Is your child’s teacher available for “Companionship?”

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Thousands of female teachers reportedly working as ‘sugar babies’ for wealthy older men

WASHINGTON, D.C. – There are some teachers who spend their nights grading papers, creating lesson plans, and preparing for the next day of classes.

Teacher ShirtAnd then there are teachers who spend their nights in a different way – being so-called “sugar babies.”, a dating site for “mutually-beneficial relationships” almost exclusively between older men and younger women, recently reported that about 40,000 public school teachers have joined the site as “sugar babies,” according to a story from the Huffington Post.

The “successful and generous” sugar daddies affiliated with the website provide pre-determined allowances to “attractive, ambitious and goal oriented” sugar babies, in exchange for their companionship, the newspaper reported.

These “allowances” range from luxurious vacations and gifts, to the “daddies” paying off bills and providing credit cards, checks and cash.

The website recently announced an “influx of teachers signing up last month, prior to heading back to school,” the story notes.

Site statistics report that most of the “teacher sugar babies” currently teach in the Philadelphia school district. Other districts with high numbers of participants are Miami-Dade, Los Angeles and New York. CEO Brandon Wade believes that teachers have joined the website as a way to earn extra income.

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The average teacher on the site reportedly asks for about $3,000 a month from her sugar daddy, according to the story.

“They can’t possibly be judged for whatever extracurricular activities they choose to pursue to stay afloat,” Wade said.

Wade has a point, to an extent.

In America, what teachers do after work is their own business, as long as it’s legal (we can’t stress that part enough), does not affect their classroom performance or their students, and does not have a negative impact on their schools’ reputation.

However, as teachers, they also have a moral and ethical duty to serve as role models for their students.

This is a responsibility that follows them in and out of the classroom, before and after the school bell rings.

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  1. Dominic De Falco says

    Just another form of Prostitution! Won’t be long and they will be teaching your children how to do the same thing!

  2. Defend The Constitution says

    When we exercise our liberty and enjoy the fruits of success, we also become morally responsible for directly associated failures.

  3. axmickl says

    If you want them to stop, pay them a lot more. It won’t make them any better at teaching but they just might start living up to your standards. Perhaps we should examine your standards first.

    1. Dominic De Falco says

      No matter how much you give them, they will just want more. It is the human way!

  4. disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2 says

    Do we all understand yet that their “teacher” JOB was gotten by their liberal-communist and anti-American Employers? Amazing how their “JOBS” lead them to their Personal Prostitution Paychecks. Besides Prostitutes, these moraless “teachers” are fodder for their degenerate “Employers” to NUDGE perversion upon our innocent and beautiful children.

  5. $474680 says

    what is a woman who divorces you and takes everything you have earned from the beginning of your life and still wants alimony , [ A high priced prostitute ] she wants paid for her services , no difference

  6. $13614178 says

    My ” moral Compass ” goes completely against this , however , as long as our society condones the the deviant sexual perversion of homosexuality I can’t fault anyone in this , after all , it is just two consenting adults engaging , for the most part , In NORMAL sex . With all the teachers today involving their students in their sexual outlet , this may also be an advantage and protection for the student by providing a more acceptable sexual outlet . Why should faggots have rights the rest of us consenting adults don’t have ?

  7. foxxybey says

    One sick and immoral world, teachers can’t teach as recent test have just proven and now this? God was right at the end of the age, many will call evil good and good evil and this kind of stuff shows God is always right.

  8. Larry B, Cates says

    I thought prostitution was still illegal? Why don’t the feds step in here like they do everywhere else? Oh wait, never mind. I’ll bet a lot of the feds are the ones that afford and supplement these prostitutes income!

  9. FingerBlisters says

    $3000 a month! And I bet they don’t pay taxes on it either. That is better than most entry level jobs and they already have a job. Around here younger teachers make over $60,000 a year.

  10. $14832922 says

    A whore is a whore and a prostitute is just that.

    1. SniperToo says

      Amen. And this is what our tax dollars are supporting. Whores, commie, union, bums.

      No wonder our children are turning out to be idiots and immoral jerks. Nothing funny about it.
      Parents, put your six pack of beer down and stop watching the sports channel on the weekend and start acting like responsible parents. Do something! Parents are 50% of the problem today in the education department. Write your state reps to bring the schools back to state control and get involved in the PTA. Parents, grow up and start acting like parents again. Stop trying to find yourself, you should have done that by the time you left High School. The hippie, sixties days are gone. Stop living in the past. Your feeding your children to the wolves.

  11. 1baronrichsnot1 says

    More than you would think are in the trade. It’s a profession older than teaching, unless they are teaching sex. A really high regarded profession in the roman empire.

  12. threeball says

    porterv; It isn’t new in N.America including Canada,teachers, especially substitutes have been “Call girls” since, at the very least the 20’s in Chicago and NY, and to a lesser degree in smaller locales.

  13. porterv says

    This isn’t new. I’ve read that at one time eastern teachers would travel west during the summers and work the saloons and sporting houses in the cow towns when the herds and herders were coming in.

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