Kentucky Theatre Won’t Show The Movie “Butler” Because Of Hanoi Jane

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Jane Fonda ruins the movie for many American patriots.

One of these patriots “Ike Boutwell” just happens to own 2 theaters, MoviePalace and Showtime Cinemas in “E-Town” Kentucky.

Mr Boutwell says he won’t show the popular flick about a butler who served eight U.S. presidents because it has Fonda starring as former first lady Nancy Reagan. “I just really think it’s a slap in the face to have a person of treason portray a patriotic lady, Mrs. Reagan,”

download (6)Jane Fonda’s statements and demonstrations against the Vietnam War caused many Americans to view her as a traitor.

Mr Boutwell goes on to say “I trained hundreds of pilots to fly, many of whom Ms. Fonda clapped and cheered as they were shot down.” He goes on to say “Our Constitution only mentions three crimes. Treason is one. That’s aid and comfort to the enemy.”

Mr. Boutwell has not shown a film with Jane Fonda  since he opened the theaters in the late 80’s. If he loses money because of it, “oh well”

“In life, you’ve got to stand for something, and that’s where I stand,” he said. “It makes me feel that I’m honoring those who died for this country.”


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