Good thing we have Al Qaeda on the run…

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…because I’d sure hate to see what it looks like when Al Qaeda was thriving and growing.

Tomorrow, Sunday August 4, American embassies across the Muslim-controlled Middle East will be shut down due to an Al Qaeda-linked threat of terrorism that the State Department is taking very seriously. They’ve also issued a world-wide travel alert to Americans abroad.

But Dear President said they were on the run
El Jefe campaigned relentlessly and tiresomely in 2012 on his lie that we had Al Qaeda on the ropes and near death. Proof of that? We got Bin Laden on his watch (thanks to intel gained by the Bush team using waterboarding). We knew he was full of crap, but the LIV’s in America, perhaps not so much.


But they love and respect us now that Dear President kisses their butts all the time
Remember the apology tour? I know, I know, you are asking WHICH ONE of the dozen or so apology tours? I hear ya bro. This administration has actively supported the more radical elements of the Islamists, even against “moderates”. He has held Ramadan observances, he has systematically persecuted Christians in America and endorsed the same in Muslim-held lands. He supported overthrows of secularist dictators by violent radicals, then he sat on his hands while Iranian people rose up to overthrow (and failed against) their radical Muslim tyrants. The 2011 overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya was his war, conducted illegally without a Congressional declaration of war or hostilities (and far in excess of the 60 days allowed by the War Powers Resolution). He has shipped American arms to the radicals currently in Syria.

For crying out loud, the dude has an “I [heart] Muslim Brotherhood” bumper sticker on his Vespa. Has any of this bought him or America the love and gratitude he claims it has? First, I offer you Benghazi in Libya. Second, I give you this:

So, why August 4?
You know that Al Qaeda lust LOVES symbolic acts, done on symbolic dates, sometimes carried out on symbolic locations. They just LOVE to spike the ball after a touchdown. They love to build mosques on locations they’ve invaded for maximum insult to the conquered people. The Benghazi attack, after all, was carried out on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 atrocity. They’ve been trying for years to get a mosque built in Lower Manhattan near Ground Zero.

So, again, why August 4? There is no particular significance to that day at all in Muslim, Arab, or any other barbaric culture. Save one.

It’s Barack’s birthday.

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