Good thing we have Al Qaeda on the run…

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…because I’d sure hate to see what it looks like when Al Qaeda was thriving and growing.

Tomorrow, Sunday August 4, American embassies across the Muslim-controlled Middle East will be shut down due to an Al Qaeda-linked threat of terrorism that the State Department is taking very seriously. They’ve also issued a world-wide travel alert to Americans abroad.

But Dear President said they were on the run
El Jefe campaigned relentlessly and tiresomely in 2012 on his lie that we had Al Qaeda on the ropes and near death. Proof of that? We got Bin Laden on his watch (thanks to intel gained by the Bush team using waterboarding). We knew he was full of crap, but the LIV’s in America, perhaps not so much.


But they love and respect us now that Dear President kisses their butts all the time
Remember the apology tour? I know, I know, you are asking WHICH ONE of the dozen or so apology tours? I hear ya bro. This administration has actively supported the more radical elements of the Islamists, even against “moderates”. He has held Ramadan observances, he has systematically persecuted Christians in America and endorsed the same in Muslim-held lands. He supported overthrows of secularist dictators by violent radicals, then he sat on his hands while Iranian people rose up to overthrow (and failed against) their radical Muslim tyrants. The 2011 overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya was his war, conducted illegally without a Congressional declaration of war or hostilities (and far in excess of the 60 days allowed by the War Powers Resolution). He has shipped American arms to the radicals currently in Syria.

For crying out loud, the dude has an “I [heart] Muslim Brotherhood” bumper sticker on his Vespa. Has any of this bought him or America the love and gratitude he claims it has? First, I offer you Benghazi in Libya. Second, I give you this:

So, why August 4?
You know that Al Qaeda lust LOVES symbolic acts, done on symbolic dates, sometimes carried out on symbolic locations. They just LOVE to spike the ball after a touchdown. They love to build mosques on locations they’ve invaded for maximum insult to the conquered people. The Benghazi attack, after all, was carried out on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 atrocity. They’ve been trying for years to get a mosque built in Lower Manhattan near Ground Zero.

So, again, why August 4? There is no particular significance to that day at all in Muslim, Arab, or any other barbaric culture. Save one.

It’s Barack’s birthday.

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  1. Defend The Constitution says

    Carelessly using the word “democracy” is dangerous because it implies that democracy’s potential good mandates its continuous expansion.

  2. Defend The Constitution says

    Collectivists are oblivious to the fact that civilization’s advance depends upon social processes that are free from centralized control.

  3. Defend Liberty Philly Dude says

    Despite illusions and promises of equality, the spoils of collectivism’s plunder are practically available only to the collective’s masters.

  4. Cam says

    Civilization faces grave danger where the angst of responsibility is transformed into hostility toward liberty.

  5. purplewings says

    It sure would be a Just world where only those who voted for this lying, thieving, destroyer, would be punished by having to live in the world of Obama’s making. Those who spend their time making fun of people who know the truth, instead of depending on a false media for news. Their time could be well spent reading news online instead of playing games with our country, our liberties and our lives. I know that’s an awful, Right-wing idea but it’s the truth.

    1. bobby says

      Reading news on line, like Joe for America, or Pattriot update, or Red State, or maybe Townhall Daily, I do read those postings daily, everything they state is fabricated, most are flat out lies. Reading News and believing that crap is two different things, I read it, you take it as gospel.

      1. purplewings says

        No I take nothing as gospel until I’ve read several different unrelated sources that state the same information. I really want to know the truth because I do love my country and don’t want to live without my liberties.

        1. bobby says

          Nobody is taking away your liberties, in the end, when history is written, Obama will look like an adult in the house, people like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz etc will look like children, “Play by my rules or else, I will take my ball and go home,” I understand Obama don’t look like the last 42 men that served as Presidents before him but the color of his skin don’t make him from another Country like Kenya in Africa, it does not make him a Muslim, it makes him as much an American as you and I. Look at it this way, Obama is not a black President, he is a President that happens to be black and (white). That is not meant to indicate anyone here is a racist. I know that most of you had stated you are not a racist, I take you at your word, you don’t have to be, the writers of these web sites are, I have heard off color remarks from all these people with the exception of Scott R. He is a conservative but he is also a truth teller and respectful, in most cases. Rush is maybe the worst, that is one of the reasons his days on the radio is short lived. It is nice to know that, with the exception of a couple, you all have the same whacko notions and are concentrated on web sites like this where you share your whacko stories and stroke each other to see which one can come up with a more whacked out story than the last guy. You should run a contest to see which one can fabricate the best far out lies, in the end maybe you can have Obama coming from Mars to take over the planet earth. Know the truth, it will set you free, if you even care about the truth, it appears you don’t.

