his wife have five children and two grandchildren.

Since my retirement from the Air Force in 2011, I’ve seen first-hand how the Obama administration — along with our current Senator Mary Landrieu — are hurting our economy and our freedom with unconstitutional big-government schemes like Obamacare.

Our state deserves a senator who will side with the interests of Louisianans, not collude with the Washington politicians to give them more control over our lives.

We are in a battle for the soul of the United States of America and as Americans we owe it to our grandchildren to stand up. This is not about party, even though I am a lifelong Republican, I am an American and am putting out a call to ALL Americans to help remove the political class and return to non-career public servants in office.

OWEN HILLState Senator - District 10

Owen Hill challenger for Colorado’s U.S. Senate seat held by incumbent Democrat Mark Udall.
Owen Hill, 31, was elected to the Colorado State Senate 2012, Hill represents Senate District 10, which encompasses Eastern Colorado Springs. Owen and his wife Emily are the parents of four children. After studying Economics at the Air Force Academy, Owen had the opportunity to complete his Ph.D. in Policy Analysis at the Pardee RAND Graduate School in association with the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California. Following his military service, Owen worked in international finance operations, serving as a Chief Financial Officer for a non-profit organization, and running his own financial consulting company. He managed the budget for Compassion International, a children’s non-profit.

I believe the only way forward for Colorado is to abandon past failures and fight for real reform and innovation. I’m not here to hang out. I bring new energy to the Republican fight. I think it’s time for new ideas and some innovative thinking. I got in the state senate and realized how much of the community thinks D.C. is broken; so much of what is happening is coming down from the federal level.

Matt Bevin

Matt Bevin challenger for Kentucky’s U.S. Senate seat held by incumbent RINO Mitch McConnell.
McConnell spokeswoman Allison Moore told the Washington Post:

Apparently Matt ‘Bailout’ Bevin has a small cadre of fringe friends in Washington who have concluded that conservative governance isn’t half as important as making money off his quixotic Senate campaign, even though polling shows Mitch winning by a staggering 68-21 margin.

The accusation that Tea Partiers and supporters of Bevin are “fringe” does not sit well with Kentucky Tea Party leaders.
 A Breitbart reporter spoke with some of them
David Dickerson, the head of the Barron County Tea Party told Breitbart News:

It appears to me that first of all they’re saying Matt Bevin’s not legitimate, and now they’re saying the people who are supporting Matt Bevin are not legitimate? It looks to me like if you’re an opponent of Mitch McConnell, Mitch McConnell just thinks you’re not legitimate.

That’s just a little too much ego for my taste. I’ve been a Republican County Chairman in the past, I’ve been a member of the Republican State Central Committee here in Kentucky. I’ve been an elected Republican official. I don’t think I consider myself fringe whether I have Tea Party credibility or I associate with a patriot group or not. I do, and I’m proud to say that I do. Just because I oppose Mitch McConnell, it doesn’t make me a fringe person. It’s just not the way it is. We’re conservatives and we recognize that we don’t have the kind of leadership as provided by Mitch McConnell that is effective for any pro-conservative agenda. He’s a little too willing to fold up the tent and go home when the going gets a little rough especially when an issue comes up that might affect his reelection, which I think is the only thing in this country that matters to him: his own reelection. It’s a typical selfish politician.

Nobody likes to be belittled by a member of the imperial class in Washington. I think he sees Matt Bevin as a very legitimate candidate and a legitimate threat to his position in the Senate. And I think he’s just lashing out in frustration and desperation by calling people names. That’s not a very noble way for the minority leader, the Republican leader, in the United States Senate to act. I think it’s pretty bad politics to be calling your own folks ‘fringe,’ particularly when you have a primary coming up and those folks have an opportunity to vote. I just don’t think that’s right. I don’t think he should be doing that and I think he needs to stop with the name calling and I think he needs to talk about the things that he has done in his past 29 years or better yet the things that he can accomplish if he gets one more time that he hasn’t been able to accomplish in the past 29 years. This politics of personal destruction is not good. I don’t like it. It’s just something that shouldn’t be done. I just don’t think that we should be insulting people and calling them names and saying that they’re ‘fringe’ folks when they’re the rank and file conservative voters that this country desperately needs right now.

