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The so called “Civil Rights” display in the Florida Capital Building is a prime example of the advocacy of hate for non-black Americans.


There is absolutely no doubt that such a promotion is for the profitable advancement of the current “leaders” of the black community. If this were not the case there would be an outcry from the black community and the financing for such a hate filled exhibit would not have been possible. However, the increasing rhetoric of the Al Sharptons promoting racial hatred of all non-blacks and the obvious profits of such promotions make it abundantly clear the Civil Rights movement has undergone a fundamental transformation which, incidentally, just happens to coincide with four and one-half years of Obama “leadership”. Damn, I find it difficult to reference the word leadership in conjunction with the name Obama. But be not misled  —  this is a critical element of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America, as he promised!

Moving beyond the national issues of such a distasteful and hate based display is the greatly disturbing question of just how did such come to be allowed on public property? By what stretch of anyone’s imagination would this have been allowed had the skin colors of the images been reversed. Further, does anyone believe that such a display would be permitted in ANY public building if the images were of young black men killing other young black men so as to depict the real situation now occurring in Obama’s home town, Chicago, IL? HA!

I hope that every concerned citizen will phone or email every elected state politician in Florida and express their feelings. These numbers and addresses can be found at

Where is the common sense of our elected and appointed officials???

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