          1. purplewings says

            All Conservatives don’t feel the same way about everything but we all want our Constitution & the principles that made us into a great nation. I know you don’t know or believe that our liberties are being taken away but if you were watching what’s going on, you would have no doubt that it is happening.

            Funny how you describe Ted Cruz and Rand Paul exactly the way I see Obama. If he wants something and can’t get it exactly the way he wants it, he throws a fit and then lies to the public that are not paying attention……and then he threatens to cut Military pay or stop sending out Social Security checks as a means of getting what he wants. Much as he being the one who originally wanted a Sequester, when it came about, it was the fault of Republicans. He didn’t have enough money to run the White house so he just cut off public viewing, and at the same time spent a hundred million $$$ on his family vacation..

            I don’t discuss Race with anyone. I, along with most other Americans spent the last fifty years trying to bring about good relations, and it has worked very nicely. I have lots of friends of every race & ethnicity. If people were upset by the president’s race, how do you think he ever got elected in the first place? With Black Americans being only 12.6% percent of the population, if every single one of them voted, he still would not have come close to winning. It was White America that brought him in & that’s why it sounds so ridiculous for anyone to even suggest his destruction of American is a racial issue. More than half of our population is without jobs, and those who have jobs, are working part-time. Struggle just to exist. New business will not start because of the heavy EPA regulations and high taxes, but mostly because they can’t afford to pay the heavy cost of Obama’s health care.

            There is little going right in this country. Muslims are murdering people all over the world, including the USA, and Obama has them inside the White house as advisors. If we could believe anything about who he claims to be, (since it’s all well-hidden) then we would know he is a Muslim since his father & stepfather were, and because he attended a Muslim school in Indonesia. They are quite loud in their desire to control the world and they don’t mind telling us their goal is to kill any who stand in their way, orl who disbelieve the Quran.

            We are not safe in any direction right now. Our government has attempted to start a Race war and though it hasn’t happened yet, there are suddenly black groups attacking white people all over the US. The message went out that it was okay. Since when does a president take sides in a case that has not even been to trial? I thought a president was supposed to represent everyone in our country. Black people kill black people & white people in 94% of murders. White people represent only 15% of killings including all races. It’s listed on google.’ And yet they rallied and created animosity over a jury verdict of self-defense, as if to say we can’t even trust our own system.

            I can’t imagine why you think you are right and everyone else is wrong but go ahead because when the country is completely controlled by government, you will be a slave just as everyone else will be.

            Have a great day!

  6. JimZimmerman says

    two U.S. officials who asked not to be identified discussing classified intelligence matters. Who would those 2 officials be and if they are not authorized to release this information why aren’t they in jail? Plus who’s word are we taking for this WARNING? This administration isn’t held in high esteem for it’s truthful ness. We said so, so just believe us and do what we say. Oh yeah we INTERCEPTED the info from AQAP who are sneaky enough to plan the attacks but stupid enough to call each other and openly discuss sensitive info on AT&T or maybe Verizon. All this after all the hoopla about the powers that be INTERCEPTING everybody in the worlds Cell and internet activities. Anybody got any beachfront property for sale in NM? Oh yeah it might be in Kabul but it might be in Dubai or MAYBE in Africa somewhere. But we have solid info. WTF!!!

  7. George Allegro says

    Where liberty thrives, our livelihood depends upon the usefulness of our unique talents, skills, and capabilities rather than the merits of our efforts as judged by those who rule over us.

  8. Kent2012 says

    Now kenyan boy, the african pretender will have to show the world that he can respond to an incident in a timely fashion, not simply go to bed for his beauty rest before a tough campaign speech….

    1. bobby says

      I had heard that one so much, try a new line, that one is wore out.

      1. Karen Ross Fulford says

        Hey Boobie Troll – what’s wrong? Can’t stand the truth? It’s a fact, he did go to bed and ignore the situation. Just like you. Night night.