Bobby Alexander of the Central Kentucky Tea Party:

This is typical McConnell strategy to attack and try to discount his opponents. When you’re desperate like the McConnell campaign is, they will leave no stone unturned to try to find a way to minimize their opponents. That’s exactly what this is about. We weren’t real ‘fringe’ as far as Tea Party folks down in Kentucky when we supported Rand Paul and defeated Senator McConnell’s hand-picked candidate Mr. Trey Grayson. We weren’t ‘fringe’ then and we’re not ‘fringe’ now. I think Senator McConnell will discover as we go forward in this campaign that there are no ‘fringe’ elements on the conservative side in Kentucky.

He just can’t have it both ways. You see, the senator has had too many campaigns in his past where he was not challenged from his own party. And this is the first time he’s really had to face that. I think he’s desperate and I think he’s living in fear that he’s losing it. So he’s pulling out all the stops and some of these are indeed going to backfire in my opinion.

Scott Hofstra of the United Kentucky Tea Parties:

He calls us ‘fringe’ but there are a whole lot of people in the state who are very upset with his lack of leadership. He’s trying to minimize us by calling us ‘fringe.’  But there are a whole lot of people so he can’t really call it ‘fringe. I think it already is backfiring on him. But that’s McConnell’s modus operandi. He’s a very dirty player. He bashes people instead of trying to run on his own record because he knows he can’t. You never hear about his record because he can’t run on it. So he stoops to doing this to other people.

Larry Robinson, the head of the Northern Kentucky Tea Party:

If we’re so ‘fringe,’ I don’t know why he is so concerned about us. He’s spending an awful lot of money.

John Cox

John Cox challenger for Alaska’s congressional district seat held by incumbent RINO Don Young.

Don Young has been in Congress since 1973. Don Young was one of 3 Republicans to vote for the socialist “Fair Pay Act” in 2009. In 2011, he voted against almost every spending cut and opposed every effort to end taxpayer special favors for big labor. He voted for all the major annual spending bills and the debt ceiling increase. In 2012, Young was one of only 16 Republicans to vote for the Simpson-Bowles tax increases.  He endorsed a liberal Democrat for
Senate in Hawaii against a Republican and a more centrist Democrat.

Retired Navy vet of almost 30yrs. To be exact 29 yrs 11months 27days
Having one business — snowplowing — isn’t enough for John Cox, who also serves as the president of the Anchor Point Chamber of Commerce.

On Feb. 1, Cox opened Smokin’ in an area of Anchor Point Supply.

Most of the people in this area, anywhere from Ninilchik, Happy Valley, Anchor Point, all have to drive all the way down to Homer for their tobacco products. With the price of gas, that just isn’t feasible. It’s expensive enough, with 80 percent going for taxes, so to drive that far for a pack of cigarettes is $16, $17 if you figure in gas.

Our country is headed in the wrong direction. You can’t change Washington until you change the people that are there. Lets restore liberty and common sense. Help me so I can help you.

Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith challenger for Idaho’s 2nd congressional district seat held by incumbent RINO Mike Simpson.

Mike Simpson is an ardent supporter of earmarks. He is also a big supporter of government-run healthcare, and refuses to cut even small programs like the National Endowment of the Arts and the National Endowment of the Humanities. He is a big purveyor of farm welfare, thereby entrapping residents of his red state into government dependency. He voted for every bailout under the sun. Simpson was one of only 16 Republicans to vote for the Simpson-Bowles tax increases. He is also one of the few solid red state Republicans who is squishy on gun issues.

Bryan Smith is a constitutional conservative who fought property tax increases in Idaho Falls and exposed fraud by the city attorney that cost the city thousands of dollars. A practicing lawyer, he’s also written on how John Roberts got the ObamaCare decision flat wrong.

