Newark district gave $933K to group aligned with Farrakhan

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NEWARK – Among the many questionable expenditures EAGnews recently found after reviewing Newark Public Schools’ finances was this especially curious one: $933,967 to the Women in Support of the Million Man March (WISOMMM) organization (see full story here).

Farrakhan-BeyThe Newark school district says the money is used to pay the organization for “the operation of early childhood programs.”

As it turns out, the WISOMMM recently filed for bankruptcy protection, according to the Wall Street Journal. The group is also under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice, which has accused it of “improperly spending” parts of a $345,325 federal grant and then “attempting to ‘cover up their actions’ during a subsequent investigation,” according to the WSJ.

Specifically, the group is being accused of “fraud, unjust enrichment, payment under mistake of fact, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract and civil conspiracy,” according to a criminal complaint filed by the Justice Department.

The complaint alleges, among other things, WISOMMM improperly used funds to host a group of Bermudans and took them on “cultural” activities such as movies, an aquarium, shopping trips, a bowling alley and a professional basketball game.

WISOMM is also accused of creating “fictitious justifications and false documentation to hide their actual use of the grant funds,” according to the filing, which also accused the group of paying expenses related to its parent company.

Nation of Islam leader and rabid anti-Semite, Minister Louis Farrakhan, has come to the group’s defense, holding a fundraiser last year for its legal fund, according to

The group lists Farrakhan as its top contributor, saying his donation “cannot [be counted] in $.”

The criminal complaint states WISOMMM honored Farrakhan for “educational excellence” at a prior “African Awards Banquet and Dinner.”

WISOMM founder Fredrica Bey told Farrakhan is “so full of love for his people.”

That obviously doesn’t include Jewish people.

Farrakhan has said Judaism is a “dirty religion” and routinely attacks Jewish people for their so-called control of the media and entertainment industries.

He’s also said Jews are “blood suckers” who belong to the “synagogue of Satan.”

Farrakhan’s rhetoric was so outrageous at a May appearance in Detroit that even the very liberal U.S. Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) apologized.

And yet Bey and the WISOMMM fully embrace Farrakhan. Should Newark schools have given this group nearly $1 million to perform any type of service of all? Are there no Jewish families with children in the district who might be offended if they knew about all this?

The well-connected WISOMMM also honored former Newark Mayor Sharpe James. In 2008, he was convicted of five counts of fraud by a federal jury and sentenced to 27 months in prison. Bey was a witness in that case.

The Newark school district has serious questions to answer about why a group under federal investigation – and with such public ties to a racist like Farrakhan – received $933,967 in precious school dollars.

There must be more worth organizations to provide services to the students of the city.

By Kyle Olson at

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  1. SniperToo says

    What did you expect. Newark is filled with lots of stupid blacks and many have converted to Islam. No surprise here. Another trash city evolving it’s way to another DeerBorn or Moto City getto land. let them rot.

  2. Dan Moore says

    Why is Farrakhan, Jackson and Sharpton still walking around? If a good man like Martin Luther King (a Republican by the way) can get gunned down, why can’t those three?

  3. lbc says

    Who’s in charge of this Newark school funds anyway? Don’t they have a board of directors that had to vote on this?

  4. PLW says

    Tax Payers’ money for Farrakhan’s racist agenda while being investigated for misuse of funds and filing for bankruptcy protection… Smart move Newark School District. The Liberal Left at its best, again showing NO COMMON SENSE, OR REASON!!!!!!!!!!! After all, it is only Tax Payers’ money!!!

  5. Hotnike says

    You can be sure if our Dept. of InJustice gets involved nothing will happen.

  6. Judy Harl says

    Bunch of liars

  7. gwedem5995 says

    And they keep saying we need more money for schools. This makes me realize that I will never vote for another school levy. The more money we give, the dumber our kids get. If we would get all the garbage out of schools and get back to the basics, maybe the test scores would improve.
    The inner cities schools had it rough in the 40 and 50’s when I grew up, but I don’t remember any illerates then.

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