Kentucky Theatre Won’t Show The Movie “Butler” Because Of Hanoi Jane

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Jane Fonda ruins the movie for many American patriots.

One of these patriots “Ike Boutwell” just happens to own 2 theaters, MoviePalace and Showtime Cinemas in “E-Town” Kentucky.

Mr Boutwell says he won’t show the popular flick about a butler who served eight U.S. presidents because it has Fonda starring as former first lady Nancy Reagan. “I just really think it’s a slap in the face to have a person of treason portray a patriotic lady, Mrs. Reagan,”

download (6)Jane Fonda’s statements and demonstrations against the Vietnam War caused many Americans to view her as a traitor.

Mr Boutwell goes on to say “I trained hundreds of pilots to fly, many of whom Ms. Fonda clapped and cheered as they were shot down.” He goes on to say “Our Constitution only mentions three crimes. Treason is one. That’s aid and comfort to the enemy.”

Mr. Boutwell has not shown a film with Jane Fonda  since he opened the theaters in the late 80’s. If he loses money because of it, “oh well”

“In life, you’ve got to stand for something, and that’s where I stand,” he said. “It makes me feel that I’m honoring those who died for this country.”


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  1. The Wise Mom says

    In addition to Fonda, Reagan was portrayed in a negative and inaccurate manner. Typical Hollywood rewriting of history to suit it’s own agenda. Sadly, the Hollywood elite could have used this movie simply to showcase a simple man having a profound impact on powerful men and how our country changed during that time, but they chose, as they always seem to do, to alter it just a bit (or a lot, in some cases) to fit what they want us all to believe.
    And when conservatives and patriots refuse to see it because of Hanoi Jane and historical inaccuracies, they will claim it is because it is about a black man, not for the real reasons.

  2. Cam says

    Effective competition depends upon competitors following rules and restraining their desire to cheat or use force against other competitors.

  3. Bob Farquhar says

    Oh good for them. How silly, but well within their rights to express themselves by not running a movie that remains at the top of the box office. I am sure Jan Fonda is just rolling around in pain as a result of this exercise of free speech.

  4. Brooke Lorren says

    Hopefully you’ll feel the “Chick-Fil-A effect” because of it: lots of people rushing to your business because they like your decision to take a stand.

  5. Sheila says

    Ike is a good name for you. Thank you for supporting us. I, too, am boycotting The Butler. But I boycott all the progressives’ movies. I won’t spend my money supporting their balderdash. If everyone did as I do they would learn to keep their mouth’s shut because they would be broke since they spend just about everything they make on themselves.

  6. James DeRocker says

    May this piece of garbage rot in hell forever!

  7. Clint says



    Thank You Sir! You are a true Gentleman and Patriot! I was VERY young when Ms Fonda was performing her Treasonous behaviors against the very people who fought to give her the right to be wrong! Hearing that she is playing a role of a past First Lady makes my stomach turn! I have heard the movie is a “good” one, but I will not spend a penny to support that person! Thank you for having true principals and being a TRUE MAN and standing up for your beliefs <3

  9. Eleanor says

    As an American with a World War II Dad, I understand completely, this mans patriotism and love, of our Country….We always show respect for our Veterans, who died, in all the wars. Jane was cruel and out of control in her youth….and in my opinion, the only reason Jane Fonda was not charged
    with treason, was because her dad was so respected, with a lot of powerful friends.

    1. Worship Dancer says

      her brother’s, Peter, career was ruined because of her actions and her father didn’t speak to her until they made On Golden Pond together just before he died.

  10. CalCin says

    Thank you Mr. Boutwell

  11. MARYANN33 says

    I will not watch the movie for many reasons…I will not support Oprah, who gave us Obama and never apologized…Her ignorance and prejudice is coming out more and more…Jane Fonda and Oprah are the same cloth…Traitors….I hope the movie bombs.

  12. USMCret says

    i hope that others will not berate this man for his decision and it is his CONSTITUTIONAL right to do so irregardless of those who will question and maybe even Holder will get into the act and bring charges against this person.

  13. lbc says

    God bless you, Mr. Boutwell!