Art Halvorson

Art Halvorson challenger for Pennsylvania’s 9th congressional district seat held by incumbent RINO Bill Shuster.

Bill Shuster has represented the most conservative district in Pennsylvania for 11 years, yet he is just as liberal as the members from democrat-leaning districts. In 2011, he supported all the spending bills and the debt limit increase. In the past, he has voted for cash for clunkers, credit card regulations, and TARP. He is a big porker and advocate for high-speed rail. He was one of the biggest supporters of No Child Left Behind.

After graduating from the United States Coast Guard Academy in 1977, Art served 29 years in the Coast Guard as a rescue helicopter pilot, flight instructor, test pilot, commanding officer, and eventually as a senior advisor at Coast Guard headquarters in Washington. After retiring from the Coast Guard in 2006, Art went into real estate investment and now runs four companies that own and manage real estate around the country.  Art has been married for 34 years, has 6 children, and is a devout Christian.

As an owner of a family farm, Art understands the deleterious market distortions of farm subsidies and price fixing, which benefit large Ag interests at the expense of small farmers.  As a career Coast Guard officer, Art understands the dangers of open borders.  He’s committed to stopping amnesty while fighting to protect America first.  As someone who has observed the failures of the current conservatives in Congress, Art is prepared to use the debt ceiling and CRs to defund Obamacare and force transformational change to the size of government.

Matt Dietz

Matt Dietz challenger for Pennsylvania’s 17 congressional district seat held by Democrat incumbent Matt Cartwright.
Matt Dietz, a Northampton County pilot, wants to land Congressman Matt Cartwright’s job. Matt Dietz, 36, formally filed his paperwork with the Federal Election Commission in late April and has set up a campaign website. It’s his first foray into politics aside from a volunteer position on the Wind Gap Borough Park Board.

Dietz, a Pen Argyl High School graduate, said he was inspired to jump into federal politics because of his concern about his three young children’s future and the national debt.

I think Washington is a mess and I think we have two choices, continue with the dysfunction and debt, or we have to roll up our sleeves and get America back on track.

Stanley Mack

Stanley Mack challenger for Alabama’s 7th dongressional district seat held by Democrat incumbent Teri Sewell.
One man who’s ready to fight is Stanley Mack, a Navy veteran in the restaurant industry who is entering the arena as a 2014 Republican candidate for Alabama’s 7th U.S. Congressional District.

As manager at Travel America Petro Iron Skillet, Mack is aware of how the Affordable Healthcare Act and globalist plans like the United Nations’ Agenda 21 affect the employer and employee. Mack notes that President Obama has been “absolutely duplicitous,” as when he campaigned as a “friend of coal,” then ordered the EPA to pursue Agenda 21 “to regulate even stricter coal mining.” I don’t believe that particular document from the U.N. should be used in conjunction with our eminent domain laws to restrict property and use of property.

Mack, who was born in Holt, Alabama and raised there in a poor household by his mother Myrtis says

We have too many people right here in the 7th District alone that are not only destitute, but hopeless. I don’t think that the election cycle and who won the election cycle represents the people that are in need in this district, and “representation was left out” for many counties during the last redistricting process.

I, as a man, standing alone, in front of the government myself, may not have the impact that they would like. However, if I’m that man standing behind the people in the 7th District in Alabama, and the nation, and I have all those voices behind me, there’s nothing that we can’t do.

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  1. Dempsey Coleman says

    What a great team this will make I hope

  2. cvxxx says

    Says nothing. Wait to see what stands they really have.

    1. Pat says

      They have to be better than what is in there now!

  3. cdansreau says

    I was hoping to see challenges for Montana’s senate seats. Both senate seats are democrats and the
    state is basically a red state. It makes strategic sense for the GOP/Conservatives to challenge senate seats in all low population density states. You get a bigger bang for the campaign buck.

    1. plgrm58 says

      Max Baucus is one Democrat Senator from Montana who is retiring in 2014. There is a good chance for a Republican to win this open seat in 2014. Jon Tester is the other Democrat Senator from Montana who just got reelected in 2012, and Montana has to wait until 2018 to vote him out of office.