  9. ThomPaineJr12 says

    “For crying out loud, the dude has an “I [heart] Muslim Brotherhood” bumper sticker on his Vespa.” HAHA! What a lame attempt at humor by a rightwing nut demagogue!

    1. Truth goes 100 MPH says

      You are the pathetic one. Put the talking points down and look outside. We normal folks call it day light. Maybe something will shed light unto you.

    2. mperkins2 says

      You must be an Al Qaeda and Muslim sympathizer. Right wing or left wing these are serious problems. Mr. Obama has said he is a Muslim so why would he not defend them. You had better enjoy a laugh while you can, because when they take over there will be nothing to laugh about. They are not “on the run” but on the move. Wake up and do something useful for our country instead of putting some one down over a stupid joke.

      1. bobby says

        Please give me a reference as to when Obama said he was a Muslim, I missed that one, I think you may be the only one that caught it.

        1. mperkins2 says

          He said in his own book that, this may not be word for word, “if the political winds change I will stand with the Muslims” and when being interviewed by George Stephenopolis during his first run for President he said he appreciated John McCain not bringing up his Muslim faith, I saw this interview myself. He was corrected by Stephenopolis when he said “you mean your alleged Muslim Faith. He also said once that he thought (I can’t remember what he called it) a Muslim song they sing or pray is the most beautiful sound in the world. He celebrates every Muslim holiday in the White House and then turns around and puts down Christianity. Use your own judgment and figure it out. If you search it out I’m sure you can find it.

          1. ThomPaineJr12 says

            And Dumbya Bush said “Islam is peace”… so maybe he’s a secret Muslim

          2. mperkins2 says

            He was wrong also.

          3. bobby says

            I am proud to be a Progressive Democrat, we deal in facts only. We love America and what it stands for. What you are stating here is totally false and at the least misleading. You are quoting something from an e-mail that was started by Steve Sailer, another person that makes a living from stirring the pot. I have read and I own both of Obama’s books, in reference to what you are refering to can be found on page 261, Audicity of hope, he was against a repeat of what took place during Word War II, the interment of American citizens that happen to be from Japan. Your side loves to take things out of context and repeat them as fact. Steve Sailer started false e-mails and as we know once you do that it travels like a fire out of controls. Another example of the lies from Steve is Obama’s book, “Dreams from my Father,” whem Steve was sending out these e-mails he did not even get the name of the book right, he was calling it, “Dreams of my Father,” I won’t write down every false word that Steve had stated but I found several statements in the e-mail that was totally false, if you run across some of these lies you can look in, “Dreams from my Father,” page 15, page 100-101, page 141-142, page 220, I have an idea, read both books and know the real truth, it will set you free from all these lies. As far as the interview with George Stephenopolis, I don’t recall, we all have a slip of the tongue, I sure hope I am not held accountable for the times I slip. There is absolutely no proof at all that Obama is Muslim, there was a false rumor at one time that Mrs. Obama wanted to do away with the White House Christmas Tree, see how rumors spread and then they take on a life of their own. I was taught early on in my education, “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see,” that might be good advice for your side. Obama is not Muslin, what would it matter if he was, correct me if I am wrong, was not one of our founding principals, Freedom of Religion, I see no where in our Bill of Rights that states you must be a Christian. One of the best Congressman we have serving is Keith Ellison, a Muslim, from MN. He was born a Roman Catholic, he has four brothers, four have law degrees including keith, the other one is a doctor and doubles as a Baptist Minister. Keith is a Muslim by choice, our Constitution gives him that right. There are some radicals on the Muslim side just like on the Christian side when a few went around blowing up abortion clinics to prove a point. I am Baptist, I sure hope I was not judge by the actions of a few. I spent 40 years working in a Congressional office in DC, from Nixon to Feb 13, 2009, I have never seen such animosity toward a President, we can have difference of opinons on issues but not facts. You may not like some things that Opama has done, me neither, but the argument should be to make things better, not to try and bring down the entire Country like Ted Cruz. I am sure you have some positive thoughts but don’t take what you hear on these web sites or Fox News as being the gospel, if you do, in the end they will make you look like a fool. My advice, just be careful.

