INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Unemployed? Try this!

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More Americans are either unemployed or under-employed than ever before in our history. If you or someone you love falls into this category, I have a really crazy tip for you.

As long as you’re staying at home doing nothing much, why not get in touch with professionals that you know and see if you can work for them as an unpaid apprentice, particularly if they are in the trades.

I’m serious!

Years ago when there was a work slow-down here in the Phoenix area, my husband began to get calls from men who had been laid off. Some had worked in technical fields and in all sorts of white-collar professions. More than one said to me, “I wish I had learned a trade way back when.”

My husband is an electrical contractor, and although he’s planning a career move, I’m so glad he has a skill that will always be needed. An old teacher colleague from my previous career once said, “Every woman should have a second or third way to earn an income,” and I’d say that applies to men as well.

There are so many trade skills out there, such as:

  • tilework
  • laying carpet
  • carpentry
  • installing cupboards, countertops, and more
  • plumbing
  • painting
  • mechanic
  • appliance repair and service
  • HVAC
  • masonry
  • welders

You might have to start out by just keeping the job site neat and doing menial work, but you’ll have the chance to watch experts do their job and it’s inevitable that you’ll pick up information and skills along the way.

Like I said, this may sound crazy, but I also understand Newton’s First Law of Motion: “Every body continues in its state of rest…unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it.” In other words, the longer you sit and do nothing, the longer you will sit and do nothing! That’s not good for anyone: man, woman or child.

So, consider tracking down a professional in one trade or another and asking if they would take you on as a temporary, unpaid apprentice. You’ll pick up some new skills that might translate into a whole new career.

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  1. Liberalism is Nonsense says

    Help secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity:

  2. bahndon says

    Joe, the Government handouts keep many from seeking what you suggest, with 90 weeks of un-employment, food stamps and section 8 housing, many say why work?

  3. Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum says

    Only one problem Joe, the companies doing the hiring won’t hire nobody but blacks and hispanics. I have applied for jobs and been told to my face that I was overqualified to flip a fricking hamburger because I had an associates degree and still couldn’t find work and couldn’t afford to go back to school to get a better degree. Not to mention that just having a college degree today only means that when your out of work and money, at least you’ll have some toilet paper. Molon Labe, Semper Fi and God Bless.

  4. Dick says

    I can’t agree with you Joe. The insurance liability covering both the employee (who could be injured) and the liability to the employer (if the trainee messes up) could be prohibitive. While it is good to have something to fall back on, in today’s sue happy society, it is too risky for the employer.

  5. Vrahnos says

    Well that could work as long as one can find some outfit that would do that.With the labor laws today it is harder to pull it off.

  6. James P says

    you have to be willing to work hard and go where the work is. a welder can make up to SIX figures – 100K plus – after just a few years of experience. the key is you have to go where the work IS. some folks do not want to go to an oil rig, or Montana, or Alaska, or somewhere else.,

  7. John W says

    Sorry Joe, I have to disagree with this. While it sounds good, it takes ONE trait that is sorely lacking in today’s world – SELF RESPONIBILITY AND INITIATIVE. It is just easier to sit at home and collect all the government handouts (oops I mean aid).

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