Glenn Beck’s charity to help the family of molested student rebuild – literally

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Glenn-BeckROSE CITY, Mich. – John Janczewski, the parent of a student molested by the now-imprisoned former middle school teacher Neal Erickson, appeared on Glenn Beck’s national radio program Monday to discuss the case.

EAGnews has reported on the threats endured by the family since the truth about his son’s molestation came to light, and the suspicious fire that was set in their garage by unidentified culprits.

We also detailed the shocking letters seven teachers wrote on behalf of Erickson, seeking for leniency at his sentencing.

Since the interview, the school board voted to retain six current teachers involved in the controversy. The seventh is retired. You can read a related story today at and in the emailed publication EAGnews Radar.

Mercury One, the charity affiliated with Beck, has agreed to provide the necessary funds to allow the Janczewskis to begin rebuilding their garage.

“I just don’t think I have seen a family kicked in the teeth as much as your family has been kicked in the teeth,” Beck told Janczewski.

“You’re not asking for lawsuits, money, you’re not asking for anything. You just want to make sure — I mean, they didn’t catch it the first time. They didn’t catch it with your son. And how they can say it only happen this one time? How do you know? Did they know this was what happened?” Beck said.

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