          4. mperkins2 says

            I’m sorry to tell you Bobby but actions speak louder than words. He bowed to the Saudi President, he celebrates every Muslim holiday in the White House, helped to put a Muslim Brotherhood member in office of President in Egypt, (who by the way they threw out), and then put down Americans with shameful insults like “we only want to hold on to our God and our guns”, while at the same time tearing down Christians. He has the Muslim Brotherhood in high places such as DHS who are making the rules on how we talk about or publicize even the wanted posters of Muslim terrorists. His closest confidant Valerie Jarrett is a Muslim who’s own father started the Muslim Brotherhood and her mother started the Muslim Sisterhood. His own father was a Muslim, and he was raised in a Muslim environment going to Muslim schools (which by the way you had to be a Muslim in good standing to attend) all of this during his younger and developmental days. I’m sure if you searched it out you can find the Stephenopolis interview by typing his name in your search engine. I watched the interview myself and I can assure you that is exactly what he said. Every policy he has enacted has done nothing but harm this country. You may not know also that the Muslim Brotherhood was on the terrorist watch list until he had them removed. You say he is not a Muslim but the odds in his favor do not look very good. I know you my think I’m a racist because I’m talking about our first black president, I am not. You can rest assured that no matter what color he or her might be I would say the exact same thing if all the evidence pointed that way. My utmost concern is for all Americans not their race, or their political affiliation, but for the sanctity and safety and rights outlined for us in our great Constitution. These are our God given rights written down so none may forget. But sad to say that great document is being shredded by this administration. Oh and by the way I’ve never heard of Steve Sailer and read nothing by him that I know of. I got my information from other news outlets on the internet. I also knew the title was Dreams from my Father. It’s just a shame they weren’t dreams that were fit to pass on.

          5. bobby says

            Do you not do any research at all, do you not know that Saudi Arabia is a Monarchy, they do not have a President, it is ruled by King Abdullah, the custom is to bow when greeting a member of the royal family just like Obama bows to the Queen of England, does that make him English. I showed you my references in his books, which you did not read, you show me that the President celebrates Muslim Holidays in the White House, you can’t because it is another lie. Show me how he helped to put a Muslim in office in Egypt, considering that part of the World, I don’t find that strange, most of the leaders there are Muslim. The most disgusting thing you came up with was to attack Valerie Jarrett, she is not a Muslim, she was born in Iran and lived there until she was 5 years old, that does not make her a Muslim. If the only criteria for being a Muslim would to be born in that part of the world, would that make Jesus a Muslim? As far as I know Valerie or none of her family ever claimed a faith. Her father, James Bowman was a doctor, he ran a Children Hospital in Iran and spent his life researching blood disorders that resulted in many life savings discoveries, Her mother was well educated and connected, they never started the Muslim Brotherhood and I did not even know there was a Sister Brotherhood, no connection at all. I was aware of the interview with George S. in Terre Haute IN but nothing like you stated was ever mention there, I think that was the only one Obama had with George S. in 2008. You are -right, his Father was a Muslim, my Father was Catholic, I am Baptist. I am not sure what your point is about his Father being Muslim. I don’t know about his policies hurting the Country, I have made all of my money back in the Stock Market I lost under George Bush, our deficit has gone down every year since Obama has been in office. Our auto industry is back on top and have paid back the money lent to them, we have had 41 straight months of positive private sector jobs under this President. We are heading in the right direction and in spite of all this garbage talk we will stay on that course. Like I said, the garbage you were reading was started by Steve Sailer, others posted it, you may not have seen his e-mails but know for sure it all started with him, read the books, care about facts. Dreams from his Father were just that, they were not his Dreams and he was not passing them on. I know anything I say here will not make a difference to you or to most on this web site, you prefer to go on believing lies and made up stories, one thing sticks in my mind a college professor told me when I attented The University of Wisconsin, “Never argue or debate with an idiot, they are short on facts and long winded,” that is very good advice. A final note, watch Obama on Jay Leno tonight at 11:35 EST, because when garbage starts floating tomorow, you will at least know the truth and not have to make up second hand stories.

          6. purplewings says

            Democrats can call themselves ‘progressive’ all they want, but the truth is they are taking us all backwards. There is nothing progressive about running our country so far into the ground we will never be able to get it going again. There is nothing progressive about dividing the citizens of a United States, or siding with a foreign power against our own state. In fact, that is called TREASON. Progressive is only a code word meaning Communism. Even Putin says we are quickly becoming a Communist country.

