The Chicken, the Confused, the Clown, and the Crybaby

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mad hen smallerOnce upon a time the Little Red Hen lived on Old MacDonald’s farm in a country of industrious and self-sufficient citizens.

Little Red and her countrymen and women elected representatives who double pinky promised to support their best interests and protect the future of their country.

Little Red trusted the candidates she elected, and didn’t really pay much attention to their on-the-job performances as she “cluck, clucked” here, “cluck, clucked” there while attending to her chicks.

How blessed Little Red felt to live in a country of such abundance, liberty, and jobs, and with the best healthcare in the world (not only for citizens, but also for illegal immigrants who received free health care, free education, and ballots printed in their native language).

But then, one day, the wily president of the country began to host behind-closed-door secret meetings and arm twist left-wing Senators to support a national healthcare program named after his arrogant self (although it really and truly should have been called the Get-Rid-of-Granny-Death-Panel Act).

The Senators were bribed, blackmailed, and threatened until just barely enough of them (51) were able to pass the UN-affordable healthcare law that was destined to become a Jack-the-Giant killer of the country’s medical industry and national economy.
E-I-E-I-OH my goodness gracious!

Little Red and her fellow countrymen and women began to scrutinize the actions of the glib president and their elected representatives. Many became seriously alarmed and demanded that their employees (elected representatives) do their jobs and protect the citizens and their families and future generations from the devastating effects of the UN-affordable healthcare law.
E-I-E-I-OH get the lead out and put the brakes on this monster.

Whew! Just when it appeared that the representatives were unified and pushing back against the UN-affordable healthcare law, “Uh oh.” Big problem.

Three powerful leaders cried “E-I-E-I-No. Although we didn’t vote for the law, we must compromise our conservative principles and go along to get along. We must not damage our status as members of the Washington political elite.”

Little Red and her fellow countrymen and women immediately launched a fund-raising drive to pay for spine implants for the status-challenged Congressmen.


Then, Little Red asked them, “but, who will protect our best interests and help reject this UN-affordable healthcare law that will kill jobs, kill our economy, kill granny, and kill the best healthcare system in the world?”

“Not I,” said the one known as McCain from Arizona.

“Not I,” said the one known as Graham from South Carolina.

“Not I,” said the one known as Boehner from Ohio.

And so, Little Red and her fellow countrymen and women linked hearts and minds and decided, “Fine, we’ll take care of this ourselves.” They stood up, spoke out, pushed back and set out to repeal the UN-affordable healthcare law, page-by-page, edict-by-edict.

E-I-E-I-OH how lovely when their effort went viral and fired up millions of concerned citizens to stand up, speak out, and demand repeal of the UN-affordable healthcare law.

Next, they voted the three spineless politicians out of office.
E-I-E-I-O.mccain rides off into the sunset smaller

And so it came to be that the one known as McCain from Arizona, wandered off into the sunset, aimlessly searching for his moral compass.

The one knowgraham clownn as Graham from South Carolina was soundly defeated in his state’s next primary, ran away and joined the circus.

The one known as Boehner from Ohio became depressed when his boehner beer smallerspineless comrades abandoned him. He sobbed, “E-I-E-I-Oh boo hoo hoo” and joined the gang of eight left-wing liberals who helped him lose his re-election bid. But, instead of retiring to the golf course, he launched a new career as the Brewmaster of Boehner Crybaby Beer.

The end.

Molli’s booBOOK COVER frnt  Aug 16 smallerk, “UNCLE SCAM Wants Your Money and Your Country,” will be available (at a discount through this website) in September. A former publisher, Time-Life editor, motivational speaker, and author, Molli writes Politically Incorrect Fables to entertain and educate low-information voters, amuse and fire up patriots, and irritate progressives. To read additional fables and daily rants, visit her blog at



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