  15. mrsgunnut10 says

    You are gratefully appreciated Mr. Boutwell, by this 1968/69 Viet Nam Veteran. I am sure many others feel the same way. Thank you for your Service time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  16. A Major Maddad1947 says

    GOOD: She never should have been allowed back into this country after that; and probably would not have been except for her father.

  17. Ronald Neil Howdeshell says

    I agree with your decision, I have never watched one of her movies. She has never had to be held accountable for her vile actions. She has continued to live her life of luxury, even while our people were being tortured. It makes my guts hurt to think about her living the life of privilege, while men wearing our uniforms were beaten, starved, and humiliated. How many of these men has she even acknowledged, or apologized to, much less tried to make real amends?

  18. $14832922 says

    Good for him. He has, and is exercising, the Right to make his own decisions.
    Personally, I think “Barbarella” was Jane’s best work.

  19. Benjamin Dover says

    Hone your intellectual Excalibur:

  20. gwedem5995 says

    For anyone who thinks she should be forgiven as she has apologized, well in one interview I saw, she had a “Hanoi Jane” t shirt on.

    1. LastNameFirst says

      But she has NOT apologized!

  21. gwedem5995 says

    Does anyone know where I can make a donation to this courageous and honorable man? She is the exact reason I won’t go and see it.

    1. chris1953 says

      I’ m sure the Boutwells appreciate the offer of a donation, but knowing them I believe they would rather any such donations go to the VFW, DAV or American Legion Post 113 in Elizabethtown KY.

  22. Jeff A Jones says

    I wont watch it because its full of lies and has Oprah in it

  23. Jimbo Velasquez says

    BRAVO to you Mr.Boutwell.

  24. loulun says

    I wouldn’t show it because we all know where this movie is going . ( RACE HUSTLERS )

    1. Rattlerjake says

      Exactly, especially with Fonda and oprah in it, this movie is a deliberate propaganda tool to further indoctrinate the weak-minded sheeple in this country.

  25. axmickl says

    Thank you Mr Boutwell, its good to know there are others out there who remember who our enemies are.

    1. Earl says

      Not to appear to agree with Fonda, but I recall a few years ago she accepted Jesus and repented. Don’t know much about today since I don’t follow her. Didn’t she break up with T.Turner over that issue also?
      Can’t change the past, but we as Christians are supposed to be a forgiving people, so in light of her repentance, what’s next?

      1. axmickl says

        If you are looking for forgiveness for traitor Fonda, ask the families of the prisoners that were beaten to death because of her. Ask the survivors who came out of there blinded and deaf and toothless and limbless because of her. Please don’t try to squeeze tears out of military families by saying she accepted Jesus. If Jesus forgave her he is no god of mine.

        1. lbc says

          Denying Jesus for any reason isn’t very smart…

          1. axmickl says

            Not very smart to preach your religious crap every chance you get either.

          2. Charie says

            Then apparently God and Jesus have no place in your life anyhow. so why even contradict Earl? Listen, Liberal, those who are believers live with Jesus/God every day so peddle your hate and anti-first amendment views elsewhere!

          3. ron says

            Great words, Ax. Thanks for saying what the rest of us are thinking. this line plugs into this post quite well!

        2. ort says

          Jesus forgave you on the cross by dying for you. You, and me, and everyone on this planet are sinners. To deny The Lord because of what other people do or say is foolish.

        3. ron says

          Great words, Ax. Thanks for saying what the rest of us are thinking

      2. Ronald Neil Howdeshell says

        Let the Lord forgive that is his business, not mine. I consider her a war criminal.

      3. Rattlerjake says

        You seriously believe that libturds ever repent? Libturds are modern day Philistines (or worse). They will lie to make themselves look good to those that hate them. There are true Christians and then there are pseudo-Christians; true Christians being those who follow the word of God and DO NOT compromise with man’s rules, like accepting homosexuality, failing to punish violent criminals, women in authority (Priests, pastors, etc.), etc. Hanoi Jane is a worthless b*tch. Those who chose to forgive these criminals are not following Gods laws that they need to be punished. God is the only authority in the end who can forgive and judge.