          7. bobby says

            In my posting below to mperkins2, I am not sure what the 2 stands for, his age or IQ, in that posting I mention some of the positive things Obama has done, those are facts, not made up, you can verify them, that is far from running the Country into the ground. The only people running this Country in the ground are Joe the no Plumber, Pattriot Update, Townhall Daily, Red State etc. Their plan is simple, they write stories on these web sites, not fact base, no truth at all, lies, race baiting, stir the pot, they are finance by the rich and back by people like The Heritage Foundation, they tap in to a group that don’t care about the truth or facts and those people become their mouth. That is the way Hitler gain control of Germany by brainwashing the majority of people, he did not have advantage of the internet so things are traveling alot faster today, the good news is, people in this Country are more educated then Germany was in the 1930’S. Most of us don’t fall for this kind of BS so I know the possibilty of the whackos gaining control of this Democracy is zero. That is their goal, keep on spreading the garbage for them because when you have serve your purpose they will drop you like a hot potato. Bottom line, if most of you on these web sites are middle class, or use to be, these people you are being the mouth for don’t like you anymore than they like the Progressive, you are a piece of meat to them. I don’t know that Putin ever made that statement, you would have to speak Russian to know what he said, Putin don’t speak English. This Country is not divided, the majority is with Obama, fact check, the 2012 election, 51.5% of the popular vote. I don’t have a clue where you get the siding with foreign powers against the US. What you see posted on these web sites are more about TREASON than anything we could ever do. These web sites, talk shows like Rush & Hannity, Fox news, extreme rich like the Koch Bros, about 20 members of Congress and a few members of the Senate would like to over throw the Government and install a Supreme Ruler, maybe like Ted Cruz, he was not even born here, excuss me, that law only was for the made up story about Obama, for your side I guess it is OK, I guess it does’t apply to dictators either. You keep on doing the dirty work for these guys, you will eventually see what I mean. I will give you a chance to tell me, what is their purpose for all these negative articles at work, all these lies, no regard for facts. If they had a purpose for honest discussion and a positive difference of opinon, I could buy into that but not this garbage. I always think when you tell someone a fact they would check it out and realize they were wrong, like mperkins2 thought Saudi Arabia had a President, they have a King, he never even said he was wrong about that. Then there was the guy that called another guy a moron but could not even spell moron right, moran is not the correct spelling. I am kind of glad you are isolated on these sites because you would be a total embarrassment if you were on the Progressive postings, we only deal in facts.

      2. ThomPaineJr12 says

        Is Obama a Sunni or a Shiite? Is your head full of dog crap or cat crap? HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

        1. Kent2012 says

          he is a sunni$hiti…damn sure is not a christian, not after spending twenty years going to that racist hall of hatred headed by rev wrong…..

        2. mperkins2 says

          He did not say in his book but I guess you will never know since you must have the IQ of a potato and probably can’t read it. Your comments are not even as smart as what my 2nd. grade grandson could make. Why don’t you do yourself and everyone else a favor and go back to school and get a least a 6th grade education, Jethro.

          1. ThomPaineJr12 says

            So you don’t know whether Obama is a Sunni or a Shiite? Must be one or the other.

          2. mperkins2 says

            Since you think your so smart you tell us. Oh that’s right you can’t read.

          3. bobby says

            I like you, it is nice to see another person with a brain on this web site, as far as the book thing, mperkins2 has never read his book but I responded to him above and suggested he do so before putting foot in mouth. I am sure he won’t, they like all this false garbage going around.

          4. ThomPaineJr12 says

            I know that 95% of the wingnuts on this site aren’t open to facts and reason, but if I help just 5% see the truth, it is worth it.. and I just enjoy mocking and ridiculing the idiotic BS posted by the nuts.

          5. bobby says

            Lots of luck with that 5%, I thought I could contribrute some logic to their thinking, They are way too far gone, I am with you, it is just fun mocking and ridiculing them and their idiotic made up stories.

      3. ThomPaineJr12 says

        “when they take over” How do you see Muslims taking over a country of 309+ million non-Muslims.. with the most powerful military in the world… and tens of millions of citizens armed to the teeth?

