Hide Your Guns

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They’re coming again. They never stop. I’ve been avoiding them for over fifty years now. They are like whack-a-mole. You knock them down and another on pops up. It should be obvious by now that I am talking about the gun grabbers.

These over-zealous non-entities , somehow, feel safer if honest people are unarmed. This just doesn’t make sense. Honest people obey the law. Honest people don’t stick up bodegas at midnight. Honest people sometimes even protect the public when they are allowed to carry a gun .

Gang members and petty criminals carry illegal guns. They shoot each other and stick up bodegas at midnight. The gun grabbers seem less concerned about them. Certainly there are more honest people with guns than evil doers. Honest people hunt for food for their families, take part in shooting sports like target competition and skeet. All in good fellowship and camaraderie. They present no threat to the general public. But these are the people that the politicians want to disarm.

Could I be missing something here? Is there another reason than public safety that causes these nuts to go off the deep end. I’m sure with some of the more pencil necked crowd it is a fear of phallic symbols. I can just see them cringe even as they read these words. But that cannot be the main reason. No. There must be more.

Now I have been reading news articles that the collection of weird minds at the UN have come up with a small arms treaty. Some parts of that treaty are very restrictive and practically take away your second amendment rights while totally trampling on the forth amendment. It is a truly nasty piece of work.

Now comes the really fun part. It is said that our beloved President, who claimed he didn’t want to take away our guns, is going to sign it. Maybe he should study it like he is the Keystone XL pipeline. But I think he likes this UN treaty better. Now here is the cherry on your sundae, people are saying around Washington that if the President signs it, it does not have to be ratified. In other words the UN and the President are making law. They have a term for that. It is “unconstitutional“.

So where does this happiness lead my somewhat convoluted mind. A disarmed America paints pictures of black helicopters and blue helmets in my mind. Do I think that this can happen? No. Do I think there are people out there that live for it to happen. You betcha. So watch them. They are sneaky. And be ready to hide your guns.

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