Michelle O’s L.A. school lunch menu: potato-chive waffles and a ‘black bean mountain’

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LOS ANGELES – When Los Angeles school lunch bureaucrats realized their new menu of sushi and broccoli and beef with brown rice was roundly rejected by students last year, their attitude was try, try again.

black-bean-mountainThis school year, they’ll be offering what they think are more tantalizing dishes such as taco salad and chicken and waffles.

But the L.A. Daily News reports it will be potato and chive waffles with no sugar added, to stay in compliance with new federal school lunch regulations championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Students will also be dining on a “black bean mountain” along with a cucumber and tomato salad and a “warm pear and raisin compote.”

Perhaps the bureaucrats’ strategy is to starve the kids into slimming down. Do they really think this fare will go over any better?

Food Services chief David Binkle called the waffle “savory” and believes it will be a “successful product.”

The school district estimates students threw away more than 8 million meals last year, according to the paper.

It’s just the latest example of a string of problems created by the federal overhaul of school lunches.

A report from the Government Accountability Office cited increased food waste, loss of school revenue due to decreased sales and increased administrative costs among the headaches created by the new regulations.

By Kyle Olson at EAGnews.org

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  1. nituathaill says

    Actually sounds like a recipe for the runs…they may need more stalls in the school rest rooms…

  2. dontdoitagain says

    Another little thing I noticed…SUSHI! For students? It’s a major treat for me to be able to go out for sushi along with broccoli and beef with brown rice. No wonder the district lost money. I venture to guess that not that many illegal aliens have developed a palate for this kind of food. What were they thinking? My own teenager won’t eat sushi and I can’t FORCE her to eat it. She’s up for the broccoli and beef with brown rice however.
    I agree with several other commenters here about the PE classes. In order to burn calories these students need exercise. Oh but we can’t afford it. The parents might sue us if their fat kids faint or something from running in place. This whole thing is absurd.
    Does anybody else remember seeing pictures and video clips of Sadam Hussein telling people how to prepare fresh vegetables and how to brush their teeth? Hmmm.

  3. foxxybey says

    Moochelles lunch should eat dung and chips and not many chips, she is trailer trash and needs to get her head out of where the sun don’t shine, if she ate what she wants others to eat she wouldn’t have such a fat butt.

  4. Mary Wert says

    School lunches should be a local decision. Keep all government as close to the people as possible. She is pushing carbs and sugary fruit with carbs….but why?

  5. SniperToo says

    Moocheata has a lot of nerve pushing her Muslim kosher food [email protected] onto the unsuspecting school kids and their parents. Every year she goes to Aspen, Colorado (for Christmas) on our tax dollars and gorges herself on Chief designer ribs and than slides her double @ss butt down the snow slopes of Colorado. I wonder if she slides as well as Kenya boy plays golf. What a pair and what a sight.

  6. Kaitty says

    It is good nutritious food so stop knocking it! Plenty of protein and fiber and I am sure it tastes great.
    Man was living without meat before he sinned. Meat is not a basic staple for life. To blast every thing just because you do not like what Obama is doing is wrong. Michelle is on the right track! We all want healthy, strong children, true?!

    1. SniperToo says

      You need to clean the poop out of your eyes. First of all, it’s the parents responsibility to control what their children eat at school. The parents use to get a copy of the weekly food menu; so they could decide if their child would eat at school or brown bag it. This is not about eating right. This is about converting the children and getting them ready to eat Islamic food (kosher) and converting them to Islam via the public school system. It does not work in states over run by Mexicans. They are mostly devote Catholics and they will not eat that way. Fish on every Friday, etc. You must be a leftist because you can’t see through the Muslim smoke screen.

      1. Kaitty says

        Food lunch plan of school is posted in newspaper weekly for all to read.

        1. Rose says

          Not here….never heard of that before

    2. SniperToo says

      P.S. Kaitty. Besides her pushing her Muslim food down their throats. If she really wanted the children to loose wait. Number 1, bring back physical education and make it mandatory that all girls and boys attend P.E. each day and Number 2, the diet will only work if you remove ALL gluten from the foods served, no sodas on campus and no sugar in the foods. Try that first before pushing one’s personal agenda.

      Vietnam Vet, Air Force, female nurse and yes I also have a degree in dietician. Put that in your leftist pipe and smoke it.

      Honey,do your homework before operating your mouth.

      P.S. You know who decided to stop/remove mandatory P.E. from all all grade levels through 12th grade? The leftist Union school teachers association.

      1. Kaitty says

        There is physical activity depending on the state. Many children are involved in after school activities, sports. Diet has a great deal to do with weight. The one meal described is not the only food they are receiving on the free lunch or paid lunches. There is variety. I am Christian and American born New Yorker and college graduate so do not assume anything. I think too many people are very limited mentally and thereby self-restricted in their thinking. During the war in Europe people survived on turnips and potatoes. The potato is a very healthy food it is what people put on it that adds calories. Open your mind read cook books, view cooking shows learn about food before exercising mouth and or writing hand.

  7. edgineer says

    Never saw anything that could screw things up faster than the Democrats.

  8. shamu9 says

    Since when does a Disgraced, -[forced to surrender her Law License]- attorney, automatically become a Dietician/School Lunch Nutrition Expert???

    1. SniperToo says

      Since her Muslim usurper cheated his way into office and has access to our tax dollars. He gave her cart blanch too run around and play food Nazzie. She has no degree other than thief and liar and she does not have a degree in food nutrition. Power corrupts and bs walks.

  9. OneTiredDoc says

    Since the government has ALREADY given most of these kids’ families Food Stamps why not have them bring their own lunches? Let their parent(s) decide what they eat…

  10. MARYANN33 says

    Michelle is a no class nobody and knows nothing helpful…Leave the kids alone…She is black trash…

  11. raccman says

    Has michelle ever even taken a course in Nutrition in school ?

    1. astrojohn says

      Didn’t need to – the Obamas are omniscient.

      1. raccman says

        Best she wear a diaper as her “omniscience” is getting all over the place and it STINKS !

  12. Derekf900 says

    Michelle is an idiot

    1. Sam W says

      With a butt as wide as hers, pray tell what is she eating that the kids should avoid. Just another form of indoctrination by the FED’s. If the kids don’t eat it and resort to snakes instead, what have they gained? Other then weight eating goodies…. or starches…

  13. dontdoitagain says

    Have you LOOKED at the pictures of Michelle? Is this the body style we want to emulate? Don’t get all worked up, I’m not that great in the figure department at my age, BUT (big but) I’m not out there being the food nazi like Michelle. I guess she started with an illegal alien school district where she figures the students can’t make too much noise.

    1. MN_in_CA says

      hey give them a break, the MSM were slavering over how toned FLOTUS upper arms were not too long ago!

  14. DHardy says

    sounds like a load of carbs and starch…

    1. MN_in_CA says

      did not even add the rice with the beans to make it a more complete protein lunch.

      Beans and potatoes are cheap food, that is the extent of it.

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