        1. mperkins2 says

          With the help of useful idiots like you.

          1. ThomPaineJr12 says

            HA! The paranoia of rightwing nuts is so stupid… but kind of funny.

    3. E Pluribus Unum says

      Everybody else laughed. Maybe you’re the one with the comprehension problem?

      1. ThomPaineJr12 says

        Sure.. the other nuts who think Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood.

        1. E Pluribus Unum says

          Hahaha, are you for real or just a bot? You SERIOUSLY want to posit that Barry is not an active supporter of MB? All the Egyptians sure think so.

          But then I guess they’re just rightwing nuts.

          1. ThomPaineJr12 says

            Hahaha.. that’s the problem with rightwing nuts.. they post things they can’t back up.. “All the Egyptians sure think so.” What poll was this?

          2. E Pluribus Unum says

            There are no reliable polls of any kind being conducted in Egypt. What I am saying is perfectly obvious. From the huge demonstrations (and the abundance of posters and signs ) that specifically attack Obama (and America) for supporting Morsi and the MB, from many interviews of individuals both on the street and in positions of power and information, from the videos that go viral.

            Say what you want, and you will because you’re an idiot. But I am right and you either you know it or you can’t assimilate fairly obvious things.

          3. ThomPaineJr12 says

            I know there were a significant number of signs attacking Obama for a perceived support for Morsi, and I understand their frustration, but Obama could not send U.S. troops in to take Morsi out.. the Egyptian people and military had to do it. And now that they have, Obama has not labeled it a coup, so that the aid can continue.

          4. E Pluribus Unum says

            Your tone is now civil, so I’ll hold on the bashing. I’ll just say that Obama was totally on the side of Morsi and against the overthrow. Not secretly, but out in the open. He’s been perfectly happy to support insurgencies in Libya, Egypt (against Muburak), and Syria against relatively secular dictatorships, but not against radical Muslims like Iran.

          5. ThomPaineJr12 says

            And what do you think is evidence that Obama was “totally on the side of Morsi and against the overthrow” ?? Mubarak was old, getting senile, and losing his grip on power… I think it is funny that many conservatives think if we somehow supported him holding power just a little longer, we could have somehow controlled/ensured transition to a new leader as compliant as Mubarak.

          6. E Pluribus Unum says

            Really? You have to stop this. These are public facts that not even doctrinaire liberals and other commies dispute. Starting with the Arab Spring, he and his State Department have been totally in support of MB and Morsi. I’m not going to go find one of the 17 million articles showing statements to that effect.

            You seem to think you know what “many conservatives think.” You don’t even remotely. Conservatives, on the topic of Egypt, mostly support secular “anything” over radical Muslim “anything” for what I would hope are astoundingly obvious reasons. Underneath that, though, we favor self-rule always, and non-intervention unless the reasons are very compelling (like, you know, genocides, attacking our allies, attacking us, etc). Don’t confuse Republican with conservative. Bush was Republican. Boehner and McConnell are Republicans. John McCain is a Democrat.

          7. ThomPaineJr12 says

            I dispute it. Obama and state dept. were not totally in support of MB and Morsi. They did hold talks with them, correctly recognizing that because the opposition was split, Morsi was likely to win, and they tried to persuade him to adopt more moderate positions. When Morsi was ousted, Obama did not call on the military to reinstate him.. they have not cut or suspended aid, which you would expect him to do if he was “totally in support of the MB and Morsi.”

          8. E Pluribus Unum says

            (1) –“[Obamanistas] tried to persuade [Morsi] to adopt more moderate positions” – I’d sure like to see some evidence of that.
            (2) — “When Morsi was ousted, Obama did not call on the military to reinstate him” — not so much.
            (3) “they have not cut or suspended aid” – true, although there appears to have been alot of intra-administration squabbling over that, You can say that argues that O was not totally in support of MB/Morsi. I will counter by saying it’s just the administration’s desire to suck up to the new winners and keep a stake in the game, since the MB has been thoroughly put down for now.

