New Mexico Court Tells Christians to Compromise

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I don’t want to say “I told you so,” but… I told you so. For as long as I have been given an opportunity to write for some of the coolest conservative websites on the internet, I have been trying to warn my readers that the gay marriage debate is red herring. We conservative Christians usually get caught up right at the start of the debate with the idea that homosexuality is sin and it is anti God’s nature. (It is both of those things) We rightly contest that gay marriage is unnatural and should have no place in society because it harms the fabric of our social structure by weakening the most important part of our social system – the family.

However… legalizing gay marriage in and of itself has never been the true goal of the leftist political activist. Their true goal has always been consolidating power in the hands of the federal government. We conservatives actually helped them in the gay marriage debate by asking the government for its approval of our definition of marriage. What I argued we should have said was that the government has no right to define for us what marriage is. We have allowed the government to label marriage as a “contract” when in fact marriage is a “covenant” between a man, a woman and God.

We conservatives also further hurt ourselves when we failed to realize the consequences of our side of the debate. If we lost, we weren’t simply losing the marriage debate – we were opening the door for government to involve itself in our religious beliefs. We let the LEFT turn the debate into a human right or civil rights issue, and at the moment that happened we left the entire American church open to harassment from the federal government and the court system.

Well, the persecution from the state and the courts has begun.
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