Hillary’s Presidential Qualifications

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I will make it easy for you. She has none. Now that was pretty simple. But we might want to examine the details that support such a sweeping statement.

angry hillaryFirst of all, she is a lawyer. For my money, that ends her eligibility right there. While lawyering for  the Rose Law firm, she was involved in the famous Whitewater scandal and testified before a federal grand jury.  As I remember, most of what she testified to was a bad memory. She claimed to do minimal work on Whitewater. But her billing records, somehow, disappeared.  They, miraculously, reappeared on a table in the White House a few years later after she became “first lady”.

So, in the White House as she was singing repeated choruses of  “Stand By Your Man” she and a few close friends redesigned the whole healthcare system for the country. (That has a strange echo. Liberals and healthcare. Scary.) It didn’t take long to see that the public hated it and it was shuffled off to the Presidential incinerator. Her effort was a huge failure and waste of resources. I suppose, though,  it kept her busy as husband Bill was sorting through the various interns and camp followers.

And of course, there were the other White House scandals that swirled around Hillary. There was the questionable suicide of her good and close friend, Vince Foster. She also had loyal long time White House employees in the travel office fired so she could bring in personal friends the MacDougals (also of Whitewater fame) to fill the positions. That was a very unhappy time for the Clintons as it made the news and had enough legs that it caused the President personal embarrassment. I know, it is surprising that anything could embarrass him.

Then the White House years were over. So she packed her carpet bag and announced that she was a citizen of New York State.  This fortuitous move allowed her to run for the Senate seat that was held by the much loved Daniel Patrick Moynihan.  Senator Moynihan was a favorite on both sides of the aisle and often would broker deals to get good legislation passed. Hillary was a shoo-in for his seat. I will state right here, that I consider being a US Senator the greatest job in the world. In my opinion, Hillary showed enormous bad judgement leaving that job to join the Obama administration.

Somehow, even with little love between them, Barack Obama persuaded Hillary to become Secretary of State. I am sure that she thought that this was her chance to show that she had management skills that were up to becoming the President. She failed. The President had her running all over Africa while the professionals in the State Department ran rampant doing as they wished. Her record as Secretary of State is no record. Finally along came Benghazi. Another huge scandal to dig out from under and she didn’t even handle that well. There were things going on in those buildings in Benghazi that, if Hillary knew about them, she lied in her testimony. If she didn’t know about them her competence is in question.

Hillary has never run a business. She has never had to meet a payroll. She has been in the arms of the government except for her short term at Rose Law Firm. She does not seem to exhibit the calm under pressure that a President should have. A Hillary Clinton presidency would only prolong the national agony that we are going through right now. We already have one unqualified President. Let’s not double down.

Robert Owen your Cranky Conservative

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