          9. ThomPaineJr12 says

            I searched “obama talks to Morsi” and the first link I clicked on was the conservative, and they have a link on the lie that Obama “praised” the election of Morsi, but all it does it quote Jay Carney’s standard diplomatic BS congratulating him, and the following that is in opposition to fundamentalist Islam:

            “We believe that it is important for President-elect Morsi to take steps at this historic time to advance national unity by reaching out to all parties and constituencies in consultations about the formation of a new government.
            We believe in the importance of the new Egyptian government upholding universal values, and respecting the rights of all Egyptian citizens — including women and religious minorities such as Coptic Christians. Millions of Egyptians voted in the election, and President-elect Morsi and the new Egyptian government have both the legitimacy and responsibility of representing a diverse and courageous citizenry.”
            But I suspect this means nothing to rightwing nuts who think Obama is trying to establish the global caliphate, presumably with him as the Grand Ayatollah/ Imam.

  10. Hotnike says

    Obama’s administration will probably make sure least one attack happens on Aug, 4th so that they can tout that the NSA surveillance is working. Gosh, does it sound like I don’t trust this corrupt administration???

    1. Kent2012 says

      Do not forget that kenyan boy will rush in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and any illegal immigrants that are not busy, to show that he is vigilant and cares and supports our people no matter where they are……Oh yeah, remember Benghazi……

      1. bobby says

        Obama remembers Benghazi, that is why we are closing 22 embassies so it won’t happen again, are you right wingers not happy with anything this President does, maybe you would like another Benghazi. Get off Benghazi, let the facts come out but quit making up your own facts.

        1. Kent2012 says

          no it is another bunch of crap from the senior crap thrower kenyan boy…..making a pretense of doing something to be supportive of Americans, here and abroad after the cowardice and negligence demonstrated by this african pretender in Benghazi……………facts, they are doing everything that can possible be done to hide the facts and those that know what took place.. One thing that can not be hidden is the lack of any support for the Benghazi mission…..

          1. bobby says

            You right winger love Benghazi so much you can’t get off that subject, I have an idea, move to Benghazi, take some of your buddies with you and leave America to the people that love this Country. Don’t you think that would work Benghazi boy, I do.

          2. Karen Ross Fulford says

            Good grief, Booby. Why don’t YOU move to Benghazi if you’re so sure there’s nothing to it. You left winger trolls are a sorry bunch…. the “Oh Great One” just can’t do nothing wrong in your eyes. You got one thing right though – we’re NOT going to get off the subject until the truth is told.

          3. Kent2012 says

            Karen is it not great to know that kenyan boy has al qweerda on the run ? I suppose that means that hamass and the islamy brotherhoodlums are right behind them….

          4. bobby says

            Your boy Issa is right on top of it, his job to get at the truth, instead of leaving DC for five weeks and Benghazi is so important stay on the job, get at the truth, you may not be off the subject but it looks like the people in charge of the investigation are taking a long needed rest, you should write the oversight committee a letter and complain to them, stop speculating about what happen.

          5. Kent2012 says

            could not give a big rats behind for Benghazi, sure do have a problem with the coward that a bunch of whining coward clowns and all the dead voters put in office and still support….after his obvious inability to accomplish anything except the fanning of the flames of racial tension……..oh and apologizing to all the midget dictators around the globe……

          6. bobby says

            There is only one response for your post, you are so full of crap I bet your eyes are brown.

          7. purplewings says

            Good morning Bobby. We don’t love Benghazi at all. We hate that our president left Americans to be tortured and murdered there while he prepared for another big Hollywood campaign fund raiser. You are not a person who loves our country or you wouldn’t make such a ridiculous comment. I also find fault with 32 lives being taken in Afghanistan – 22 of them SEALS. All on a secret mission that no one knew about, except enough Afghanistanis to cover the roof tops there while waiting for the plane to arrive. That’s called Extortion 17, in case you’d like to know about it. Media tries hard to keep these things secret. After all, the New World Order will benefit them as well as the high politicos. Who it won’t benefit is the common people of this country. Someone who loved this country would be trying to maintain it, not destroy it. Grow up!

          8. Kent2012 says

            bobbie is another supporter of their lord and savior, kenyan boy…..

    2. Kent2012 says

      bobby does not think so, he thinks that kenyan boy is a fearless leader manning the ramparts with the flag snapping behind him, ever vigilant…….

      1. bobby says

        You are absolutely right, for once something you said made sense.

  11. welduh says

    Appears to be a scare tactic to take away all the other problems Obama is having. And guess who started the rumors and who put it out to the public?

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