  4. Scott remy says

    It will be a matter of months that the media starts to portray each of these fine men as Right_Wing radicals who want to throw people off a cliff as they generalize and slander men of excellent character just to give the Liberals enough fodder to hate them. I pray and I hope that each of these men have the stomach to be dragged through the mud for the crime of having a -R after their names.

    May their messages be strong and resonate with the people necessary to be hungry enough for the change this country really needs. America looks like just small place disappearing from view as the Liberals and media and the greedy bleeding hearts tear away at the very fiber of this once great nation that is hurting now. Hurting in the International Community for the TREASON and
    UNCONSTITUTIONAL regime that now occupies the White House and the Senate and the House and the Court.

    It is never too late to turn things around though my friends and neighbors because America once stood strong together and meant something to the rest of the world. Liberalism and socialism did not take over the blink of an eye but it was patient to poison this nation slowly over a long period of time. It started in Hollywood and the aging 60’s protesters. They had help from the likes of Saul Alinsky and others who spouted their vision of an America so upside down that a woman just a couple of days ago thanked God for abortion and even called the some 54M women who had the courage to murder their babies in the name of choice.

    Choice. Choice is a multi-faceted hyphenated word that sounds like freedom on the outside but when you get to the center you are left with the worst kind of bitterness you can imagine. But they only want freedom of choice in a few selected areas. Not school choice or social security choices. No they want to have their cake and eat it too. And up to this point with the anger socialist media as their allies, these people have been successful. They have dismantled the very fabric of our Constitution and managed to slip in a socialists, non-citizen into our midst with broken promises and lies, abusing his power and being told how to destroy America by whoever pulls his strings.

    When? When can we start to make noticeable dents in the destruction they have left this nation in. Who? Who can make those dents? This is one time and one time only that I will agree with Hillary Clinton. IT TAKES A VILLAGE. A village here and there standing our ground and saying NO!!! NO MORE!!!

    May God Bless us all and redeem this nation who needs to cry out to Him for His divine Providence. We may find that this is just America’s fate and the answer will returned wanting. But we at least have to make our values and prayers heard and show that we do not want to fade as Rome did…as Athens did and so amny others we only read about in the altered history books.

    Can we at least try?

  5. Charles Jetter says

    i’ll pray for these fellows that they get in an get our country back to normal.

  6. hangman57 says

    John Boehner really makes me mad, Why has he held back on going after Obama on Benghazi and Obamacare . Americans are so pissed about both of these issues .

  7. smknnjoe says

    Quite an impressive list. More important to me as a 20 Navy veteran so many of them are veterans and they understand the life and the importance of national security more so than the crop of non-vets in DC now. Not to say that being a veteran should be a prerequisite but we have gone far to long with too many career politicians that have never served the country prior to entering public office. I’m hoping with Howie Lind to see Mark Warner get bounced out on his keester. Maybe in 2016 Tim Kaine will get rolled out also.

  8. marcus J says

    Very impressive indeed , If only a majority of these Men are able to replace some of the DimRats and RINO`s too this country would eventually be in better shape , Good Luck Gentelmen in your Fight and I hope People in your respective districts have the wisdom to vote for you all instead of listening to the Lies and Menusia of the Incumbents , Especially Mitch McConnell ,RINO Traitor

  9. TurtleShroom says

    EXCELLENT. Mitch McConnel is facing a primary, but what about John Boehner? Who’s kicking HIS rear?

  10. George R. Horn says

    It is an amazing thing to see so many who have already served the country ready to do so again because they see the problems that face our country. Lets hope that the people in their districts realize that these men have the country in their hearts and that they want to help make our country as great as it can be.

    1. Markusdecarcus says

      Sign of a true Patriot..

  11. Thanks for the information about this Impressive group of candidates, all with backgrounds that will help them on the campaign trail. So far, no sign that any of these fine Americans are warlocks (male witches) or promote the case for spontaneous abortions. Whew!

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