Justice and Truth

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The Zimmerman trial has displayed vividly the twisted reality of what the American Justice System has become. Everyone – including judges, attorneys, racial activists, media and many in the general population – proclaim that justice will be “served” if only the “truth” can be found. The irony of this concept is in the individual’s definition of truth, the methodology used in discovering the truth and most importantly how it is to be administered to achieve justice.

JusticeTake for example the requirement that witnesses tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Yet more often than not they are prohibited from telling the whole truth. This, in the name of protecting the accused and/or victim from prejudicial information, is political correctness at its worst skewed so as to protect the criminal from the truth. Disgusting!

Then there is the policy engaged in by our entire law enforcement community which encourages the solicitation of evidence through the use of lying. Disgusting!

To further highlight the rule of “politics over truth” this case what brought to trial through pressure of racial activists rather than being processed through the grand jury system because the state knew there was not sufficient evidence to obtain an indictment. Disgusting!

Next we have the practice of attorneys standing in front of a jury knowingly spewing forth lie after lie to arouse negative emotional feelings of the jury. Ironically, these “officers of the court” are not subject to penalty for such dishonesty. Disgusting!

Then we have these “officers of the court” admonishing the jury to decide the fate of the accused with their “heart” (code word for emotions) which requires the jury to not base their decision solely on the facts of the case as presented. Disgusting!

Finally, after the jury, these fine folks (not a daily part of the judicial system and, thankfully,  not subject to the political, bureaucratic and self-serving interests of the state paid employees) spent many long hours sifting through the lies to uncover the real truth and honored it by declaring George Zimmerman NOT guilty, the State Attorney has the gall to hold a press conference and declare “we brought forth the truth about Trayvon Martin”. Disgusting, embarrassing and sickening!

It seems to this observer that our justice system no longer considers truth to be the core element in achieving justice. Rather, it demonstrates its dedication to serving the political demands of those that it fears.

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