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Local school officials have lost their minds when it comes to “zero tolerance” policies where it concerns kids and “weapons.” Would you like to know the latest targets in the war on the Second Amendment? “Hello Kitty” and “Pop Tarts.” Don’t believe me? Watch this video, which could easily be “Saturday Night Live” bit – but it’s not. It’s scary and real.

Crazy? Yeah. Real? Yeah. WTF? Bingo. When are we going to say ‘enough’ and just let kids be kids? This is not behavior that leads to any real violence and we all know it. These policies and punishments are the actions of the “Thought Police” and they continue to indoctrinate our children. They want our kids to believe our Constitution is invalid and bad for our future.


KidsWhen are we going to stand up and put a stop to these liberals in our education system?


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