      4. MaryUKtheScot says

        Probably a faux apology for personal gain!! She was pictured in an interview to promote this movie wearing a t shirt with her image “Hanoi Jane” waving her fist in the air, dosent ring true she has any regret, JUST what suits her at the moment. It does astound me that the likes of HER and Senator Kennedy could carry on such successful careers after proving what disgusting lack of character and principal they have!!

        1. ron says


      5. MARYANN33 says

        Her conversion did not stick…

      6. ort says

        That may be true, and it’s up to God because He knows the heart……..but she has gone on to say and do some stupid things and I still really don’t care for her. She is God’s problem.

      7. Worship Dancer says

        maybe she should put her money where her mouth is and prove that she really is repentant. i haven’t seen much evidence. people CLAIM to have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior but continue with their previous behavior. maybe if she was into a church ministry that worked closely hands on with wounded vietnam veterans and PERSONALLY asked their forgiveness. so far she has been arrogant and only asked forgiveness of those whom she harmed when it was convenient for her to make money. “You shall know them by their fruit.” many CLAIM to be Christian because they plant their behinds in a pew FEW actually have given their lives to The Lord. and just because she repented does NOT mean she still does not have to reap the consequences here on earth of what she sowed. if someone rapes or murders someone THEN gets saved does that person just get a pass because they repented and accepted Jesus? NO THEY DON’T. there are earthly consequences for earthly behaviors.

        1. Maggie three says

          You said it right, Worship Dancer. There are consequences –either here on earth or in the hereafter. I have decided to boycott that movie–I was planning to see it until I found out she was in it–then I said no way will I spend $ to look at her.

      8. Retired LEO in Florida says

        She could do time for What she has done and still be born again!

      9. ron says

        Repent, my ass

      10. ron says

        She can repent as soon as she does 10 to life in prison

      11. Dan Frackowiak says

        Earl: I respectfully ask as to whether you have seen the photo of that whore wearing her “Hanoi Jane” t-shirt WHILE promoting this movie? Has she really repented? What do you think?

        1. Earl says

          Actually, no I hadn’t seen the T-shirt spot-my apologies. Game-changer for me!

          1. Dan Frackowiak says

            I hope I did not come across wrong, Earl. This progressive mentality exercised by the left is simply nauseating. God bless you.

          2. LastNameFirst says

            Another thing about her is that she has NEVER apologized for what she has done during the war. To this day she still defends herself and says she didn’t do anything wrong! the first part of repentance is admitting you have done wrong, i.e.; sinned, violated the 10 commandments, etc. It was less than a year ago that she publicly stated she has no remorse for what she did.

    2. 7papa7 says

      I applaud you Mr. Boutwell. I am a Viet Nam vet and I do remember well her treasonous activity along with that lying john kerry. They both should have been put up against a wall and shot. They are both traitors to America.

      1. USMCret says

        When you talk about traitors look to our leaders and know that they should be drawn and quartered.

        1. 7papa7 says

          Absolutely. We need to start with obama then move to holder, reid, pelosi and the list goes on. In order to have a short list we should start with those who are NOT traitors and we could probably write it on the back of a postage stamp.

          1. Clint says

            No doubt.

          2. ron says

            What a ridiculous comment

          3. Retired LEO in Florida says

            You are right….Drawn and quartered is too good.

      2. ron says

        Kerry protested the war FROM WITHIN, as is his right under the constitution. I aint fonda Jane went to Hanoi. Kerry is anything but a traitor, Fonda is…..

        1. 7papa7 says

          Kerry lied to congress about the war.

          1. ron says

            OK……I’m open-minded. I went to snopes. Whether he lied or not seems to depend on whom you choose to believe. Not having been there, I have to give the benefit to Kerry.

          2. 7papa7 says

            I was there and I was in an intelligence outfit and I can tell you that Kerry lied. When the war was over the leader of N viet nam said that they were ready to surrender but because of Kerry’s testimony to congress he said they were invigorated and continued the war costing us many more lives. Kerry is absolutely a traitor.

        2. James DeRocker says

          No, Kerry actually IS a traitor. Throwing his supposedly ‘earned’ medals over the fence at one of his protests. I’ve no respect for one, especially, who promotes himself as one he is not. It’s like that blowhard Ted Kennedy promoting himself as an upright righteous citizen. Should have been sent to prison for MURDERING Mary Jo Kopeckne.

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